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Workshare Professional is a software solution that will empower Microsoft Office users with complete document control and security.
Workshare Professional 5 is the first document control product to be fully compatible with and take advantage of the infrastructure and Open XML file formats delivered by the 2007 Microsoft Office system infrastructure.
Workshare Professional is Vista ready, and also runs on previous Microsoft operating systems versions. Workshare is integrated with major email and messaging systems including Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint and Live Meeting, and IBM Lotus Notes.
Optional document repository system connectors include SharePoint, EMC Documentum, Interwoven, Hummingbird, OpenText and IBM Score. In addition, Workshare Professional fully supports the remote client implementation on Citrix.
Main features
Embeded Lifecycle Workflows
Embeded Lifecycle Workflows inside the 2007 Office Ribbon Bar and Task Pane ensure policy enforced and compliant document lifecycles. 
Improved Collaborative Workspace Capabilities
Review and comparison capabilities are fully embedded in 2007 Sharepoint Extranet and Collaborative Workspaces as well as Live Meeting for real-time collaboration. 
Content and Context Aware Policy Enforcement
Extend the power of Office 2007 Document Inspector and Vista Rights management by providing content and context aware policy enforcement and usage auditing of these capabilities.
The World’s Most Secure PDFWith complete policy based and auditable risk discovery and remediation prior to PDF conversion Workshare Professional is the first and only solution to offer leak proof PDF’s.
Policy Enforced PDF
Policy-enforcement for secure PDF creation ‘in motion’ over email, portals and removable devices, including enforcement of 128-bit encryption and signing and PDF restrictions, ensures the PDF’s you share are secure. 
PDF From Any Application
With Workshare you benefit from PDF/A ISO compliant PDF conversion from any application or Document Management System, including support for “tagged” PDF files.
Complete Endpoint Information Leak Prevention Receive complete protection from Privacy, IP and confidential information leaks when sharing documents over email, removable media, and portals.
Through seamless integration of Workshare Protect, Workshare Professional now delivers Information Leak Prevention (ILP) security. Fully configurable with extensible risk alerts, centralized security policy management, auditing and reporting provide complete endpoint protection.
In addition, Workshare Professional can take advantage of Workshare Ready partners such as Interwoven and Documentum for risk classification and Microsoft RMS, PGP, and others for rich risk mitigation. 
Exclusive Document Control Functionality
New document sharing and control features based on customer feedback include centralized, fully auditable track changes and DeltaView redlines stored independently from the source file.
Unmatched Accuracy
Complex table comparisons, and intricate numbering and formatting changes set the standard for document comparison with unmatched accuracy. 
One-to-Many Comparison
The new One-to-Many comparison shows multiple document comparisons across different versions inside an easy to navigate tabbed view. 
Standard DeltaView Output
Comparison options now include standard DeltaView output, DeltaViews in Secured PDFs and editable Track Change redline options. 
New DMS Features
Metadata links allow document management systems users to track matters across documents when sent for review from and to anywhere, all while maintaining a full audit trail of review and sharing activities. 
Full Collaboration and Repository Integration
Workshare Professional is built to work in customer’s current and future environment and infrastructures. Workshare is integrated with all major versions of Microsoft Office in use today, including Office XP, Office 2003 and now the 2007 Microsoft Office system.
 Get fast and accurate multi-person document review 
Eliminate multiple versions with complete document lifecycle management 
Stop information leaks with the most secure PDF available 
Provides information compliance for organizations







Workshare Professional Crack Activator [32|64bit]

Workshare Professional is the document control solution of choice for any size organization that requires a flexible, secure document management solution. Workshare’s easy-to-use platform and simple workflow make it simple to get up and running quickly and help you grow your document management processes.

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Workshare Professional Free

Workshare Professional is the most powerful document workflow, document comparison, and repository solution for the Microsoft Office 2007 desktop. It is the only document workflow solution that is fully compatible with and leverages the infrastructure and Open XML file formats delivered by the 2007 Microsoft Office system.
This intuitive experience was engineered specifically for today’s busy users who demand the best document management experience. Workshare Professional is built to work in customer’s current and future environment and infrastructures. Workshare is integrated with all major versions of Microsoft Office in use today, including Office XP, Office 2003 and now the 2007 Microsoft Office system.

The Workshare Professional DVD-ROM is the DVD version of the 2005 Workshare Professional.
The Workshare Professional DVD-ROM is the version of the 2005 Workshare Professional.It uses the latest Workshare Professional 5.0 Release.

This version supports the following:

** Microsoft SharePoint Server for 2007 
** IBM Lotus Notes for Microsoft Exchange Server
** IBM Lotus Webdav**

The Workshare Professional DVD-ROM has same features and functionality as the DVD Version of the below:

** Workshare Professional 5.0 DVD-ROM for Windows 
** Workshare Professional 5.0 DVD-ROM for Windows for Lotus Notes and SharePoint Server on Windows Server 
** Workshare Professional 5.0 DVD-ROM for Windows for Interwoven Workgroup Server 
** Workshare Professional 5.0 DVD-ROM for Linux

The DVD version has a different DVD cover with the following:

** Workshare Professional 5.0 DVD-ROM for Windows 
** Workshare Professional 5.0 DVD-ROM for Windows for Lotus Notes and SharePoint Server on Windows Server 
** Workshare Professional 5.0 DVD-ROM for Windows for Interwoven Workgroup Server 
** Workshare Professional 5.0 DVD-ROM for Linux

The DVD has the following contents:

1. Workshare Professional 5.0 software
2. DVD-ROM software

The DVD version has the following Disk Label:

Workshare Professional 5.0 DVD-ROM

The DVD version has a DVD case:

Workshare Professional 5.0 DVD-ROM DVD Case

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Workshare Web Site


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Workshare Professional License Key

“Unrivaled document management and workflow capabilities integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Office and document repository systems”.
To get WorkShare Professional you will need:
1. A Vista Operating system
2. Office 2007 or 2003
3. Macintosh version of Workshare Professional
4. Workshare Client 2006 or Later
5. Microsoft Office 2007
6. Windows Desktop Publishing 2005 or Later.
7. Workshare Client 2005 or Later
8. Workshare Client 2004 or Later
Additional Requirements to install On Demand
The following products are required to install the On Demand workflow components
1. Windows Client Server 5
2. Virtual Windows Server 2008
3. Interswitch Content Enrichment
Additional Requirements To Install VCSP
The following product(s) are required to install VCSP
1. Microsoft Windows 2003 R2, Vista, or Windows 2008 Server R2
2. Virtual Windows Server 2008
3. Virtual PC 2007
4. On Demand Start
Overview of Workshare Professional
Workshare Professional with Workshare Connect have been updated to support several common office file formats, and streamline the transaction based workflow.
Core Business Benefits of Workshare Professional and Workshare Connect
Embedded Lifecycle Workflows.  
 Completely integrated document lifecycle management and workflow.
 Customers will be able to enforce policy for document creation, revision and approval, and ensure documents are compliant and available for sharing for audit.
 The policy enforcement can be triggered from anywhere in the business process and also integrated with email and live meeting.
 Sharepoint, Collaborative Workspace, EMC documentum and other solution customers will benefit from these enhancements.
Enhanced PDF Security.  
 Workshare Professional now supports the standard PDF foundation and enables policy-based security enforcement for PDF creation and distribution.
 Extensive policy and alerts capabilities to detect and mitigate potential risks prior to PDF conversion.
 Enforce 128-bit encryption and signing, maintain embedded restrictions and audit track changes, and maintain security of PDF stored on Sharepoint or other platforms.
 PDF from any application has been enhanced through PDF/A conformant security.
Current Support for Microsoft Word Documents.  
 Workshare Professional and Workshare Connect come pre-installed with Microsoft Word 2007 and fully support document control and edit tracking. 
 Documents are automatically inserted into the Workshare workflow when they are edited in Microsoft Word 2007. 
 Note that functionality for Microsoft Office 97/2000 documents has been dropped from this

What’s New in the?

Workshare Professional offers complete document control and security for Microsoft Office, while providing a secure, disconnected environment for remote clients. With security and policy enforcement, let your end users collaborate seamlessly from any device, including handhelds and netbooks.


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System Requirements For Workshare Professional:

Minimum Specs:
OS: Win 7 64bit
CPU: 2.1 GHz Dual-Core i5 or 2.4 GHz Quad-Core i7
RAM: 4 GB or more
Video Card: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 460 or AMD Radeon HD 5670 or better
HDD: 15 GB or more
Recommended Specs:
CPU: 3.0 GHz Dual-Core i7 or 4.0 GHz Quad-Core i7
RAM: 8 GB or more

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