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Visual Paradigm Community Edition Portable PC/Windows

Visual Paradigm is a Business UML Design and Management Software that helps you in your work of designing, editing and managing Object Oriented software projects.
Support for C#.NET, VB.NET and C++.NET
Comprehensive support for Business UML models
Supports modeling using mainly three modeling standards (UML, SysML and BPMN).
Generation of UML Code and Data Structures from Business UML Models
Generate Code from UML Diagrams
Create and manage UML models using C#, VB, C++, C#.NET, VB.NET and Java
Requirements Analysis
Create and Analyze Requirements Diagrams
Dependencies Diagrams
Dependency Analysis
Create and Analyze Use Cases Diagrams
Use Case Analysis
Automated Testing Tools
Test Automation of UML Models
Create and Manage Context Diagrams
Create and Manage Class Diagrams
Class Diagram
Create and Manage Sequence Diagrams
Sequence Diagram
Create and Manage State Diagrams
State Diagram
Create and Manage Use Case Diagrams
Use Case Analysis
Create and Manage Collaboration Diagrams
Create and Manage Annotation Diagrams
Annotation Diagram
Create and Manage Contract Diagrams
Contract Diagram
Create and Manage Decision Diagrams
Decision Diagram
Create and Manage Activity Diagrams
Activity Diagram
Create and Manage Activity Structure Diagrams
Activity Structure Diagram
Create and Manage Notification Diagrams
Notification Diagram
Create and Manage Object Diagrams
Object Diagram
Create and Manage Block Diagrams
Block Diagram
Create and Manage Component Diagrams
Component Diagram
Create and Manage Component Structure Diagrams
Component Structure Diagram
Create and Manage Deployment Diagrams
Deployment Diagram
Create and Manage Deployment Structure Diagrams
Deployment Structure Diagram
Create and Manage Deployment Change Diagrams
Deployment Change Diagram
Create and Manage Deployment Configuration Diagrams
Deployment Configuration Diagram
Create and Manage Deployment Planning Diagrams
Deployment Planning Diagram
Create and Manage Deployment Execution Diagrams
Deployment Execution Diagram
Create and Manage Deployment Monitoring Diagrams
Deployment Monitoring Diagram

Visual Paradigm Community Edition Portable Crack Download

There is no charge for evaluation period. If you like it, get at least 1 license permanently for free.
Visual Paradigm Community Edition Portable is available in both English and French languages. The program is about 2.5 MB in size. It installs in seconds and runs without any extra downloads or installation.
Visual Paradigm Features:

Visual Paradigm Community Edition Portable is a powerful and multi-platform UML modeling software. It offers a lot of native and supported features. You will not find a more advanced UML modeling tool on the web. When buying the program, it doesn’t matter whether it’s for Windows or Mac, Linux or Android, iOS, or Blackberry or Xbox.
Features of Visual Paradigm include:

The software application offers a universal UML model.
You can design and develop with UML in a number of modeling languages, including:

Case, structural,
System, and
Visual Paradigm supports C#.NET, Java and C++, which are related languages.
In Visual Paradigm, it’s possible to create, delete or edit diagrams, as well as to work with textual elements.
The UML model is compatible with the Visio UML diagramming.
You can use Visual Paradigm to create diagrams of various diagrams.
The professional tool presents a simple and straightforward user interface. It’s well organized and looks spectacular on all screens.
The program supports up to 15 simultaneous editors.
The corresponding diagram can be exported in PDF, PNG with or without background, JPG, EMF, SVG, PNG with background or PNG with transparency, or HTML.
You can manage icons.
The program has a spellchecker and auto-completion.
The tool offers a file manager and built-in memory editor.
It’s possible to filter and sort the objects in the diagram.
The application allows you to switch among various diagram elements.
Visual Paradigm Community Edition comes with a drawing toolbar and layers.
It has a built-in mark-up language.
The program allows you to view the UML class diagram in the architecture mode or in the element mode.
The UML class diagram has some highlighting options (color, font, line width, background) and is filterable.
The software offers a wide range of predefined styles.
You can customize the styles of the system diagram.
You can save your favorite

Visual Paradigm Community Edition Portable Free Download

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What’s New in the Visual Paradigm Community Edition Portable?

Visual Paradigm Community Edition Portable is developed by Visual Paradigm Business. The software is distributed as a portable app for any Windows platform.
* Free
* High-end editing tools
* Support for C#.NET, VB.NET and C++
* Supports UML, SysML, and other modeling platforms
* Import/export diagrams and models
* Import/export databases
* Easy to learn
* Support for an unlimited number of projects
* Interactive 3D view
* Unlimited undo/redo

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* User configurable list of bookmarks.
* Menu support for all 3D file

System Requirements:

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