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Rather than rewrite a book about Photoshop, I will cover all the user-friendly features, and you can find a wealth of information about Photoshop on the web. I focus on more advanced features and can help you if you’re stuck on one of them.

Working with the Layers panel

Photoshop enables you to create and modify documents by defining layers. This chapter begins with the basics on working with layers. It then digs into the process of creating and working with them. When you create a new document, Photoshop creates a default layer called the background.

Every layer is unique. Layers combine, overwrite, and duplicate content in an image. You can play with layers to create custom visual effects, but in this book, I keep things simple and focus on the most common uses for layers.

Figure 3-1 shows you an image that has several layers in the Layers panel. Each of those layers is an independent document, just like on a print or photo negative. In this example, you can see that the Background layer contains a white background and is visible. Each one of the other layers on this image are outlined in green and can be independently edited, which means that you can delete or modify one without having to worry about the rest of the layers.

FIGURE 3-1: The Layers panel shows you the available layers in your file.

If you create a new Photoshop document from the File menu, you’ll see a single layer in the background. That’s usually what you want to start working on, so you don’t want to mess with it. To move to a different layer, double-click it to open the layer in a separate palette. For example, you can use the HSL (hue, saturation, and lightness) color editing tools to modify the color of the layer you select. This technique is especially useful if you want to see the original layer unaltered for reference, because you’re not changing any of the content. By default, the layer is linked to all the other layers in your document, which I explain in the next section.

When you double-click a layer in the Layers panel to edit it, the canvas changes to a separate, modal editing workspace (shown in Figure 3-2). That way, you can easily monitor the content of a layer or layer group. When you’re done, click the green triangle at the top of the panel to hide the workspace so it’s not in your way.

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You can use Photoshop Elements to create new images from scratch and also edit existing images. In the next sections, we’ll see the basic operations you can perform in Photoshop Elements to edit images. You’ll also learn how to add image effects to your images, crop and resize them, and much more.

The next examples are available in both English and Spanish. For all the examples we use a recent version of Photoshop Elements (18.2) on a Windows PC.

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File Types

Photoshop Elements can open the following file types: JPG, GIF, PNG, WEBP, TIFF and PSD. PSD is Adobe’s own format for storing Photoshop document files and Photoshop elements.

When you first open Photoshop Elements, it will help you to select the format you want to save your document.

File Size

When you edit an image, Photoshop Elements saves the image in PSD format. This is an Adobe file format. When you open an image in Photoshop Elements, it will open your original image in the document window and a second window containing your edited image.

When you save the image, you can choose between converting it to a JPEG, GIF, PNG, WEBP, TIFF or PSD format. Save as type determines the file format of the created image.

By default, Photoshop Elements creates files at the same resolution as the original image.

Crop Tool

The Crop tool lets you make quick adjustments to the size and position of an image. You can save the image as a new one or use the image as is (without any changes).

You have four crop options:

To start cropping, click anywhere in the area you want to crop. You can crop single or multiple images. When you crop multiple images, Photoshop Elements saves the cropped versions in the same folder.

To make a square crop, use the Crop tool and click a square at the corner of the image.

To make a rectangular crop, use the Crop tool and click a rectangle.

To crop using percentages, click the Crop tool and then click and drag a dotted line that follows the image’s proportions.

When you’re done editing, click Done or press Esc to save and close the image.

Resize Tool

Use the Resize tool to resize images. When you resize an image, Photoshop Elements zooms in

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Sequelize.Promise = Promise;
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