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Although a mere concept that guides us through our existence, time is one of the most valuable resources we all equally have. A careful management can incredibly boost efficiency in every domain of activity. Applications like GeeTeeDee Portable give you the possibility to do this by simply creating tasks and strike them down when done.
Flexible and visually appealing
As the name cleverly states, this is the edition of GeeTeeDee you can directly place on an USB flash drive so you can check your tasks from other computers as well. This isn’t the only advantage of portability, but the computer you run it on remains clean, since it doesn’t rely on system registries to function.
Aesthetics are yet another advantage. Placed in a classic window frame, all features are presented in pleasant colors, smooth animations, and high-quality details even for small buttons. While not used, it goes down to the system tray, so you don’t have to reserve any desktop or taskbar space. However, it could have done with at least a hotkey command to bring up the main window from the tray area.
Personal time management made easy
A side panel serves as the place where folders are created so you can organize all your tasks a little better. There’s the default inbox with several presets, but you’re free to add many more, with the possibility to pick from several different, high-quality icons for easy identification. More default folders let you go through completed tasks, as well as deleted ones.
Pressing the Compact button slides the edit and preview area over the navigation panel for even more space. Creating a task is pretty easy, only requiring you to provide a name, optional notes. In addition, you can set a due date by selecting a day from the cool calendar that pops up when enabling this option.
You’re not alerted of this due date, so you need to frequently check on your tasks. When a task is finished, you just need to tick it off the list, automatically being striked out with a line. If a folder is only fitted with finished tasks, you can press the Cleanup button to remove everything from the list.
A few last words
On an ending note, GeeTeeDee Portable might not provide much flexibility when it comes to the set of features, with no options to attach files or set up notifications. However, the overall design, simplicity, and portability are more than enough to provide a simple, fast, and efficient method of organizing your time, to get one step closer to success.







GeeTeeDee Portable With License Key (Updated 2022)

GeeTeeDee Portable is more than a simple time tracker, it is designed to simplify your life in the best possible way.
GeeTeeDee Portable is a time-tracking software that doesn’t require a Desktop, Server, or Windows registry to function.
GeeTeeDee Portable is a portable time-tracking software that has a sleek, modern interface and design to help you manage your time more efficiently.
GeeTeeDee Portable is a solid, reliable time tracking software to help you manage your time effectively and easily.
GeeTeeDee Portable was created to be able to separate tasks and place them in folders on any flash drive or partition, it is a great software to assist you with personal time management.
It allows you to keep track of your daily work, so you can have a better idea of what you have done and the tasks you have to follow.
There are customizable lists that you can use for tasks, folders, and even projects.
It is the perfect software to help you assign work and keep track of it.
GeeTeeDee Portable is a must-have portable software time-tracking software, especially for the busy person.
If you are interested in the best software time-tracking software, then GeeTeeDee Portable is one of the best software time-tracking software programs available for you to download.
Do not miss the opportunity to check it out.
Key Features:
-Offers a well-designed, modern, and sleek design
-Portable software
-Can operate on a USB flash drive or hard disk drive
-No Windows or system registries are needed
-Compatible with XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10
-Powerful and advanced features
-Modern, clean, and user-friendly interface
-Autosaving and auto-recovery
-Powerful and convenient features to help you manage your time more efficiently.
Visit the link below to download GeeTeeDee Portable for free today.

GeeTeeDee Portable Key Features:

A few words on how people manage their time.
It is clear that we use time in every field, but it seems that in a work environment, we have a few approaches. Let’s face it, if you’re not working,

GeeTeeDee Portable With Product Key

A simple utility that you can install on your USB drive. You can add tasks as you like.
A simple utility that you can install on your USB drive. You can add tasks as you like.

AddSomeTime is a simple time tracking tool, you can add a time sheet for any employer, so you can know the time exactly how much time you spending on business.
Let’s cover some of the features.
Add tasks by simply drag and drop. It adds a task automatically when you are working on project
After marking task complete, we can print a snapshot of that task. It’s very easy to track your time
You can add multiple project and add tasks to them.
You don’t need to write the task time, when you start new project, the task will be added as well.
Powerful Report:
It provides you every detail of time spent on project
Powerful Export:
You can export report in pdf format.
One of the easiest way to manage your time.
AddSomeTime Download Link :

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Jul 15, 2017

I don’t have any problems, the app is very useful for us, I was looking for something like this, for a long time, and when I saw

GeeTeeDee Portable

GeeTeeDee is a lightweight handy app, a non-permanent alternative to traditional paper-based time management. Its innovative design allows you to concentrate on what you actually need to do, when you need to do it, using an intuitive interface. By creating a task you can easily view them in a window and manage your time more efficiently.

With this application you can:

1. Create a to-do list with due dates and notes.
2. Back up your tasks to maintain them in case of system crash.
3. Add a priority index.
4. Search, review and filter your tasks
5. Sort your tasks in daily, weekly and monthly view.
6. Create sub-tasks
7. Set your tasks as reminder
8. Manage multiple windows
9. Toggle multiple windows
10. Reprioritize all tasks in a single operation (effective weight)
11. Remove all tasks in a single operation (effective weight)
12. Cleanup empty folders
13. Start a long-press on the task name (Open task properties)
14. Switch between the windows
15. Create a soft alarm
16. Scheduling tasks: due-date
17. Keyboard shortcuts
18. Search with the built-in keypad (Tab, Enter key, Backspace, Arrow keys, numeric pad keys)
19. Cross-device synchronization: The tasks you create on one device, are automatically synchronized on the other devices.
20. Advanced sync settings: Set up auto-synchronization of the first items created in a new folder.
21. Task panel: add, edit, delete tasks.
22. Task panel: view all tasks in daily, weekly, monthly windows.
23. Task panel: view all tasks in folders with priority index.
24. Task panel: view all tasks by due date.
25. Task panel: create sub-tasks.
26. Task panel: view multiple windows.
27. Task panel: display detailed information about task items
28. Add task with different images.
29. Tasks view: save/restore the last viewed tasks from the clipboard to current task.
30. Change the keypad back to standard keyboard layout (Windows, alphabetical).
31. Set languages for backlit keypad.
32. Delete task item from the list.
33. Change skin color.
34. Generate (calendar) icon

What’s New In GeeTeeDee Portable?

GeeTeeDee is a time and task management application that features customizable appearance, mobile implementation, personal accounts, support for recurring tasks, GIS integration and more. Time is a valuable resource, and GeeTeeDee is designed to make the best use of yours.
GeeTeeDee is the time and task manager that delivers what you’ve been looking for. The application has been created with ease of use and customization in mind, and you will not regret the purchase.
– Recurring tasks, also called repeating tasks, set up and configurable for several types.
– Both synchronous and asynchronous recurring tasks support.
– Supports recurring tasks using a number of different providers, including BlackBerry, Google Calendar, Hotmail, and MS Exchange.
– Recurring tasks can be made to repeat on demand, after a certain date or time of day, and specify a number of occurrences for each task.
– Find the tasks you need more easily using presets.
– Supports different due dates for each task type.
– Supports different calendaring options, depending on the calendar provider you select.
– Multiple calendar providers can be used to set up different due dates.
– Directly run your tasks from your desktop, even without admin privileges.
– Supports different icon sets (color or PNG).
– A shortcut is available to complete a recurring task directly from the desktop, without opening the application.
– Find the tasks you need more easily using presets.
– Provides shortcuts for search based on the type of task, category, or due date.
– Supports different styles, including light and dark.
– Choose an icon from your desktop as your default for quick access.
– Supports different border styles, including bright and dark.
– Supports a background picture, resizable, or transparent.
– Supports multiple desktop resolutions.
– Supports the customizable GeeTeeDee icon.
– Supports custom icons for each task type.
– Supports three different designs to choose from.
– Supports different number formats.
– Supports a log and debug logs for development.
– Uses less CPU and more RAM.
– Supports both Windows and OSX.
– Supports minimum requirements of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.
– Supports Windows 95 and later.
– Supports all common browsers.
– Supports common mobiles (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile).
– Uses a sleek, compact design to add to

System Requirements:

PC Requirements:
Mac Requirements:
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