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TELEFON is a little database application written with Clarion for Windows. Basically it is an easy to use address book or phone book.
Here are some key features of “Telefon”:
■ multi language support
■ add/change/delete entrys
■ filter search
■ reportgenerator
■ network support
■ calendar
■ all in one (no dll) only one exe file (~1 MByte)
■ ASCII export and import
■ cut and paste
■ empty database function
■ print address as lable
■ view record
■ modem dialer support
■ copy list or singel entry to clipboard







Telefon [Win/Mac]

Telefon Free Download (German acronym for “Telefon”) is a small application designed to make your life easier! You can create, edit, save, and import contacts from the Telefon database. Change is displayed by updating all copies of a contact and not only the first address you’ve ever saved. This task takes place very fast. By using a great filter feature you can search your database with just one or two keywords.
The Telefon database application is structured as single entrys. Therefore you can find an entry by looking up the number it contains. By using a special search function you can find entries which contains certain words (doubles and strings), you can save an entry with an index number or even add a telephone number.
The Telefon database application has an integrated reportgenerator. This allows you to view an overview or sort by name, address or phone number. The view-operation is performed by highlighting the desired field. Telefon will indicate which field has been changed, if you change more fields than one.
Telefon supports multiple language: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian. You can switch the language using a keyboard-shortcut. Telefon is protected by a software anti-virus system which includes database protection and auto-update.
Telefon integrates functions for calendar, network, reportgenerator, copypaste, addressbook and modem functions.

The more you use this service, the more it will learn to become your habit. It will remember your most used settings – your address book, for example. The next time you’ll open a fresh database, you’ll find all your contact information ready to use. Features: dictionary: 25,000 entries; import contacts from other programs; find, add and edit contacts; import contacts from the Internet; new dialog; import text files and databases as contacts; contacts organizer; copy entries to the clipboard; create new entries from the clipboard; basic commandbar with keyboard shortcuts; address book dialog; scan for communication addresses on the net; creation of new networks; e-mailaddressbook; import, save, delete and export contacts from or to other programs; swap contacts by heart; import ZIP archive files; advanced export and import command; number recognition; pop-up windows; printing labels, businesscards and addresscards; unit converter;…

EasyConnectDialog is a small yet powerful program that allows you to connect your modem to a computer over a serial port.
The program provides

Telefon Download [Latest-2022]

View record:
Change the text property of a single entry on the object.
Print address:
Set the label of the record.
Cut and paste:
Cut all texts in one entry at once.
Print other
Cut the other entry at once.
Change or add new one:
Add new entrys and change all text property of the new entrys.
Filter search:
Filter entries by text property.
Reruns all changes in the database.
Network support:
Network communication with a dynamic host.
Network transfer:
Uses a modul for transfering the data by FTP.
If the database contains a calendar than an entry can be created.
Different user data:
Different user data can be set for each user.
ASCII export/import:
ASCII-Export/Import the data.
ASP file for database:
The database can be used with internet access.
Modem dialer:
Allows you to dial a number in network.
The program is easy to use. The help is in the
command line argument of the program. Here is the
help message:
Telefon (m)yComputer>NetHelp [Command]
m: Datenbanknamen (Database names)
myComputer: Häuseinstalationsname
Ai: All immediate [All]
Al: All entries[All Entries]
An: All recorden [All Recorden]
Ar: All entries [All Entries]
As: All System [All Systems]
Au: All user [All User]
B: Basic information [Basic Info]
c: Callback [Callback]
d: Data [Data]
e: Edit [Edit]
g: Group [Group]
i: Icon [Icon]
j: Help [Help]
l: List [List]
m: Mode [Mode]
n: Next [Next]
o: One user[One User]
p: Print [Print]
q: Quitting [Quitting]
r: Remove [Remove]
s: Set [Set]
t: Text [Text]
u: User [User]
v: View [View]
w: Window [Window]
x: Export XML [Export XML]
y: YDL: Exporting

Telefon Crack Free

Get and input an address book. From that list you can enter or modify addresses. If you delete any entry, it is not deleted directly from the address book of telefon. What you have to do is to get the list and print it or open it to modify that one entry.
Change an address without change entry at the very position where this entry should be
Delete an entry from the database of telefon if your database is small ( default value is 5 address entries )
Create a list with all events that have occurred in your database
See all events in your database
Export the database to a file
Import a new database from a file
List all items and sort them according to their address or status
Reset the status of one or more address
Get or write list or all entries as table
View selected record in a calender
Display the receiver of an entry
Calculate the current time
Calculate if the current time is between starttime and endtime
Generate a report of an address
Calculate the next day
Calculate if two years are between begintime and endtime
Calculate if two months are between begintime and endtime
Calculate if two weeks are between begintime and endtime
Calculate if today is between begintime and endtime
Calculate if the date is between begintime and endtime
Get or change the status of your cell phone from off- hook to on-hook
Set the cursor position of your cell phone
Check if a frequency is in use or not
Blank the cell phone
Disconnect from telefon or print the address list
Dial to entry with a phone number
Dial automatically for the next entry
Dial a phone number to the first entry if already a dialing is done
Dial to entry a dial number
Dial automatically to the first entry if already a dialing is done
List the frequency assignments for a telefon
List the frequencies available for telefon
List the codes for a telefon
List the functions available for telefon
List the radio functions available for a telefon
List the receiver for a telefon
Print the frequencies available for telefon
Print the codes for a telefon
Print the radio functions available for a telefon
Print the receiver for a telefon
Print the radio frequency assignments for telefon
Show status of a telefon
Delete a tele

What’s New In Telefon?

1. multi language support:
1.1. you can use “ar-Am-Fr-Eng-It-Sr-Zh-Ru-Dc” as input language for the
1.2. you can define own languages you need.
1.3. language code when you import the DB. (import from only one language).
1.4. language code when you export the DB. ( export only to one language)

(source: 12 Oct 2010 14:04:24 +0100Wed, 11 Apr 2012 02:03:34 +0200[

System Requirements For Telefon:

Any game at all. Anyone can play.
In terms of resources, the minimum system is modest: a computer with integrated sound, USB mouse, and a keyboard. I prefer to be near the machine.
The game is playable on Windows Vista, 7 and 8, and Linux (x64). The game is also playable in a web browser.
If you have an Amazon Kindle, you can read it there. If you have a Kindle app on your phone, you can read it there. If you have an iPad, you can view it there.—Latest-2022.pdf

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