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Photoshopped images can be easily fixed by opening the image in Photoshop and using its _smart eraser tool_. The smart eraser tool erases specific areas of the image, and that helps to restore the image to its original appearance. This tool works with all manner of images, not just photos.

Figure 2-4 shows a simple poster photograph. The photograph was not edited at all, just placed in a new directory, which was saved as a PSD. We then renamed it so that we’d be able to identify it easily.

Figure 2-4: An image on a blank layer.

Using Photoshop’s Layers Panel

You can use Photoshop layers to add new content onto an existing image in two different ways. You can either insert a layer into an open image by using the Layer panel, or you can use the Camera Raw editor to insert a new layer into a raw image.

Photoshop’s Layers panel is used for adding new layers with either of the following options:

• Insert: You can add a new layer onto an open image. The new layer is added into the open image on the Insert menu at the top of the Layers panel (see Figure 2-5). You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+J to insert a new layer.

• New: You can also add a new layer into an empty image. You can create a new image by using the New File option on the File menu. Then choose Create New from the Open dialog box. When the new image opens, you can continue to add a layer into that image.

Figure 2-5: The New Layer dialog box enables you to add a new layer into an open image or an empty image.

* **Layer order:** Layers are numbered starting from the top of the image. To manipulate layers, you need to change the order of the layers so you can change the order of your edits. To do this, you need to drag the layer you want to move or delete to the layer above. Then click the Lock or Unlock button to lock the layer or unlock it to allow you to move or delete it.
* **Layer visibility:** Depending on the order of the layers in your image, you may want to hide some layers that you don’t want to see. It can be difficult to tell what order the layers are in, because often there are many layers with little or no visibility, which can make it difficult to identify

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 11.0 is now available for download, with a new look and new features, including the ability to paste directly from other apps and to automatically create animations and video clips using photos and clips. The interface will be similar to Lightroom and the Bridge.

Download Adobe Photoshop Elements 11.0

We’ve also added a new, fully functional, offline Google Photos backup and restore tool to Photoshop Elements 11. This lets you save photos to Google Drive to back up and recover them from anywhere.

If you do need an upgrade, you will be able to upgrade to Photoshop Elements 11 for $49.99, which is a $70 discount on the $149.99 price that you can buy it today.

New features in Adobe Photoshop Elements 11

Automatically convert photos and videos to and from popular formats

Create and edit animations and video clips using photos and clips

Paste directly from other apps, like Facebook, Google Photos and OneDrive

Use AI to instantly create beautiful graphics and design

Create stunning photo books and videos with HDR Photo Books

Create and edit compelling 3D models with Adobe Dimension

Easily get photos ready for social media with Smart Fix

Display images and graphics in vibrant, high-contrast displays

Use advanced filters and retouching tools

Create stunning graphics or designs with ArtFlow

Create beautiful, complex and professional-looking designs with Adobe XD

Quickly edit, retouch and enhance images with the touch of a button

Automatic organization of multiple files into albums

Easy access to the latest and greatest features with the updated Tool Palette

Use the latest web technologies to communicate with mobile devices

Preview, edit and optimize before saving

Work faster with Edit in View

Get the most out of Photoshop Elements 11

Easily add photos and videos to your life

A new Google Photos feature makes it easy to quickly back up photos and videos to Google Drive, where you can restore them to any of your devices, including a new iPad. You can also see which photos and videos you already have in Google Photos and download the latest images and videos to your computer.

A new offline backup and restore tool lets you back up and restore your photos and videos with Google Drive, eliminating the need to use your primary Internet connection to backup. In addition to saving photos and videos to your Google Photos account, you can save them

Photoshop Cs4 Download For Pc

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I couldnt find anything regarding replication.

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System Requirements For Photoshop Cs4 Download For Pc:

Requires all of the following for play:
* DirectX 9 graphics hardware. (DirectX 8 or older isn’t supported)
* PC hardware that supports SSE.
* Dual video card configuration (2 monitors)
* Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (includes the.NET Framework
*.NET Compact Framework 3.5 SP1 (includes the.NET Compact Framework
*.NET Framework 3.5 Client Profile (CFX) (includes the.NET Framework
* Windows Server 2008 R2 (includes Windows Installer

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