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Download Rclimdex R

20. ( of the European. FORTRAN 90 source code and implemented by ETCCDI as well as. For version 3.9.00 user guide.
Download rclimdex r

20. ( of the European. FORTRAN 90 source code and implemented by ETCCDI as well as. For version 3.9.00 user guide.
Download rclimdex r

The model is implemented in the BIOCLIM code base for the iNEMISMAP model, which is a mesocosm model for tropical/subtropical island ecosystems (Middleton et al. 2002). The BIOCLIM model simulates changes in the environment, ecosystems and biological community over time (Watson et al. 1993; Menge et al. 2000; Middleton et al. 2002; Zabala et al. 2004). It is a community based ecosystem model. The version which was implemented by Etccdi and is available on is 3.5 and is use for ENSEMBLES across Europe (Andersen et al. 2005, forthcoming).

26.10.2009, Version 3.5 of the model has been made available on

See also
Climate model
Environmental science
Ensemble modelling
INMES – The modeller ENSEMBLES was built and continued during 1991-2002, from the Norwegian research programme NOREAS (
MESSy – Modular Ensemble of short-lived models


Further reading
New et al. (2006), “Looking Ahead: a Prospect on Climate Modelling for the 21st Century” In: Proceedings of the Sixth European Conference on Climate Modelling, ECM-6, 2-5 July, 2006, Freiburg, Germany.
Consequences of global warming on European farmland ecosystems’ (2006), Experimental Agriculture, Vol. 38, pp. 1–31.

Modeling Tools For Integrated Climate And Ecosystem Modelling and Prediction: An Overview (2005), Climatic Change, 83:1-22.
Climate Change and Land and Freshwater Ecosystems (2005), Ecosystem Modelling and Management, Vol. 4, pp. 


It is known that the catalytic cracking of a gasoline-containing feedstock, such as petroleum crudes, naphthas or hydrocracks, using a catalytic “fluid bed” process provides a gasoline product which is rich in aliphatic hydrocarbons, particularly those with 6 to 12 carbon atoms, and a cracked distillate fraction rich in aromatic hydrocarbons. The catalytic cracking process generally requires temperatures on the order of to F., and the cracking activity is expressed by the contact time of the feedstock with the catalyst. The catalytic cracking of a feedstock which contains significant quantities of nitrogen tends to favor aromatics production at the expense of aliphatics. In order to avoid such loss, it is known to pretreat the feedstock by admixture with liquid comprising a Fischer-Tropsch (hereinafter F-T) product. The purpose of the F-T treatment is to reduce or eliminate the quantities of nitrogen in the feedstock which tends to favor the production of aromatic hydrocarbons. The F-T product is liquid and its admixture with the feedstock imparts a stability to the stream of hydrocarbons which is subject to the catalytic cracking operation.
The F-T reaction is generally an exothermic reaction, and the feedstock containing F-T product tends to be subjected to autogenous heat evolution. Aromatic hydrocarbons generally tend to be more difficult to crack than aliphatic hydrocarbons, and it is known that there is a hydrocracking-aromatics selectivity relationship. It has been found that cracking of the paraffins which make up the aliphatics of a hydrocarbon stream to light olefins (generally C.sub.2 to C.sub.4) tends to increase the relative amount of aromatic hydrocarbons obtained when the paraffins are cracked to gasoline products. Thus, the relative proportion of aromatic hydrocarbons obtained tends to decrease with increasing conversion of the feedstock to gasoline.
It is known to extract the propane and other paraffin components from the F-T product which is used as the admixture with the feedstock.

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% Matlab programs

The website uses matlab programs such as

% PTMAO version in Matlab

– Automatic data collecting and analying for all the studies of the 99,000 observations (ClimDex):

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