OfficeSuite Pro PDF V10.12.24382 Premium Mod APK [Latest]


OfficeSuite Pro PDF V10.12.24382 Premium Mod APK [Latest]

OfficeSuite Pro 5 PC DLL Mod v10.12.24382 [Paid] Cracked APK is Here! Updated, 89 … 22, Jan.Q:

How to add text to the listview row using a custom adapter?

I have custom adapter using ArrayAdapter and I want to write some text in a row using ArrayAdapter.
For example, I will pass the id of each row and I will look for it in the database and add text to the listview.
How can I do that? Any help would be appreciated.


In your getView() method of the Adapter you can do something like this:
ArrayList myArrayList = new ArrayList();

//populate this array with data from db

TextView tv = (TextView) view.findViewById(;

//use this arraylist in your adapter


//return the adapter

return adapter;

You can then use the arraylist in your Adapter’s getView() method to get the text.

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OfficeSuite Pro + PDF v10.12.24382 [App] [Base] [Update] [Pro] – Download OfficeSuite Pro + PDF. OfficeSuite Professional and its additional options let you work with documents and. NEW BEST OFFICE. Premium version of OfficeSuite is a complete suite for all kinds of files.
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NEW DOCUMENT. OfficeSuite has several features to help you prepare, edit, and view your. Premium version offers more options. Quickly open and view documents. DocumentsOfficeSuite Pro + PDF v10.12.24382 Premium APK Download. OfficeSuite Pro + PDF Premium v10.12.24382 APK.
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OfficeSuite Pro PDF Premium Mod is simply a highly modded version of OfficeSuite Pro for Android that lets you view, edit, and. your desktop. Get powerful conversion features like. but also those of the MOD version, as it includes. OfficeSuite Pro [Online] is just the same as the premium version, but that one comes with.
OfficeSuite Pro is the perfect office suite for users who need to edit, view and create documents on their Android devices.
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