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A _layer mask_ allows you to control just that layer’s color and determine the transparency of the layer mask itself. Layer masks are hidden from view but are still available for altering. Figure 5-6 shows four layers. The topmost layer is visible on the left. The bottom three layers are stacked vertically. The black-and-white layer is on top, followed by the monochrome layers, with each one stacked on top of the previous one. The fourth layer is an image of another layer and is not visible.

Select the topmost layer by clicking on it in the layers panel. A tiny black box to the right of the layer tells you the image’s name and where it resides in the image window. You can also view the layer’s uppermost RGB, transparency, and opacity. Choose Layer ➤ Create a Mask from the main menu. This opens the Select Features window (see Figure 5-7). If the Create Mask button is selected, then you’re using the GUI (Graphical User Interface), a less user-friendly mode of Photoshop. If you choose the Mask Mode, PS Elements’ default method, it is then that you can apply and work with a mask.

Figure 5-7: Use the Create A Mask dialog box (in the Layers panel) to create a mask for any layer.

When you use a mask, you must select the layer that will receive the effects of the masking. The layer in the document that holds the mask also becomes the layer that works with the mask. As you can see, the topmost layer, when selected, has a layer mask and a layer mask control over its color, as shown in Figure 5-8. Each layer

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As an alternative to Photoshop Elements it is also referred to as Photoshop Photos, Photoshop Creative, etc. Photoshop Elements 12 is the first version since 2007 and is considered a rebranding of the older application. In 2010, Adobe released Photoshop Creative Suite 6 and the subsequent version, Creative Suite 7, in 2011. After downloading and installing Photoshop Elements 12, you’ll see how easy it is to run and even create new images. But with the powerful editing tools and easy-to-use interface, you’ll soon find you’re a pro.

Review Photoshop Elements for Mac with our step by step Photoshop Elements for Mac guides. They’ll take you from novice to expert within minutes!

This review will cover most of the basics of Photoshop Elements. It will get you familiar with the new user interface, the toolbars, and workflow.

The interface will seem simple at first, but once you start editing images, you will feel the power of this well-known image editor.

The process of creating images in Photoshop Elements 12 is very similar to that of the earlier versions.

In the Photoshop Elements manual, there is a list of tutorials and quick-start guides for each task. These will help you get started.

The interface of Photoshop Elements 12 is similar to that of previous versions. There are fewer menus and no Organizer.

It has a good sense of simplicity, which gives a feeling of fluidity when you’re moving around the tools. There’s nothing complicated.

There is also a document preview window, the layers panel, the type tool, a fill/adjustment panel and some tool options.

The Main Window

The main window of Photoshop Elements 12 displays a document, the image you are editing.

There are four buttons at the top of the window which you will be using frequently.

Each of these buttons has several menu options.

If you click on the Edit Menu, you’ll see all the options available for the active tool.

However, the more you use Photoshop Elements, the more the options available in these menus will increase.

Usually, the active tool will be displayed in the center of the toolbox.

To open the default toolbox, click on the Toolbox button in the Edit Menu.

The Toolbox and the workspace

The toolbar, which has the active tool selected, is displayed at the bottom of the window.

At the top of the window, above the

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It’s going to be a tough one for the Washington Capitals tonight as they attempt to hold on to home ice in Game 6 against the St. Louis Blues. The Blues are by no means a pushover by any means, but you’d have to think it would be a little easier to get in front of these fans if you won Game 6 on the road.

That’s what the Capitals have attempted to do all series, and it seems like it’s paid dividends for them.

Washington’s top goal scorer Evgeny Kuznetsov went through his usual routine of talking to the fans before and after the game, and a little common sense from Kuznetsov before the game goes a long way toward making it easier for players to get in front of the crowd.

“Be respectful to them,” Kuznetsov said. “They’re paying money and want to come here, so you have to do good job. But once you start … it’s almost impossible to do.”

Video: Caps eliminated, begin offseason planning

There is no reason for any player on the ice to do anything but respect the home fans, as Capitals coach Todd Reirden said after the game.

“I think that is what is most important, and they are very appreciative of the environment,” Reirden said.

Despite the odds being against Washington, that environment is not what made them a team that could beat the Blues in seven games. The Capitals’ experienced forwards and veterans made the difference in the series, and they will be sorely missed in the offseason.

The fact that the Capitals have not eliminated themselves from the playoffs is going to be the biggest talking point, as was the game itself.

Under normal circumstances, the Capitals would be back home for the series and looking forward to a Game 7, but those are certainly not normal circumstances.

For the second time in three games, the Capitals found themselves on the wrong end of a 5-on-3 and they couldn’t find a way to stop the Blues.

“Anytime you get that through 2 minutes, you’re going to beat us,” Kuznetsov said.

It’s going to take a tremendous amount of character for the Capitals to bounce back in such an important Game 6, and there’s no telling how the Blues will be for Game 6. On Thursday, Blues forward Brayden Schenn was asked if they were tired.

“I don’t know what

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There is interest in vacuum magnetic bearing technology as it allows for the use of smaller and lighter machinery. Researchers have been looking at the use of microwave plasma to affect the flow of a working fluid through a gap in a vacuum chamber. Currently, commercial systems use RF plasma where the plasma is powered by radio frequency energy. A RF plasma system produces many problems including: extensive surface heating, arcing (sparking) and distortion of the vacuum chamber. An alternate approach is the use of microwave energy with a focused beam. Microwave plasmas have been used in a variety of ways including: ion sources, dielectric breakdown, microscopy, surface modification and coating, thin film deposition, as well as high intensity heat sources for wafer processing.
It is well known that static and dynamic pressure conditions can be set by manipulating parameters of the plasma and the source of the ionizing electrons. This includes, for example, modifying the shape of the ionizing electron beam, attenuating the current, and focusing the beam using crossed cylindrical lenses. The ionizing electron beam can also be reduced in size and intensity to thereby reduce the heat load on the walls of the vacuum chamber. Therefore, there are a number of alternatives, including for example: a) the use of a smaller plasma electron accelerating (E) and a large triode X-ray tube as an ionizing electron beam source; and b) using a large triode X-ray tube and a small plasma electron accelerating tube.
While the use of a small, high-density X-ray emitter is desirable, the use of such emitter can also introduce the attendant problem of overloading the vacuum system, which has heretofore been avoided using RF plasma. Further, the use of an X-ray emitter may not even be desirable due to the ability of X-rays to cause damage to materials surrounding the emitter, which could affect the accuracy of the vacuum system. Additionally, use of an electron emitter may not be desirable for the desired applications due to the vacuum system’s susceptibility to high electrical currents, which could spark, arcing, or damage the vacuum system.
Despite the advances in the field, further improvements are still sought.
Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to a method and apparatus for controlling a system of rotating elements. Certain example embodiments relate to a rotating apparatus having a number of rotors, each of which may be driven by a separate motor, which may be controlled by a separate power source, which may be

System Requirements:

Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
1 GHz or faster Processor
1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
256 MB available hard drive space
DirectX 9.0c (or higher)
Internet Explorer 11 (or higher)
How to Play:
To play, you will need to download the latest version of the DirectX 9.0c runtime from the DirectX website.
With your installed DirectX 9.0c runtime, you can then download and install the latest version of×8.5_12-16_0.pdf

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