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Illustrator is a vector-based drawing application that enables you to create _paths_ — perfect curved lines that can be moved, scaled, rotated, and composed into a bevy of shapes.

* **Creating and editing paths**. Working with paths is a primary focus of Illustrator. You can draw and edit them, get them to interact, and make them dance around to music using _transform_ (the Blob tool is not a path tool).

Illustrator can handle the following:

* **Using paths to work with objects on a page**. You can draw, paint, and merge objects into paths to create vector graphics.
* **Creating shadows and gradients**. Gradients can be drawn into the drawing area and can be used to blend two different colors.
* **Drawing text**. You can use the standard character palette to insert text into your work.
* **Drawing and editing text**. Illustrator allows you to draw text in with a variety of fonts and does basic text conversion. Complex text formatting can be tricky, but with a little experimenting, it is doable.

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Here’s a guide to the different settings, tools and adjustments available in Adobe Photoshop Elements, and why they are useful. We will cover many of these throughout the month of March in our dedicated topic in the Learning Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Let’s go!

Applying an Adjustment Layer

With Photoshop Elements, there are three adjustment layers: a white balance layer, a black and white layer, and a color layer.

You might use adjustment layers to duplicate or create color adjustments in a photo. Adjustment layers can be applied to the whole image, or to individual pixels.

White balance adjustment layers

The white balance adjustment layer is used to improve the saturation and the color temperature of an image in the white balance section.

White balance adjustment layers can be found in the list of adjustment layers in the Layers section of the menus.

To create a white balance adjustment layer, open the Layers panel and select Add Adjustment Layer.

A dialog box opens up with three tabs: White Balance, Details and Style.

Use the White Balance tab to find the area of the photo that needs adjustment. In the example below, we have selected the entire image and are using the Lightning Enhanced setting.

To switch from the Standard light adjustment (shown in the screenshot below) to the Lightning or Standard Enhanced adjustment, click the small triangle icon next to the setting. The Lightning or Standard Enhanced color temperature is displayed in the bottom text box.

Click Create Adjustment Layers and you see the area of the photo in which to apply the white balance adjustment.

You can adjust the white balance in the adjustment layer using the sliders.

You can also select a color temperature from the color palette.

White balance color palette

In the top bar of the white balance adjustment layer, you can find the color of the white balance adjustment layer.

For this layer, you can select three different color temperatures: Standard, Lightning or Orphan. The color you select in the color palette depends on the white balance setting chosen in the selection dialog box.

Each of these options changes the brightness of the image.

Which color temperature you use will depend on the color of the subject and the lighting conditions of the image.

Why is the color of the white balance adjustment layer so important? If you change the color temperature of the white balance adjustment layer, the color temperature of the entire image is changed as

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How to monitor PSEXEC for errors

I have an Access VBA.accdb that I want to open and see what it’s doing on my computer while it’s executing. Is there a way to do this? Basically I want to be able to see the code that’s being executed without necessarily having to run it myself.
I’m using Win 7 Pro x64.


You will need to change the permissions of your accdb.exe so that you can debug it.
Something to the effect of, “chmod u+s C:\path\to\the.exe”
Then you can run it using “runas /user:Administrator /password:password /savecred /exec C:\path\to\the.exe”
If there are errors, you should see an error from the elevated application that is running.

RASHER HOPES: Mets slugger David Wright’s move to first will benefit Mets fan bases.

The months of speculation are over. The day of reckoning arrives. Despite the obvious potential pitfalls, it is time for the baseball world to wait anxiously for David Wright’s new position and wonder about his surgically repaired back.

“It’s nice to know he’s getting ready to come home,” said Mets fan Jason Delaney, 33, who watched the Wright news on the radio on the way to his morning jog last week. “I hope he’s coming back and doing what he should. He’s one of the best hitters in the game.”

As the ball hits the ball and the batter begins his approach to the plate, the last few steps give insight into what’s about to occur. Quick feet and anticipating movement. Wright’s step will be nearly six inches faster and for a first baseman that means a spring in his step and a fluid swing.

For the Wright move to a first base that’s more than three feet shorter than shortstop, it would seem as though the Mets are making plans in case their first baseman does not return.

Wright, who is in his 15th season and is a five-time All-Star, is coming off micro-discectomy surgery that occurred before the All-Star Game in Atlanta and it’s been that long since Wright has played. Wright’s playing time, which was in constant decline last year, is expected to increase because of his back and pitching rotation by the struggling Mets is a big

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Nintendo afgøre sine fremtidige investeringer, bortset fra sine egne aktiver og skattevældet.

Et år efter, at Nintendo aflagde sig højlysfortællingen for Markedet, har den japanske spilkoncern tænkt sig godt om, og i en meddelelse til støtte for deres næste koncernregnskab er koncernchef Shuntaro Furukawa og Jesper Christensen dermed sat til at undersøge, hvad Nintendo ønsker at ændre sig til.

Og det kan være stort set bare hvad, der ikke kunne ændres på.

Step in a league of my own. Once again, we’re proud to announce that we have added nine new games to our lineup for the Nintendo Switch.

Lobby Antics – One of our newest games, Lobby Antics is a fast-paced, arcade-inspired puzzle game that emphasizes slick mechanics and eye-catching art.

Deemo – Old school RPG fans will find the adventure in Deemo, a fun-filled role-playing game that takes the best of classic games and condenses them into a package that’s accessible to new and old players alike.

Call of Cthulhu – Another brand new game is Call of Cthulhu. Teamed up with Guildford Crescent, we’re bringing this extremely popular tabletop game to life through video games.

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Asking to reduce rate limit again, or how to prevent rate limit when visiting a gallery, or the effects of both

I was stuck for 13 hours last night, visiting a travel site in order to learn how to say “Since” in Spanish in my own words.
My previous question was “What is ‘I will not see the country you arrived in since X’ in Spanish”
I am sure there must be some female visitors who are just like me (and also some male ones too), so I just wanted to know what to say when you are

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This game will work on any system running Windows 7 or greater. It will only require between 2GB – 4GB of your main system RAM. It does not require an online connection.
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The Road to Antares will take you to a planet with deadly volcanic activity, where the denizens of an alien race survive by utilizing the resources of the planet. As a bounty hunter, you must travel to this planet to take down the leaders of these people, and return with valuable information and resources to sell on Earth.

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