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What are the PlayStation™4 Pro graphics settings?

All graphical settings can be found here.

What are the supported resolutions?

The PS4™ Pro supports higher resolution through the 1920 x RGB1 format.

What is the recommended rendering engine?

(1) OpenGL, (2) V-Sync, (3) HDR.

Does the PS4™ Pro need a dynamic resolution?

Recommended dynamic resolution for the PS4™ Pro is 1920 x RGB2.

How can I check whether the game uses a dynamic resolution?

If supported, dynamic resolution can be enabled by pressing the “dynamic-resolution check” option, which allows you to check your resolution with a slider.

Which display device is supported for PS4™ Pro?

The PS4™ Pro supports the following display devices; 4K 60Hz, HDR, HDR10, HDR10+,

4K 60Hz (Wide), SMTFU, SMTFU+, Trilinear, (CLD-HDR1000),

Fluid, De-Noise, Dolby Vision, V-Sync, Vibration, Picture Mode, Video Bitrate Mode, HDR10, HDR10+, HDR10+4K 60Hz, Dolby Vision, V-Sync, Vibration, Picture Mode, Video Bitrate Mode, HDR10, HDR10+, HDR10+4K 60Hz (Wide), SMTFU, SMTFU+, Trilinear, (CLD-HDR1000), Fluidsmooth, De-Noise, Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDR10+ and HDR10+.

Does the PS4™ Pro support hardware anti-aliasing?

Recommended hardware anti-aliasing for the PS4™ Pro is Anti-Aliasing Temporal LOD Cut.

Does the PS4™ Pro support motion blur?

Recommended motion blur settings for the PS4™ Pro are x0, x1, and x2.

Does the PS4™ Pro support the “4K HDTV” scan mode?

For the PS4™ Pro, a graphics mode for displaying the game at a 1920 x


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Revised and refreshed visuals. Shot from every angle. The animation of every player, every substitution, every pass, and every goal is now more realistic than ever, bringing players and players closer than ever to life on the pitch.
  • AI-controlled friendlies. Win a match against a friend and get rewarded with a career back-up. Play a domestic cup final, real international matches, or a friendly against real and imaginary teams.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team. Clubs face new challenges and compete for the same trophies as in real life. With a revised and more immersive Player Career mode, you earn new skills from replicating the real-life football journey of your friendlies. In this mode, competing in friendlies against friends also earns you special team rewards, which appear in career mode.
  • Unique Gameplay Systems. A new approach to tackle physics based on the player’s speed, tackling and forward pressure mean players put more pressure on opponents, both forcing mistakes and creating more chances for your team.
  • The Flow Motion Engine. Real player movement and the natural flow of the game now feel more responsive and integrated.
  • Enhanced dribbling, ball control, and ball control based on pressure, which rewards players making the right decisions. More control on the ball through more effective dribbles makes players closer to the ball, putting more pressure on defenders for more scoring opportunities.”
  • Timing System. Tenacity and persistence are rewarded, to give a boost to players for managing the ball or to provide extra time for your teammates under pressure.
  • Referee. Strikers forgo celebrations and earn free kicks for reducing a foul to a free kick. Goalkeepers predict corners based on skill, not where the ball is, and goalkeepers dive to earn penalty saves when necessary. Defenders target where the ball is going when players run out of control.
  • Ball. Precise balls will bounce in and out of different surfaces throughout the pitch. Gameplay changes that enhance ball control in all aspects.
  • Passing. Matches are faster and more realistic than ever. Players make more realistic runs and dodges, challenge opponents differently, and maintain tighter control of the ball with the new “timing of the pass” feature.
  • Teamplay. New deeper stats


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    FIFA is recognized as the world’s top-selling sports video game franchise, having sold more than 200 million copies worldwide. It has been consistently rated the best-selling sports video game franchise by NPD (an independent market research firm). The series has also won numerous awards, including the BAFTA Game Awards for Best Sports Game and Game of the Year, and is recognized for its gameplay innovations, in-depth franchise mode and outstanding community engagement.

    FIFA 20 is a beautiful soccer game that lets you play your favorite club in over 650 official stadiums. Featuring new Team of the Year feature to help you manage every aspect of your squad, FIFA 20 includes dynamic and authentic tactics and skills, plus every 4K Ultra HD FIFA Content, Online Leagues, a dynamic new commentator experience, and new motions to track your favorite players. FIFA 20 has an award-winning soundtrack, brand-new celebrations and make-believe tournaments.

    Gaining Momentum

    Last year’s FIFA 19 was a record-breaking success and broke sales records all over the globe. The game launched to critical acclaim and its sales dominated the top ten best-selling games during the first three weeks of release. It’s the only football game to ever spawn a movie tie-in.

    We listened to players’ feedback and made deep gameplay changes based on their suggestions. New tactics and dynamics were introduced, making it easier to play how you want to play and making the game feel more authentic.

    With the introduction of Dynamic Tactics, we made it easier than ever to make strategic decisions and tweak your playing style mid-match. This season we’re improving the AI using new Player Traits, allowing them to make decisions on the pitch that bring more unpredictability to your opponent, making it feel more realistic.

    With the introduction of Dynamic Tactics, we made it easier than ever to make strategic decisions and tweak your playing style mid-match.

    The Pitch of Perfection

    Like always, FIFA delivers the best-looking game on any platform. All-new FIFA 20 consoles feature a 4K Ultra HD gaming experience, with our new 4K content creator and multi-region cloud infrastructure, that allows users to seamlessly enjoy matches on the same 4K Ultra HD graphics on all platforms—PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch—with almost no difference in quality.

    Other FIFA Features

    FIFA Ultimate Team has evolved with a great deal


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    Create the ultimate team of soccer superstars and challenge yourself to build the ultimate club by managing your squad, adding to your squad with unique players and crafting legendary player cards. Create the best-ever lineup with in-depth Ultimate Team Skills like set-pieces, finishing, and dribbling – all of which can be customised in The Journey.

    Ultimate Team II – Build your squad with the best footballers in the world and challenge yourself in a new way to score incredible rewards for your glory, and become the ultimate winner by setting a new world record. The new Card Packs allow you to personalise your cards with customized Team, Kit, and Modification Card Packs.

    FIFA Rewards – Earn your way into the FIFA Rewards Vault by completing all of your Rewards Challenges, with new challenges available all the time through the game. Once in the Vault, earn FIFA Points and level up to unlock in-game items to use in your favourite modes.


    The FIFA Experience – From online to offline, FIFA is the most authentic football game on the market. From the fans to the players, FIFA is built to simulate the world’s most popular sport with all the emotion and atmosphere of the real game. Fans all over the world can watch the best players in the world compete for glory in FIFA on a daily basis on their favourite video games and consoles. The epic tournament, The FIFA World Cup, will prove to be one of the most exciting events in the history of sports as we await this summer’s ultimate football showdown between the favourites, Germany and Argentina. Not only can you watch the best players in the world on the FIFA World Cup Kick Off stage in the FIFA World Cup, you can also download the all-new World Cup app for iOS and Android so you can be a part of the celebrations from wherever you are in the world.

    Halo Online – The legendary Halo franchise returns in the Xbox Live Original game Halo: The Master Chief Collection, along with three brand new games: Halo: The Master Chief Collection – ODST, Halo: The Master Chief Collection – Multiplayer Beta and Halo: Reach. All three games will deliver the signature Halo shooter experience, featuring the Master Chief and his iconic arsenal as you travel the galaxy, exploring exotic worlds and completing challenging game modes. Players can also play with the Master Chief in Halo 5: Guardians, the stunning new campaign set in the galaxy of Halo 5: Guardians.



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