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Have you ever heard of someone saying she or he is “a bit of a Photoshop diva”? That is when a person chooses to work with Photoshop rather than another photo-editing program or even a website.

## Using Other Imaging Programs

Adobe has continued to develop and refine Photoshop, and it can do a lot of editing just with that program. However, what it doesn’t do well, it doesn’t do well at all. That’s where other programs like GIMP ( and the free Illustrator ( come in. These programs fill the gaps in Photoshop.

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Photoshop Elements is the perfect platform for such a tool. It offers some really nifty and powerful tools for creating and editing images. In this article we will explain some Photoshop Elements tips and tricks to help you work faster and better.

To get started, download and run Photoshop Elements from this link. It’s free and available for both Windows and Mac, and it comes with a 60 day trial period. You can make use of this exciting new platform by simply dragging and dropping files onto the open window, or by using the “Import” and “New from Clipboard” tools.

Note: While the free version of Photoshop Elements can be really useful, we recommend downloading Photoshop CS6 instead as it offers many of the same features (as described later) plus it also includes a collection of over 16,000 royalty free-photos for free.

Looking for top Photoshop Elements tricks? We’ve hand-picked several of the best Photoshop Elements tricks, tips and tweaks right here:

How to add effects to images in Photoshop Elements

A little known trick in Photoshop Elements is to use the built-in “Effects” feature to apply effects to an image. Here’s how to do it:

Open an image in Photoshop Elements Click on “Filters” from the menu at the top of the screen (or use the icon with the “Rotate” effects button) On the Filters panel, click on the icon with “Effects” in the middle If necessary, click on the “Vintage Effects” tab on the Effects panel to apply various effects to the image Make sure the check box is checked for each effect you’d like to apply

Let’s see how this works with a few photos. We’ll start with a traditional photo on the left and then apply vintage effects to it. The photo was taken on a rainy day using an old flash camera.

Open a photo in Photoshop Elements Click on “Filters” from the menu at the top of the screen (or use the icon with the “Rotate” effects button) On the Filters panel, click on the icon with “Effects” in the middle Click on the “Vintage Effects” tab at the top if necessary. Note that there are a lot of vintage effects here – where’s the lever? A few dozen vintage effects are provided already. Make sure the “Drop shadow and glow effect” is checked to apply this to the photo Apply a “Graduated filter” for colorizing the photo It seems like the

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Brushes and Pens

The following brush categories will be used later in the tutorial: Line, Painting, Scattering, Dusting, and Gradient.
Almost all brushes in Photoshop have both Spacing and Opacity settings. The Spacing setting determines the size of the brush outline.
Every tool has a default color which has predefined settings, but as noted, you can change it to any color using the Color Picker tool.

The most useful brushes in Photoshop are:

Thin Black Pen: Used to outline objects.

Thin White Pen: Used to outline objects.

White Pen: Used to erase entire areas.

Black Pen: Used to erase areas.

Pencil: Used to draw lines.

The Brush Tool

The Brush Tool is a Wacom Tablet graphics tool. It looks a lot like a pen or pencil. The Brush tool works in a similar way to some Paint program’s brushes, and unlike pens or pencils, you can also use it to paint.

The Brush Tool is accessed by clicking the Brush or Pencil Tool icon in the toolbox.
You can switch between a Brush and Pencil by pressing the Tab or Shift key. The Pencil Tool creates a basic line and the Brush Tool creates either a free-form line or a closed shape.

Brush outline color

The Brush can be set to Solid, Gradient, Radial Gradient, and Pattern, or any of the other brush color options. When using a Brush or Pencil, the Brush Tool can be used in several ways to create effects.

Most effects are created by drawing a closed shape. Unlike the line effect brushes, the Brush can be used with any size, shape, or even freeform.
Brushes, Pens, or the Brush Tool can also be used to paint on art. Some of the most common effects are:

All of these effects can be achieved with the Brush tool, but a few are easiest with a Pencil or Line. The Brush is typically used for free-form and free-form-like effects, and a Pencil is used for drawing straight lines. All the Brush Effect methods will be shown in detail later.

When the Brush Tool is used to paint, lines appear in two different colors. The color can be chosen to be similar to the background, and the reverse:

Brush Tool

Brush Selection

To create

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