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Lightroom is a great way to organize your digital photos in an easy-to-manage format, and its integrated tools enable you to fine-tune your images for print. However, Lightroom leaves out many of the more complex image-editing tools, such as masking, cloning, and blend modes, and it does not offer the color correction and adjustments that Photoshop can do.

Photoshop is a giant collection of tools that enable you to manipulate your images in a number of ways to achieve stunning results, as well as to edit photographs for specific purposes. In addition to the basic features and retouching tools you get in Lightroom, Photoshop also has tools for making adjustments, creating layers, cloning, masking, textures, and even 3-D renders.

The Adobe Photoshop CS program can be used in a number of different ways. If you already have Photoshop, you can use Lightroom as a plug-in module for Photoshop; you can use the two programs together or separately. You can also use Photoshop as a standalone application.

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This article will walk through the basics of using Photoshop Elements and Adobe Camera Raw to edit images. First, we’ll discuss options for importing images. We’ll also discuss how to make basic adjustments, alter the brightness, contrast, and shadows/highlights of an image, and make color adjustments.

Using Photoshop Elements to Edit an Image

To begin working with Photoshop Elements, open the image that you’d like to edit.

Go to Image > Adjustments and select Adjustments. This option will bring up the Adjustments panel (see image below).

In the Adjustments panel, click on Shadows/Highlights to see the options available to you.

The Shadows/Highlights Adjustment Options

The Shadows/Highlights section has a number of color schemes to choose from. Some options are presented in a menu for creating a custom color scheme (you can’t make a custom color scheme with this section). Others can be used as presets: choose a preset, and Photoshop Elements applies the settings to the image for you. If you have advanced Photoshop knowledge or have used any other photo editing applications, these adjustments should be easy for you to make. To see all the available adjustments, click on the small triangle in the top left of the Shadows/Highlights Adjustment Options.

Here are some tips for adjusting the Shadows/Highlights section:

Use the Direct Color button to make adjustments to a single color. To make adjustments to the blue image, click on the blue color square in the Shadows/Highlights Adjustment Options menu. To adjust the green color, click on the yellow square. If you know what setting you want to use, you can use the Color Picker to change the color quickly. This can also be done by clicking on the Color square to cycle through the available colors. If you are using a camera or scanner, you can adjust the colors by selecting the color box, using the Left, Right, Up, and Down buttons, and then clicking the check box beside the color to use it as the adjustment color. If you are using Photoshop Elements, click the Adjustments button, click the Adjustments panel, click Shadows/Highlights, and click the Shadows/Highlights menu to see the available adjustments. Click the color squares for specific colors in the adjustment layer to see the color swatches in the colorswatches area below. In this example, we selected the orange swatch and clicked on it to make the green tint.

Using the

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How to get a number from a variable and convert it to an integer in BASH

I have been looking through the other posts here but cannot find a solution for my specific question. I am trying to write a script to convert a decimal value stored in a variable to an integer.
I know how to convert a string like abc to an integer like so:
number=$(echo “abc”)
echo $number

But can’t figure out how to convert a variable holding a decimal value. I am using JES^6 JES – version 6.9.8-302, if it is relevant.
I have tried the following, which throws an error saying unexpected end of file.
number=$(echo $decimalNumber)
number=$(expr “0x” $number)


Assignment of a value to a variable which is to be interpreted as an integer is always done like this:
number=$((NUMBER * POWER))

If you do it like this it should work
number=$((0x$decimalNumber * 65537))

The expr command is unnecessary, since all integers are powers of two. Using expr is only necessary when using bc or similar commands which interpret the argument as a floating point number.
If you do not know how to resolve the decimal number into its binary representation, you can use the following:
number=$(printf ‘0x’ $decimalNumber | bc | sed -e’s/^0x//’ -e’s/ //g’)

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