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You can also use Photoshop and its more specialized tools to do professional web design and graphic design. You can use Photoshop for everything from simple vector graphics to highly complex raster images that include layers, transparency, effects, and advanced masking. Photoshop is very sophisticated and has almost an infinite number of features.

If you’re looking for a particular type of feature, a tool, a tool tip, or other information, you’ll find it in Photoshop. However, you don’t need to know everything to get started. The following sections provide an introduction to the ins and outs of Photoshop.

Understanding the workspace

Figure 2-1 illustrates Photoshop’s workspace. Photoshop is a raster-based program; therefore, you see pixel-based images in your viewports. In this figure, I’ve opened two images to show you the workspace in two different ways.

Photoshop has many menus, toolbars, and other features that you can customize or apply to your current project. Although you’ll certainly see many of them when you open Photoshop initially, the list is likely to grow as you get used to Photoshop. In Figure 2-1, the left side of the screen shows the Application toolbar and the menu bar, which opens the Photoshop menu.

The right side of Figure 2-1 shows the Layers palette. Layers are collections of shapes, colors, and other objects you can apply to a photo and manipulate. After you add a new layer to a photo, you can move, modify, or remove any part of it.

**Figure 2-1:** The horizontal side shows the toolbars and palette, and the vertical side shows the workspace with open images and the Layers palette on the right.

Starting from the outside in, the top three options of Figure 2-1 open the Application toolbar, as shown on the left in the figure. You can customize the placement of these items and their overall appearance by opening the Customize window.

Opening a new file (File⇒New) or starting a new document from the image you’re currently working on takes you to the window shown on the right in Figure 2-1.

To create a new document, simply click the New icon that appears just to the left of the Quick Open panel on the top-right corner of the screen, and a new document window opens on your screen. See the next section for instructions on how to customize your New file or document.

In the top-left

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While all of the Lightroom features are included in Elements, Lightroom’s RAW library is not available in Elements.

Version history

Photoshop CS5

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10

Adobe Photoshop CS5

Photoshop Elements 10

Adobe Photoshop CS5

Introducing the redesign

Photoshop elements 9 (CS5) is a redesign of Photoshop elements 8 (CS4) with Adobe Photoshop Elements 10. It has been designed to be more intuitive and to take advantage of the growing power of the iPad and iPhone. It uses the Cocoa Touch and web design standards, which lets you use the same or more elements than the previous version.

The new interface is a departure from the previous version of the application. It no longer has a “fly-out” panel for quickly accessing the tools and options. The new features are designed to be more easily accessed. I am sure you will enjoy this new look. Here is a video preview of Photoshop CS5:

The new interface of Photoshop Elements looks great on the iPad. The toolbox sidebar can be pinched-in or expanded.

The app can now be viewed in landscape mode. It will also come preinstalled on the iPhone.

Motion design applications

Adobe’s latest release is Motion, Adobe’s fast and intuitive motion design app. Motion can be used for creating 2D or 3D motion graphics, stop-motion animation, PowerPoint animations and Vimeo videos. It even can be used to create hand-drawn illustrations.

With the iOS 5, many web designers and graphic designers are now using Adobe Illustrator to create vector or vector-based graphics. The iOS 5 has introduced motion graphics into apps. WithMotion, you can create and export motion graphics. This update makes it easier to share your creations.

The key features of Motion are:

Create real-time animation and play it back as a video.

Draw shapes using the Pen tool. You can even paint with your fingers.

Real-time editing for 2D and 3D objects.

Make a drawing before exporting to the clipboard.

Import and export motion graphics and vector-based art to and from apps.

Create timelines.

Live effects

With the introduction of iPad apps and the iOS 5, Adobe has introduced a new feature called Live effects. The feature is designed to display overlays on top of your image

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To use the Clone Stamp tool:

Click on the Clone Stamp tool in the Tools palette to display the Brush Settings dialog.
Click the large dark gray square in the color preview area to set the main color for the paintbrush.
Click to move the Select Color box to the color you want to use.
Click to set the Brush Size to how large you want the paintbrush to be.
To create a stroke, click and drag on the image.

To load a brush preset, click the brush and then click the Brush Presets button on the toolbar to open the Brush Preset Picker. When you open the brush preset picker, the brushes are sorted by size, and you can control what brushes appear in this pop-up window.

For more information, see the Photoshop Help file

Blur. This brush can be used to blur an image, but it’s also the perfect tool for removing background and breathing into an image.

Click on the Blur tool in the Tools palette to display the Brush Settings dialog.
Click on the Blur preset.
Drag the brush over the area you want to blur.

A shortcut way to blur is to first use the Extract Embedded Layers brush to create a new background layer.

For more information, see the Photoshop Help file

Warp. This is an extremely useful tool, especially if you want to create a warped photo, such as when creating a warped picture or a warped mirror.

Click on the Warp tool in the Tools palette to display the Brush Settings dialog.
Click on the Warp preset.
Drag the brush over the image to warp it.

A shortcut way to warp is to first use the Lens Blur brush to create a new layer on a new layer.

For more information, see the Photoshop Help file

Eraser. This tool is very versatile, as it can be used to remove any unwanted portion of an image.

Click on the Eraser tool in the Tools palette to display the Brush Settings dialog.
Click on the Eraser preset.
Drag the brush over the area you want to remove.

For more information, see the Photoshop Help file

Pencil. This is a freeform and polygonal drawing tool that allows you to create simple artwork.

Click on the Pencil tool in the Tools palette to display the Brush Settings dialog

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