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* **Elements**. Another leading competitor to Photoshop is Adobe’s version of the famed Macintosh software, Photoshop Elements. Many features from Photoshop are found in Photoshop Elements, along with a few extras and some limitations. It’s a terrific all-purpose image manipulation package at a fraction of the price of Photoshop. There are also some advanced tutorials for Elements to teach you how to use some of Photoshop’s more advanced features. Visit for more details.

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On this tutorial, you’ll learn:

What is the Photoshop interface and what are its features

How to edit images in Photoshop Elements

How to save and export images with Photoshop Elements

On this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use the Editor and the Pen tool to make edits to a photo. But if you’re more experienced with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, you’ll find it easier to edit images using traditional methods. It’s also more appropriate for web designers, graphic designers, and image editors.

On this tutorial, we’ll also show you how to:

Open an existing image in Photoshop Elements

Duplicate images and combine them into a single image

Adjust an image’s background

Highlight and edit an image in Photoshop Elements

Make adjustments to text

Apply filters and photo effects to images

Use Liquify to edit an image

Start a free Photoshop Elements trial at, or follow the tutorial in the article.


This tutorial assumes that you have a basic understanding of how to use the Photoshop or Photoshop Elements Editor. An overview of how to use the Editor is in How to Work With Images. You can also watch the entire Introduction to Working with Photos in Photoshop tutorial.

If you don’t have a graphics tablet, you can use a mouse or trackpad to select a region of an image and paint to make edits.

You’ll also need access to an image you want to edit. You can try out the image in this tutorial before you get started.

Choose a photo

Click a photo in your Photo Gallery or select one from the Files panel in the Editor to use in this tutorial.

How to Open a Photo in Photoshop Elements

To open a photo in Photoshop Elements, choose File > Open.

To change how an image is displayed, use the Preferences panel in Photoshop Elements. Click Preferences in the Editor’s Window and then choose General, Monitors, and Color Management.

A preview appears in the upper-right corner of the Editor.

When you’re finished working on an image, close the Editor by pressing Esc or choosing Edit > Close.

You can also close an image directly from the Files panel in the Editor.

Before you start editing, you may want to create a duplicate of an image, or add a background to the image.


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Particularity – I keep getting the error: ListIndexOutOfBounds

When I run the following code, I get the error:

System.IndexOutOfBoundsException: List index out of range: 1

The for loop is supposed to create 12 new Records but I get the error above.
How can I identify the cause of this error so that I can apply this solution to my other for loops.
public List createRecords(List existingRecords) {

List workerList = new ArrayList(existingRecords);

int count = 3;
int counter = 1;
for (int i = 0; i tempRecords = new ArrayList();
tempRecords = workerList.subList(0, 2);
List newRecords = new ArrayList(tempRecords);

for (Worker temp : newRecords) {

temp.setName(i + “-” + counter);
workerList = newRecords;

return workerList;


The reason you are getting this error is because your list has 2 elements in it, so it will give you a range of 0-1, where it should be 0-2.
You can simply change the code to
List tempRecords = new ArrayList(workerList.subList(0, 2));

What’s New In?

Second-trimester glucose determination: comparison of a cutoff of 140 mg/dl and 100 mg/dl.
The goal of this study was to evaluate a cutoff level of 140 mg/dl for second-trimester glucose measurement compared with 100 mg/dl. We included subjects identified as high-risk at 24 to 28 weeks of gestation. Second-trimester screening was evaluated using the 100 mg/dl cutoff level and the 140 mg/dl cutoff level. Differences in results were noted between the two groups and the outcome of the pregnancy was evaluated. One hundred twenty-nine subjects had a history of previous high-risk pregnancy. Fifty-five had high first-trimester screening, and 74 had increased markers of high risk (n = 61) or positive screen (n = 13). Of the 129 high-risk subjects, 54% had a screen result of >140 mg/dl and 26% had a result of >100 mg/dl. Among the 74 subjects with increased markers of high risk or positive screen, 59.5% had a second-trimester screen result of >100 mg/dl and 19% had a result of >140 mg/dl. Thirty-four percent of those with a screen result of >100 mg/dl subsequently had a screen result of >140 mg/dl, and 13% of those with a screen result of >140 mg/dl had a second-trimester screen result of >100 mg/dl. Of the 55 subjects with high first-trimester risk, 29% had a second-trimester screen result of >140 mg/dl, whereas 13% of those with a screen result of >100 mg/dl were subsequently diagnosed with gestational diabetes mellitus. All five subjects with values of >270 mg/dl had a positive screen. A cutoff level of 100 mg/dl is appropriate for second-trimester screening. Second-trimester screen results of >100 mg/dl should trigger further evaluation of gestational diabetes mellitus, whereas second-trimester screen results of >140 mg/dl indicate high risk for early gestational diabetes mellitus.

Here I am

Around the clock

Every day

Huddled in


Empowered by

Armies of the children

Supporting the progression of the children’s cause.

Alignment: No alignment


Class: Berserker / Barbarian

Race: Vulfen


System Requirements:

– Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit
– 4GB RAM (or more if you run multiple programs simultaneously)
– 5.0GB free HDD space
– DirectX 9.0c compatible video card
– 24-bit sound system (Realtek compatible)
– Intel Pentium (4) or equivalent AMD Athlon (3.2) or equivalent
– 1GHz+ CPU
– AGP 1.0 (or later)
– Hard disk drive: 20MBдля-скачивания-релиза/

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