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At the basis of every great enterprise, there will always be some people arduously working in Microsoft Excel. Sometimes, they will even be at the top. Over the years, the program has been used by many companies for strategic planning and accounting. The documents created with it are important so, naturally, Excel enables you to enforce some restrictions.
These can take the form of passwords used to prevent access to the whole document or the individual worksheets that it contains. I don’t aim to write corporate fiction in this review, but situations when a co-worker leaves a company and “forgets” and remove restrictions from a document are not unheard of.
So, what do you do if you find yourself in this situation? Well, you could try a program like Passper for Excel.
How does this one work?
Firstly, Passper for Excel can recover a password that forbids you to open the document. To do this, you can choose between four decrypting methods, also called “attacks”. For example, the combination attack allows you to combine only the characters you choose in hopes of cracking the password. Use this method only if you are sure you know the characters of the passcode, but not their order.
If you know only some of the characters, use the mask attack, where you can also provide details like length, types of characters NOT included in the password, prefix and suffix (if you can remember them). There’s also the dictionary attack (which tries all the words from a dictionary until one matches) and the brute force attack (which takes a lot).
Probably a powerful tool
The program can also remove editing restrictions from a document’s workbook or individual worksheets. These can also be protected by passwords that are seemingly easier to remove.
Since the demo version doesn’t really allow you to remove or recover anything, I can’t really say how fast and efficient Passper for Excel is. I do, however, appreciate its simple design, intuitive interface and versatility.







Directory Monitor Crack +

1. Directory Monitor is a monitoring tool that will record all your system’s processes and events and allow you to view the recording of system processes at any time. In this way you will know what processes are running.
2. Use the tool to turn off autostarted or auto scheduled programs or to specify other programs that will be started or scheduled at a specific time.
3. Directory Monitor also allows you to record processes that are harmful or damaging your system and then eliminate them.
Screenshots on OS X:
View the system processes, especially network and system related services.
Record a system process:
Enable Windows (or Mac OS) to automatically start up and start recording with the default settings. Once the recording has started, simply move the mouse pointer over the icon for any process that you want to record and click the “record” button. The program will stop and save the system’s activity to a file. Later you can view the activity and delete any that you don’t want.
Every application on the system can be put in a system tray icon. You can create as many icons as you want. The icon is represented by a miniature picture (a preview). When you click on the icon, the application (usually represented by a preview) will start up and run in full screen mode (full screen mode)
The applications you choose to add to the icons will appear in the App Store. The App Store application will open the Application Home page, which you can access through the Application menu (shortcut: Fn)
The advantage of this tool is that it is free and small. It works on Mac OS X and Windows
AMPs and App Menus are applications that allow you to create application-specific folders and shortcuts for any application.
Create application specific folders:
With the help of AMPs and App Menus you can create application-specific folders and shortcuts for any application
Directory Monitor Description:
1. Directory Monitor is a monitoring tool that will record all your system’s processes and events and allow you to view the recording of system processes at any time. In this way you will know what processes are running.
2. Use the tool to turn off autostarted or auto scheduled programs or to specify other programs that will be started or scheduled at a specific time.
3. Directory Monitor also allows you to record processes that are harmful or damaging your system and then eliminate them.
Screenshots on Windows:
View the system processes, especially network and system related services.

Directory Monitor Crack Product Key [32|64bit]

Directory Monitor is a leading IT support software that monitors Active Directory changes, which will notify you when something new or interesting happens. Directory Monitor is the top tier product of ITChange software series to offer best monitoring experience. For more details visit its site (
Monitoring network utilization
Not only that it will check the computer performance over the network, Directory Monitor will also check your file transfer and email transfer utilization over the Internet.
Whether the network traffic is volume limited or packets are failing from the network, it will notify you about it.
Get the details of the network utilization as well as the computer performance over the network.
Database and task manager
With this feature, Directory Monitor will monitor your database creation, updates and changes to be notified when needed. Moreover, it will also provide details of all the currently running applications in the background.
The software also provides a task manager. You can see what applications are active, can also close it and can even stop it.
Network utility
It monitors the active connections, bytes transferred, minute and remaining time of connections, as well as kilobyte of data sent and received over the network connection. It will display all the data in graph format.
Patch management
With this feature, Directory Monitor will check the installed hot fix/patch and alert you if something suspicious is encountered. It will also check the hot fix/patch state to notify you if the patch is installed, and to the latest version.
Password policy
If the policy is set to Enabled, you can modify the password rules. In the current version, the application provides only two options – 1. No Password, 2. Password must contain at least six characters.
Password audit
It will keep track of the user accounts that are being used and alerts you if the accounts are not being used.
Disable Password
With this option, you can set a password policy and it will not check the accounts. However, you will have to set the password manually in the next step.
Password reminder
With this feature, the application will remind you to set the password. Moreover, it will provide you with the valid date and time to set the password.
Startup management
It will provide you with a list of applications/processes running in the background. You can also disable the applications using this feature.
Services status
This feature displays the list of all the running services on your system. If it finds any suspicious service on your machine, it will alert you about

Directory Monitor With Serial Key

Directory Monitor is a handy tool which gives you detailed information on your running Windows operating system.
It is capable of monitoring many different aspects of your system’s performance, including applications, network components and hardware, among other things.
Directory Monitor installation is relatively simple and the installation speed is above average. It is small and lightweight, so it has a good retention ratio.
Directory Monitor GUI
Directory Monitor comes with two panels: the left one shows a detailed description of your system, while the right one provides you with an overall performance analysis of your computer.
For instance, you can see the memory usage, CPU activity, available and used disk space, the amount of free and registered memory and so on. Additionally, there are two tabs provided by the software: Usage and Performance.
The main window can be resized to fit your screen, and it is fully customizable. All the available settings can be freely adjusted in the program’s options. Directory Monitor also has a web access feature. In case you need to access the PC remotely, you can open it directly via the browser.
At the bottom of the screen, a graph displays performance information, including disk space usage, CPU and memory usage, as well as performance data in general. It is possible to monitor any number of objects, and you can create your own custom graphs.
Directory Monitor features a large database, so you can add your own objects to monitor. For instance, it is possible to add malicious software, registry objects and other useful monitors.
When monitoring objects, Directory Monitor also shows timestamps and data that will help you decide if changes occurred recently. Objects can be reset to the previous data point.
The program is a great choice if you’re looking for a lightweight and useful tool to check your system’s performance.
It comes with a small installation package and a simple interface, so it can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.
While we can highly recommend this utility for any user, it should be noted that it does not display a license agreement when you start it for the first time.
If you cannot find anything that we missed, the software’s web-based interface can be used for a remote control.
All in all, Directory Monitor is an efficient software tool that is easy to use and can be considered both a computer and system health monitoring tool and a system inventory system.
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What’s New in the Directory Monitor?

Directory Monitor is a handy application that lets you preview the contents of a directory.
In order to preview the contents of a given directory, you need to set up the destination path to a folder that you want to take a look at. The application allows you to go deeper into the directory tree, displaying either hidden or recently viewed folders.
The application does not come with any extras to help you navigate deeper into the folder tree. In this regard, you can rely on your own experience and skills.
From time to time, you might want to apply certain modifications to your documents by creating a backup of your current work and then returning to the source version. This can be a tedious task that takes a lot of time and effort, especially if you want to get back to the last version and modify certain parts.
The app offers the possibility to create a backup of your source files and modify them in your desired way in one shot. You just need to load the source document into the app, and then you can perform as many changes as you want. The modified copy can then be saved in the destination folder, and you can return to the previous version by simply loading it up again.
In a nutshell, Directory Monitor is a tool that lets you preview the contents of a given folder without any further steps. It does not require additional accessories to help you navigate deeper into the folder tree.
Cheap price
Not accurate with directories
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System Requirements:

Windows XP, Vista, or 7 64bit
Operating System: 64-bit processor with SSE2, SSE3, or later, SSSE3, SSE4a, SSE4.2, AMD64, EM64T, or Intel EM64T (64-bit). Windows 8 and Windows 10 are not supported.
Windows 64bit
Storage: 2 GB of system memory (RAM) is required; a minimum of 8GB of available hard disk space is recommended.
DirectX®: 8.0 or later

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