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Anything you can do in Photoshop, you can do online; such is the state of today’s technology. Many things were a pain once to get to, but now, in the case of Photoshop, have become a matter of minutes, or even seconds, to get to the point of using them.

With the release of Photoshop Elements, Adobe introduced a way for anyone to use Photoshop’s wide range of tools, including the layers and masks you read about in the earlier section “Using the Layers and Masks” in this chapter. Elements has everything you can find in Photoshop, including layers and masks, and so you can use Photoshop tools with no additional charge when you have a valid license for Photoshop.

Using Photoshop for Editing Images

Photoshop does more than just make a pretty picture for print; it’s also a good image-editing program. You can use Photoshop for some limited compositing features; see Chapter 6 for the scoop on this important subject.

Photoshop is a bit difficult to use if your only idea of editing an image involves the usual suspects of cropping, fixing the colors, and the like. Photoshop has a much wider range of options than this, however, and Photoshop has a slew of features that enable you to control even the vaguest and most imperfect part of an image.

As you can imagine, many of these features apply equally well to the print material you plan on making use of later. After all, those are the same files you’re working with. The standard in-house editorial style is to work on images in Photoshop, because, well, that’s the program you use to edit your images. However, for a more novice approach, many of the basics can be covered in the course of making a print.

This section shows you how to use Photoshop for a variety of tasks that cover most of the basics you need to know for print. Be sure to have at least an approximate understanding of color and grayscale when using Photoshop.


The first task in most print jobs is to make the image larger, and this is usually done with up-sampling, which increases the pixels within an image. This process of the image size being increased increases the digital resolution of the printed image. You want to keep the file size small so the file will fit in on a CD, or so it will fit on your blog or email. You can up-sample an image by increasing the PPI, which stands

Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.2) PC/Windows

This collection contains the best PSD files available on the web. Get the latest free PSD resources and premium resources to get inspired.

It also contains a Photoshop tutorial for beginners.

Want some more free resources? Check out our list of The Best Free Resources for Photoshop.

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Redesigned PSD, PSD Mockups and Websites

This is a collection of a redone PSD files of other designers with different objects, backgrounds and layouts. They are a great inspiration for your next project.

Turning PSD Files into Free PSD Resources

Generate some graphics, design or manipulate images with all kind of Photoshop CS6 Free Resources. You can find Photoshop Resources, PSD’s, buttons and templates.

Vector Stencils

After finding the CS5 functionality only in the vector version, Adobe decided to include it in the Photoshop Elements as well. Of course, the vector stencils are going to be a great source of inspiration.

Best Free Vector & PSD Resources

Best of Adobe –

Use the Best Premium Photoshop Resources as their base, and modify them in Photoshop, Illustrator or After Effects.

Free PSD Resources

Random PSD Files

This site contains a lot of free PSD resources with a random collection of vectors, logos, fonts, textures and more.

Adobe Photoshop Resources

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Ecommerce Website Templates

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Free eCommerce Website PSD File

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PSD Files for WordPress

This is a collection of free PSD files for people who are creating websites or blogs using the WordPress. These are free of cost, yet it includes various WordPress templates for blogs, homepages and websites.

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Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.2) Latest

The airbrush tool allows you to paint your way to a perfect image. There are tons of airbrush presets, colors, and tools to make your image stand out.
The gradient tool lets you simulate the look of real-life textures. It comes with many textures, brushes, and tools to get the most out of it.
The Eraser tool can be used to erase unwanted parts of an image. It’s one of the simplest tools to have in your arsenal.
The Gradient tool lets you create smooth gradients and apply them to your image. Gradients are useful for creating backgrounds and for almost any kind of effect.
The Healing Brush tool lets you clone or repair areas of a subject that may have been left behind by another tool.
The History Brush tool allows you to reuse colors and settings that were used in previous edits. You can use it to quickly erase mistakes and apply the same color to one area of your subject.
The Merge To Clipboard allows you to transfer image layers to the Clipboard. These can then be pasted elsewhere in your project. This lets you quickly apply elements from one file to another.
The Magic Wand Tool allows you to select a specific area of an image and apply a filter or effect to it. The Magic Wand can be used to outline an object in an image or to select an object in an image.
The Paint Bucket Tool is the tool that everyone should have on hand. It lets you quickly clear an area of an image. This is a useful tool for cleaning up a technical glitch or for removing a mistake that you made with the Eraser tool.
The Paint Bucket Tool can be used to select pixels from one area and apply a color to them. You can then use it to stamp the pixels onto another area. You can use this to simulate the look of stamped paper or to highlight a subject.
The Pattern Brush tool allows you to select areas of an image and apply an effect or filter to them. You can also use it to add or subtract patterns from a subject.
The Pen Tool can be used for drawing lines, circles, and paths. You can use the Pen tool to make decorative images and to draw logos.
The Pen Tool can be used to create vector paths.
The Path Selection Tool is used to select paths and to deselect them. You can use it for selections in an image, and you can create paths and paint with them.
The Pencil tool can be used to draw guidelines in an image and to make

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