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A common misconception about Photoshop is that it’s a single program. The truth is that, like most image editors, Photoshop is a collection of powerful tools for applying effects to raster graphics.

What Is Photoshop?

Photoshop is one of the most powerful and commonly used graphic design programs in existence. Originally developed by the Adobe Group in 1990 and released as a freeware offering, Photoshop is now a full-fledged digital image editing software package available for purchase for both home and business use.

Photoshop is an image-editing program. Unlike other graphic design software packages, such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop does more than save images—it can actually transform them into something else entirely. Photoshop is recognized as being the most effective of the raster or pixel-based programs because it allows for the creation of graphical documents that are entirely made up of raster pixels. The term “pixel” refers to a square of color that can be created within the raster. Pixel art refers to the process of creating images that are made up entirely of these pixels.

Raster, Vector, and Pixel Art

Until recently, pixel art—or pixel art alone—hadn’t been anything more than a thing of the past. However, in recent years, artists have started using pixel art as a new medium in digital art. Today, pixel art is being used to create some amazing digital art portfolios.

Photoshop’s powerful pixel art features can be accessed through the use of filters and effects in Photoshop.

The pixels, both the artwork and the backdrop, that comprise a pixel art image can be created directly through the use of filters and effects in Photoshop. This enables artists to use the software as a powerful tool for the creation of artwork.

Additionally, although pixel art does not use vector graphics, it often uses vector drawing programs to help with the creation of its artwork. This is because the creation of vector art is a vector-based process, whereas pixel art is generally a pixel-based one.

Since Photoshop can create realistic looking pixels, the process is very similar to creating a pixel art image. When designing a pixel-based image, artists will use a graphic design program such as Photoshop to layout the artwork and then work from there.

The first step in the creation of a pixel-based artwork is to use Photoshop to lay out the imagery within the program. This includes placing each image within the program. The image may also be painted using a brush or otherwise

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You are given a chance to upgrade to the professional version at a low cost, in order to get advanced features, editing options and other benefits.

In this post, we will review what you need to know about the free alternative, Photoshop Elements.


The following are the features of Photoshop Elements:

Background Removal

Keyword Filtering


Auto Convert Color

Grab Cut


Brightness and Contrast

Color Balance

Dodge and Burn

Fixing Shadows


Spot Healing Brush

Remove Embedded Text

Spot Healing Brush

Add a Background

Fix Fading

Red Eye Fix

Scratch Removal


Mask Removal

Quick Mask

Magic Wand

Spot Healing Brush


Skin Whitening

Invert Colors

Pattern Fill

Refine Edge


Color to Black and White

Color to Gray

Change Hue


Fix Speckles


Manage Layers


Gradient Map

Rotate a Layer


Grainy Texture

Resize, Rotate, Float and Flatten

Layer Style

Masking Mode

Gradient Map

Select All


Scratch Removal

New Artistic Tool


Raster Effects


Raster Effects Tools




Red Eye Fix

Red Eye Removal

Learning Adobe Photoshop?

The following tools are available in Photoshop Elements:

Tools for making images shine

These are essential tools to make an image look sharper and more vibrant. These include:

Brightness and Contrast – Allows you to adjust the color of an image. You can, for example, adjust the contrast in a photograph or adjust the brightness in a dark photograph.

– Allows you to adjust the color of an image. You can, for example, adjust the contrast in a photograph or adjust the brightness in a dark photograph. Color Balance – Lets you adjust the colors of a photo, including white balance.

– Lets you adjust the colors of a photo, including white balance. Colorize – Adds fun color to photos. It allows

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