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Adobe Photoshop CS4 includes a redesigned Unicode support module. You can find a description of how to obtain and install this module in the Photoshop Help file.

A few of the new Photoshop features related to Unicode include:

Adding all of the 24,000 distinct characters of the Unicode Standard in a single list that is searchable by name and/or description

Offering better Unicode-compliant tagging to help users more easily sort items

Generating small type fonts to help reduce the resource requirements on the system

Finding the first part of a word by inserting spaces so that users can easily search for the correct spelling of the word (available in the Search and Replace dialog box)

Adding a function to allow users to access the Standard Names Database, which enables users to lookup the correct spelling for an input character

Allowing users to edit a character’s character shape by inputting keystrokes

Enabling users to set the font size of words and numbers

1. Menu

• File > Place items.

• In the new Place and Selection dialog, which appears, choose the Add to menu and select Place items, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Place items in the Add to menu.

2. The Add to menu includes two lists:

• Text items, which includes both Text and Characters

• Graphics items

In this section, we’ll examine the Graphics items.

Figure 2: Adding graphics to the Place items Add to menu.

Figure 2 shows the Place items Add to menu with the Graphics items in the Add to menu. The list includes the items that make up the Graphics item such as Frames, Layers, and Gradient Map. Select the Frame item to access the Options (Utilities) window (as shown in Figure 3).

Figure 3: Place items and the Frame item.

Figure 3: The Graphics item is located under the Options (Utilities) menu on the File menu (as shown in the gray area).

After you select the Frame item, you are presented with the Options dialog (as shown in Figure 4).

Figure 4: Place items and the Frame item.

Figure 4: The Options dialog, which is located under the menu Utilities on the File menu, enables you to change the number of frames and the type of frame.

You have the following options for the frame:

• Tool

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Learn How to Use Photoshop Elements & Create a Photo Jigsaw Puzzle with this FREE Guide

Things You’ll Need

License for Photoshop Elements

Digital camera



If you are looking to edit an image in Elements, then you can follow this tutorial to learn Photoshop Elements and create a Photo Jigsaw Puzzle from scratch.

Other Steps

Open the photograph (Optional)

Zoom in on the area you want to edit

Go to the main menu

Click on Image

Click on Adjustments

Click on Levels

Adjust the levels as per the image

Click OK, or Save, or Send to a different program, as applicable

Use the side-bar menu to select the image you want to open in Elements.

On the main menu click on File

Click on Open

Click on Open from Clipboard

Select the image you want to open

Click Open

What is Photoshop Elements?

Elements is a graphics editor for professionals and hobbyists. It contains most of the features of the professional version but with fewer features and a simpler user interface. You can edit high resolution images, create new high quality images, and create images using any of its 5 different graphics styles.

Some of these are:

The Classic Style

Landscape style

Photo Editor style

Designer Style

Paint Effect Style

There are some other features like Smart Filters, Transformation effects, and some more, but the key thing here is that you can edit RAW images (which enables you to edit pictures like a RAW photographer) with this program. This gives you a lot of options to manipulate the image to get the most out of it.

How to Use Photoshop Elements

Elements has a user interface that is very similar to Photoshop, with few key differences. You can familiarize yourself with the Photoshop Elements user interface in this guide.

Whenever you run Photoshop Elements, you will see the following interface:

See image

See image

See image

Click on the Adobe Logo

You can see the choices in the menu bar:

See image

See image

See image

See image

See image

See image

See image

See image

See image

See image

See image

See image

See image

See image

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Please update your video driver to the latest release. Check your video driver in your Control Panel/Adobe Flash/Macromedia Player.
To install the application, follow the installation instructions, be sure to update your operating system as well as install any drivers/patches as needed.
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