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Interactive Key Concepts

Think of Photoshop as a compound command-line system with very many features, each with a set of keyboard shortcuts. The following sections focus on the key concepts that make up the Photoshop system.

Basic image manipulation

Photoshop provides basic image-manipulation tools such as image resizing, cropping, filtering, and retouching.

The Selection and Layers tools (the 3 circles in the left-side margin) enable you to manipulate an image. To create a selection, drag the mouse over the image and then release to define the areas to be selected. The Layers panel displays a thumbnail image and can be expanded to reveal all layers in the image. Select a layer and the interface displays a palette, which can be expanded or collapsed to change view modes. The options for changing the Layer, Filter, and Adjustment settings are displayed in the interface window. The following steps demonstrate how to use the Selection and Layers tools and the various adjustments in Photoshop CS5:

Step 1: Select a Figure from the Web

Select one of the stock images available from the Photoshop Magazine website (www.photoshop.com).

Step 2: From the Layers Panel

Double-click the table image in the Layers panel to load it as a selection.

Step 3: Make a Selection

Drag the mouse over the area of the table you want to select.

Step 4: Make a Selection

Once the selection is complete, the Layers panel will show a thumbnail of the image and a blue outline of the selection you’ve made.

Step 5: Resize the Image

Drag the width and height resizing handles until the size of the image is the same as the height and width of the table.

Basic image editing

Photoshop provides many tools for performing different types of image editing. The following sections focus on the tools that are most commonly used.

Picture, Text & Raster

The Picture, Text & Raster tools enable you to create, edit, and adjust a picture.

Figure from the web.

Think of this as the tools that make up the bread-and-butter features of Photoshop, the ones that are used the most.

Tools that work on pictures are useful for manipulating pictures, correcting defective pictures, and creating effects.

Figure from the web.

Here’s how to create a picture

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If you are looking to be productive with just a phone or tablet, these apps are ideal alternatives to Photoshop. They can be used to edit images, create memes and find inspiration for your next project.

I have created a list of the best free graphic design apps for Apple and Android mobile devices.

The Photoshop of iOS

Photoshop Express is one of the best free alternatives to Adobe Photoshop. You can use the app as a simple photo editor, but it also has many powerful tools like the design elements.

It is easy to use as it has a basic and intuitive interface. You can edit images directly in the app or use the import feature to add images from the gallery.


Pixlr is a photo editor designed for iPhone and iPad. With Pixlr-o-matic, you can use the intuitive design tools to adjust the colors, brightness, contrast, and exposure, and you can edit the borders, add a frame, crop, straighten or rotate the photo.

Many people use Pixlr-o-matic as a standalone app. It is often listed in the free apps lists.

It can be very useful for editing selfies as the app comes with many options to choose from. Besides this, you can also use it as a canvas for drawing and illustration.

You can find the all features here.

You can also download Pixlr-o-matic on Android devices.


Pixlr is a simple photo editor that has loads of tools for editing images. It has a simple and intuitive interface.

With the app, you can edit photos directly on the screen. It also comes with a very good watermarking feature. You can add the logo of your website and start selling your photos. It can also improve your Instagram account with its built-in filters and effects.

You can also download Pixlr on your Android devices.


The free app is very easy to use. You can edit photos without any problem.

The app has lots of filters to make your photos more appealing.

You can check out all features here.

You can also download Pixlr on your Android devices.

The Photoshop of Android

Pixlr Mini is also one of the best free Photoshop alternatives. It is more like a clean but powerful photo editor for mobile devices.


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What’s New In?

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package org.bson.codecs.pojo.entities;

import org.bson.codecs.pojo.annotations.Document;

import java.util.Date;

public class Customer {
private String firstName;
private String lastName;
private Address address;
private Date birthday;
private String currentAddress;
private String currentPhoneNumber;
private String emailAddress;
private String homeAddress;
private String id;
private int income;
private int id;
private Date createdAt;
private Date updatedAt;

public String getFirstName() {
return firstName;

public void setFirstName(String firstName) {
this.firstName = firstName;

public String getLastName() {
return lastName;

public void setLastName(String lastName) {
this.lastName = lastName;

public Address getAddress() {
return address;

public void setAddress(Address address) {

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