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The “Off-the-ball” AI has also been enhanced. The previous generation of the Off-the-ball AI had a very basic learning algorithm that only learned to play off the ball, and did not really become as good at it as it could have been. With the new version of Off-the-ball AI, players can now anticipate where the ball is going and get into position quicker, giving them more options and ways to catch out a defender.

Matchday Improvements

The matches have been reworked to focus on what FIFA remembers best – the strategy. Every single choice you make, both in and out of your possession has a strategic impact.

New Kit Distribution. Players now have to learn how the brands are distributed across the pitch and play appropriately. The Inverted Playmaker. One of the most troublesome issues in FIFA 11 was how overly-important a player can become in defence and how difficult they are to break down. EA have addressed this by giving Inverted Playmakers a lower chance of picking up the ball out of defence compared to normal playmakers, but the traits of a playmaker are still the same. A New Clubwork. Clubwork has now become the foundation for your build-up play and defensive transition when you lose the ball. Positioning Workshops. Additional workshops to teach players how to play in advanced tactics. Higher difficulty comes with specific instructions from the manager. There are now specific club budgets to succeed in the full-paid seasons in the off-season. The manager now has more control over his/her squad. The manager now has a “game plan” in which he/she will assign the team to play in specific formations and tactics, and may employ special tactics such as the “Willy Kastrota” formation (which uses a back four) or a more defensive tactic called the “Ring Formation” (which protects against counter-attacks). Free Kicks. Free kicks now occur outside of your zone. Defenders need to sprint up to where the ball goes, instead of standing still and expecting it to come back to them. New Challenges. Two completely new challenges have been included in this year’s game. The first is the self-financed challenge – in this challenge, a team can approach their opponents, hand over the micro-transaction money to them, and then makes a call on which team gets the money. The second challenge is the “Funny Fights”


Features Key:

  • Features more career modes than any FIFA game to date. Kick off the new campaign with ‘Make The Switch’ and move through to FIFA 22.
  • Players react to the tactics you use, including how confident you are when making your choices.
  • AI selects tactics, makes substitutions and encourages players to use your gameplay tweaks.
  • Prove your skills with a host of ‘Customisation’ modes that let you create a unique look for your squad.
  • New features offer the best matchday atmosphere. Crowd and stadium atmosphere AI brings fans back into the action, making them react to the way you manage the game.
  • FIFA 11’s goal celebrations have been given greater nuance. Take them to the stadium, get a virtual crowd and perform as the pro players do, crowd-pleasing mini-games and new celebratory moves.
  • Free FIFA Ultimate Team is now a lot better than it used to be.


Fifa 22 [32|64bit]

A football game like no other. FIFA puts the ball in the player’s hands and taps the depth of involvement that you’d expect from the game that started it all. Every player on the pitch is ready, willing and able to execute all the things you do in real life – everything from fending off opposing players to scoring headers. And while there’s no timing out or pass interference in real life, you can escape from a challenging situation on the pitch simply by giving up the ball. In FIFA, it’s your decisions that affect the outcome, and your reputation that decides where you go from here.

Explosive Skilled Attacking – Go for goal.

When you’re on the ball, you’ll find it easy to blast through defenders and into goal. Each of the 11 Elite and International teams has its own speed settings, with the fastest among them averaging nearly five times the speed of those in FIFA 17. Players in the air can powerfully spring higher when you tap the J key, while precise dribbling makes it easy to beat defenders by weaving in and out of them. You can even use the Circle and Triangle keys to add power to a dribble, or trigger your signature skill moves like the Dribble, Sideline Cut and Lateral Hype.

The new Adrenaline Rush* engine provides greater reaction and interaction, making players feel more natural in their movement and moments of control on the pitch.


•The Adrenaline Rush Gameplay Engine delivers quicker, more reactive and more responsive gameplay. Attackers, defenders and strikers react naturally to the action around them, as well as the movements of players on the ball, adapting their speed and positioning in real time. This enables players to change their momentum and stop opponents from escaping with the ball on more realistic moments of attack and defence. Defenders react faster on the ball, as well as when the attacker manages to steal the ball away from them, adapting in an instant to play the ball back to midfield.

•Matchday AI makes every game truly unpredictable, by reacting to each opponent on the pitch in unique and intelligent ways, responding with different tactics on the fly. Defending and attacking players react in different ways to certain situations, like being pressed, or being near an opponent.

•New Personalised Training and Game Preparation Mode enables players to fine tune their playing style and learn exactly how to improve their skills and attributes for the game ahead, with


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What’s new:

  • FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology” which simulates real-life on-field movement of the game’s 18 generic player models (including all varieties of players and playing styles) using motion capture data collected from top players playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits.
  • FIFA 22 introduces “AI PACE”, reflecting the sharp reaction times of today’s game, reducing the impact of slower reactions and instinctive action on passing and shooting.
  • FIFA 22 introduces “Partisans”, new fans and club supporters you’ll encounter as you complete your Pro’s journey, and even become an icon for your new hometown! You can become a “Partisan” leader of a unique fan base and gain experience through the Champions League and other moments during your journey.
  • FIFA 22 introduces “Enhanced Modify FIFA’s match engine to support new and varied aspects of gameplay such as PSV Eindhoven’s modus operandi when in possession or direct movements by key players and how they react to physical contact. Also includes improvements to the new “Offside” Rules. “Enhanced AI” real-time connection to the cloud will provide more intelligent real-world responses by opponents in matchday and training scenarios.
  • FIFA 22 introduces “Lead the World Cup 2020”, featuring an expanded new World Cup tournament with 22 teams, a new World Cup Trophy inspired by the first hosting nation of the World Cup, and changes to the Road to Tokyo.
  • FIFA 22 introduces several manager attributes that will enable the manager to more effectively use tactics and formations.
  • FIFA 22 introduces the UEFA Champions League, including new stadiums and coaching elements.
  • FIFA 22 introduces a refreshed “Sponsorship” with an expansive collection of features including matchday kits, team/player highlights and manager interviews.


Free Fifa 22 X64

The absolute best football experience you can have on PS4™ and Xbox One. FIFA is easily one of the most popular sports franchises in the world. Fans of the FIFA franchise will become part of the game and play like a football star.

Can you get into the football world and compete with the best FIFA players around the world? Look no further! The gameplay has been reinvented for PS4™ and Xbox One. Enjoy skill-based matches and a brand new way to train.

Take charge of your favorite real-world players and rise through the ranks in Career Mode. The depth of Career Mode gives you the ultimate football experience to capture your favorite moments and play with the teams and clubs you love the most.

FIFA Ultimate Team is getting ready for the new season. Battle against your teammates and build your ultimate team from over 250 real-world stars to compete in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Play all the way to the Champions League™. From club matches to the knockout stages. Compete in FIFA Ultimate Team and The Journey to compete in the UEFA Champions League. Gain ultimate bragging rights and chase your dreams of becoming the next generation of football stars.

Join the FIFA Champions online. Play with thousands of players from over 170 countries and compete in the new FIFA Champions Cups.


Rating Overview


10 – 13


7 – 10

Compatible With PlayStation™ VR


FIFA™ on PS4™ leaves no stone unturned in delivering the most authentic football gaming experience ever with a raft of new features, innovations and enhancements to popular game modes and eSports action. Play your way through a new career mode, with new weekly objectives, player challenges, online co-op and squad management. The all-new FIFA Better Decision Making System (BDMS) provides a completely new way to play. BDMS offers players the option to choose how they play and how the game plays around them; to perfect your attacking options and exploit space to create more chances. Groundbreaking gameplay features are also coming with the official EASPORTS CAMPAIGN, delivering new ways to play eSports, including a Gambit Capture mode.

Key Features

FIFA Better Decision Making System

A brand new feature to the FIFA franchise, EA SPORTS introduces the latest version of its Decision Making System, offering more flexibility to players. FIFA on PS4 enables players to choose how they want to approach a match,


How To Crack:

  • FIFA 22 PC
  • FIFA 22 Mac


System Requirements For Fifa 22:

Requires a DirectX 9.0 compatible video card.
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