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Portable ReNamer – file renaming utility that allows you to perform instant file renaming based on user-defined rules.
Creating new rules is as easy as it can be, no configuration is required since the solution is ready to go, right away.
No need to install, no registry keys are required, just drag and drop or drag ’em and drop or click and drop, to name a few.
It’s easy!
– Very effective renaming.
– Users can save their profiles and instantly rename a batch of files based on it.
– Fast and reliable renaming engine.
– Multi-panel interface.
– User-defined rules, intuitive and convenient design.
– All can be saved to share with others.
– No need to register it.

ReadMe The file renaming tool LightPad File Renamer allows you to perform instant file renaming based on user-defined rules.
It’s easy, intuitive and Fast!
LightPad File Renamer is very efficient and it’s a tool you’ll use in your office and at home.
Nothing in the installation – just double click it, drag and drop or drag ’em and drop it.
No installation, no registry keys, no details are required at all!
You may use it as a stand-alone file renaming application with its own User Interface or as a task manager – the choice is yours!
Once LightPad File Renamer is activated, it will take you straight to the multi-panel user interface.
LightPad File Renamer
One-click file renaming.
Speed and usability are the key elements of LightPad File Renamer, it’s extremely simple to use, yet powerful and reliable at the same time.
There’s no need to register, no lengthy installation, just start using it in minutes!
You may also set multiple renaming rules if the need arises.
Removable Drive mode, performance and safety are the key elements of the final product.
It’s optimized for performance in relation to any other similar application, simply because it doesn’t need to have any of its files installed to the hard disk.
01.01.2019 (released): Initial releaseQ:

Android update adaption of shared preferences

I am saving some user data (name, address, email…) in the shared preferences,

Portable ReNamer Lite Crack Patch With Serial Key

* Finally… you can rename the same file differently just by clicking on it!
* Enter new name with 1 click and save it to “A”.
* Enter new name with 2 clicks and save it to “B”.
* Automatically choose which subfolder…

* Now use “Path” where you can change everything.
* You can use wildcards too.
* No more messy pick and drop in file explorer.
* Beautiful simple user interface.
* Automatically update new names.
* Password protection.
* File sharing.
* Start Free Download now…

* Rename all pictures on the way to use it as wallpaper (if you like).
* Start Free Download now

* Simple three step wizard to pick destination for the files you want to rename.
* Rename pictures very easy.
* You can work with:
– Numbers,
– The letters of the alphabet,
– Words,
– A random order,
– All files selected,
– The same as in a folder,
– All files with a suffix.

* You can set your own settings.
* You can save settings so that you can come back quickly.
* You can start by double click on the program icon.
* You can lock settings to avoid changes made by the program.
* You can add custom labels too.
* You can duplicate settings from the program and add them to your own settings.

* As well as from the file…
* Duplicate Customization settings from file.
* Enable Edit Number (Edit all numbers).

* Yes! It is that easy

* You can start to rename pictures by double clicking on the program icon.
* You can select to edit the name of the file (and get content to the right),
or the file name itself (and get content to the right),
or the contents of the file (and put it on the left).

* You can even change the color of the text and background by selecting one of the predefined colors and deselecting all the others.

* You can pick a new background and/or text color with the mouse.

* You can set the size of the result window and control the display of the numbers and words.

* You can create your own presets to save the frequently used actions.

* You can manage easily new folder for new pictures (you are asked what

Portable ReNamer Lite Crack + With Full Keygen PC/Windows

Portable ReNamer is a Windows tool that can rename multiple files at once based on user-defined rules.
You may not know where to start when you first launch the app, but it’s all just a matter of time and the good thing is that Portable ReNamer has many more things to offer than you’d be tempted to believe.
The multi-panel GUI was created to give you one-click access to both the files to be processed and the defined rules.
Batch renaming is obviously supported and so is drag and drop too, so it should all take just a few seconds once you’re done setting up the renaming rules.
You can for example insert new characters in file names, delete, remove or replace some, change extension, capitalize every word, make all lower or upper case and even strip out content of brackets.
What’s more, Portable ReNamer allows users to save their configuration profiles, so you can quickly import them back whenever you wish to rename a specific batch of files.
Of course, a preview screen is also available, which is more like a simple utility providing a glimpse into how the future file names are supposed to look like based on your settings.
The renaming engine is fast and reliable and that’s indeed a very good thing since it can work on every Windows version out there. It’s portable and this means that users can always copy all its files to a removable drive and use it on the go without prior installation.
Overall, Portable ReNamer is yet another file renaming utility that proves to be very effective. It doesn’t hamper system performance in any way and works smoothly regardless of the Windows version installed on your machine.
Portable ReNamer Lite Version History:
Current Version: 1.0
Release Date: 2018-10-30
Download for Portable ReNamer Lite at

Portable ReNamer is a Windows tool that can rename multiple files at once based on user-defined rules.
You may not know where to start when you first launch the app, but it’s all just a matter of time and the good thing is that Portable ReNamer has many more things to offer than you’d be tempted to believe.
The multi-panel GUI was created to give you one-click access to both the files to be processed

What’s New In?

This lightweight software is designed for easy renaming.
It is the most effective option for all users who search for a tool that fits all requirements in one place.
It has been designed for easy and fast utilization.
It is compatible with all Windows OS.
Easy to use and easy to set up.
Key features:
• Color changing: Use ColorPicker to choose up to five colors to be used for color changing within the selected category or inside a defined folder.
• Renaming: Rename multiple files with a few mouse clicks, drag & drop, or by entering a name.
• Batch processing: Process several files at once, easily, with a few mouse clicks, using the built-in batch file renaming.
• Web search: Perform a Google search for a simple keyword and then drag files to be processed to a folder that will be saved and named after the search result.
• Categories: Organize your folders with categories and save your settings for later use.
• Drag & Drop: Drag any files or directories that should be processed to the program.
• Define Categories: Create and save up to 20 categories for all files or folders.
• Customizable: You can save your renamed settings to a profile and use them later on if you’re more than one computer.
• Easy to use: Your settings are saved directly to files, which makes them easy to find and access.
• Supports all Windows versions: Download this tool and it is compatible with most Windows OS.
• Timer: Set a time limit for all the processes that will be performed, so your computer won’t be locked for a long time.
• Support for all languages: This utility is designed for users who speak many languages and therefore it will translate your selected language.
Portable ReNamer Lite is the light version of Portable ReNamer.
Lightness does not mean lack of function. It’s a wonderful program that allows users to simplify their life and is an excellent way to do work on your PC.

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RemoRename Pro is an advanced program for file and folder renaming.
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System Requirements:

Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
Apple Mac OS X 10.9.2 or later (OS X 10.10 or later recommended for AirPlay)
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz processor or better
25 GB of free hard drive space
3D graphics card that supports Shader Model 4.0 or better
802.11n Wi-Fi network
USB port and speakers
How to Install and Play:


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