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| **User Interface**

_Many beginners complain that Photoshop is too hard to use. Although it is certainly more than a dozen buttons, at its simplest level, Photoshop is very easy to use. A novice user can easily take a photo, crop and rotate it, add text and arrows, and apply filters. The bulk of the work is making artistic choices in creating and combining layers. It is not a difficult program to use. You can make great images with Photoshop._

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All the elements needed to create an image are already included in Photoshop. You can start with any combination of programs. But unless you want to spend money to buy more programs, Photoshop is a good place to start because it’s easy to get your feet wet in the process of creating images.

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The software was first developed by Scott Robertson, who published it as Photoshop Elements in 2002. It eventually became part of the Adobe system.[3][4] Elements is the fourth version in the Photoshop system and the second version as a standalone product, after Photoshop 7. The release was sold at a low price (US$80) and sold poorly in the beginning.

The first version of Elements had many bugs and a limited set of features. Photoshop CS was released in October, 2006 with the intention of fixing many of the bugs in Elements. It featured limited sharpening features, no chipping or cloning tools, no pen tool, no smiley features, no masking tools, and no transform tools. Elements was a marketing name for a collection of Photoshop tools, and Adobe’s marketing campaign was that Elements was better because of the lack of some of the common features in professional software. Elements lacked features that were available in most other image editing programs. For example, only Elements had the ability to change the brightness or contrast of an image. Professional Photoshop, by contrast, allows the user to adjust the entire image’s brightness or contrast using the tools in the Brightness and Contrast dialog box. Photoshop Elements was released for Microsoft Windows only. By July 2011, Adobe had added features to Photoshop Elements that could turn on a version of QuickSelect, a mode that allows drag-and-drop selection, making it more like professional versions of Photoshop. In November 2012, Adobe released Photoshop CS5 as a free update for Elements users and discontinued the product.

As of April 2018, Photoshop Elements is no longer available for purchase on Adobe’s web site. However, Adobe offers a time-limited evaluation of Photoshop Elements 15 software that allows users to try the software for free.


Photoshop Elements was introduced to the public on November 16, 2002.[5]

In June, 2003, Adobe created the “Photoshop Elements Team”, made up of 6 individual programmers, 8 UI designers, 4 marketing people, and 4 product managers. They had a clear design and marketing vision, as well as a good plan of success.

On March 28, 2004, Adobe changed their product lifecycle policy and announced that Photoshop Elements would be delivered to customers for free. Starting October 1, 2004, Photoshop Elements 9 is no longer sold or distributed by Adobe. Instead, it is distributed as a free software upgrade for all versions of Photoshop. Even though Photoshop is now sold at a high price, Adobe makes a profit on Photoshop Elements

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Filters are the most common Photoshop tool. They are applied to an image to change its appearance. This includes various adjustments to color, transparency, levels and brightness.
Adjustment layers allow you to modify images in various ways without changing the original image. These include moving, rotating, scaling, and adding, deleting, and manipulating specific portions of an image.

Layers allows you to divide your images into different areas, and apply a specific effect to that area. This will allow you to add different patterns, textures, shadows, or any other effect over a part of the image.


In Photoshop, there are various tools that are used for various types of tasks. These include the Pencil, The Brush, The Eraser, the Move tool, and various other custom brushes and tools.
The Pencil tool allows you to paint over an image to change the appearance of that portion. This tool can be used to create objects, drawings, or just the lines that seem to be there in the image.

Photoshop Custom Brushes

The Paintshop Brushes are used for creating new and varied brushes. They come in three sizes and can be used to create different brushes, including tools and brushes to create textures or patterns. There are various types of Brushes, including the Erasers, Refiners, Stampers, Panzers, and more.


The Pencil tool allows you to draw on an image in various ways. You can add lines over an image to add an effect that resembles handwriting or handwriting style.

The Painting tool allows you to paint on an image. This tool can be used in a variety of different ways, including painting an entire object, adding a specific color to a specific portion of the image, or adding various color changes to an image.

Pencil Stylus

The Pencil Stylus allows you to simulate a brush or even an eraser. It can be used to paint or to erase specific portions of an image, as well as to create textures or designs on the image.


The Eraser tool allows you to remove or repaint any area that you want to edit. It can be used to remove damaged or incorrect areas, or any other areas that you want to change.


The Brushes tool in Photoshop allows you to create different shapes or patterns. There are more than 100 brushes available.

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