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In FIFA 22, use of the included “Total control” customisable key-bindings system enables players to feel at home with the game, creating a more authentic simulation.

Also with 22 athletes in the cast and enhanced gameplay motion, FIFA 22 plays like never before.

FIFA 22 boasts over 100 real-life players and key new attributes, including pace, mobility, stamina and speed, as well as increased power ratings for stronger tackling and more powerful shots.

Take control of your player on the pitch via the new GameFace View, see everything on the pitch and feel the power of all the players, all at once.

Introducing live timing, tracking and stats in the new Post Match Detail view. Discover how a player’s performance compared to his team-mates during the match, or prepare a tribute to your player by analysing the statistics of your own career.

In FIFA 22 the team is not just defined by the attributes of its athletes, but also by tactical application. The team has been updated with significant changes to the brand new formation system.

Formations have now been separated into four zones, each with its own tactical advantage. Position your players into the zones to create a team-shaped strategy that suits your needs on the pitch.

The “Shoot” zone allows you to get the ball to the attackers, the “Press” zone keeps the opponents play-makers busy, the “Defend” zone protects the rest of the team, and the “Hold” zone allows you to keep possession and use your best players to gain the advantage.

Your formation plays a key role in FIFA 22 FIFA Ultimate Team. Create a formation according to your strategy and make your FUT squad the strongest in the world!

A new take on Tactic Drift, or the ability to continue to modify your formation during a game, allows you to adjust your strategy instantly on the pitch. Create new formations, or switch between them on the fly.

During a game, you can control up to 22 players, including your goalkeeper.

The new Attacking Intelligence system helps ensure that the players are ready to attack the ball, and helps you pick the right key passes at the right moment.

Tactical Awareness allows you to read the game better, analyse your opponent




Features Key:

  • Power Your Team
  • Focus on Create The best squad of 99 realistic footballers complete with each individual’s unique attributes. Create your team from over 35,000 possible player and formation combinations and select from more than 200 real-world teams. The game gives you even more customization options than in its predecessor, allowing you to adapt your squad by refining every aspect of your team’s playing style.
  • Master the Beautiful Game
  • FIFA 22 delivers more realistic player controls to accelerate the pace of the ball, immerse yourself in the game’s Total Football experience with more responsive defending, and master possession play by using every passing option.   
  • FIFA Experience The Feel of Beautiful Soccer
  • Create the Perfect Pitch
  • Discover entirely new levels of detail in gameplay with all-new shaders and lighting effects. Collision physics keep your athletes grounded on the pitch, while brand new transitions and animations deliver realistic interactions at all times. The new Frostbite engine brings out the true beauty of the game world with dynamic player shadows, more detailed stadiums, and enhanced stadium fans.


Fifa 22 Crack Free Latest

EA SPORTS FIFA is a FIFA game that allows people to play football to win.

Play Single Player Online

Compete against your friends in a season of matches, leagues and tournaments and reach the top of the global leaderboard.

Live Online with Friends

Get matches from your friends and other players around the world. You can play matches against them, invite them to your own matches, and give them rewards.

Play against your real-life friends

Make your friends come to FIFA to face off against you in real life.

Create and share Moments

Create more than 200 custom-made Moments in FIFA. Watch your friends attempt to complete challenges, play all-new single-player Events or create a new Moment yourself.

Download FIFA Content

Get updates for FIFA using one of the game’s social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat or Reddit.

Whether you’re on the pitch, in the dugout or on the sidelines, FIFA brings the emotion of real football to your gaming experience.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Build your own dream team and compete in single and multiplayer Ultimate Team games. Create a squad of up to 350 players, and compete against your friends and online players.

Watch live matches

Watch live matches that people are playing, or create your own and play with your friends.

Play the best games on the planet

Browse a collection of over 2,000 officially licensed official team kits, authentic football equipment and more.

Discover, connect and share

Check out the exciting array of clubs, players, stadiums, jerseys, kits, equipment and players. Search the latest news, videos and photos in FIFA Ultimate Team.

A deeper, more intelligent coach

The coach is a more intelligent, interactive tool in the game that will provide you with tactical advice to improve your team’s tactics, tactics and setups, and more. There will be more situational tools that you can utilise during matches to inspire momentum and get your team playing more comfortably. And there will be even more ways to manage and improve your FIFA Ultimate Team.

All-new FIFA Cup Seasons

In addition to the Professional mode, Fifa 22 Crack For Windows introduces the new Club Pro Seasons which allow you to compete in a series of matches with the top national teams in the world. The


Fifa 22 Crack + Download X64 (2022)

Put together the most talented squad of the legends of football in FIFA Ultimate Team. Claim genuine football memorabilia including unique player faces, premium player gear, and other unique in-game rewards.

World of Football – FIFA World Cup 2016
Ride the wave of the biggest sporting event of the year and experience all the action from the opening ceremony right down to the final. From the Opening Match to the Fifa World Cup Final, take part in the excitement and play your way through the match days.

Experience the action on television the way it happens. Run full screen between matches, and watch replays and other content using FIFA Headstream. Watch live football on the go with and

What’s it like to play football? Using the perspective of the ball, experience the journey of one of the world’s most famous players, Lionel Messi. Unlock weekly challenges and compete in challenges to earn FIFA points and climb the leaderboard.

Get Ready to Rumble with Arena –
Face-off in the stadium as you fight for championship glory in FIFA Ultimate Team. Challenge your friends online and compete for online leaderboard glory.

Become part of the action by selecting your favourite players, kits and manager badges to become the ultimate team.

In the new Team of the Year feature, your club’s greatest players are remembered for their magic, skills and style for a truly unique career experience.

New for FIFA Ultimate Team, the online FIFA leagues now include Europa League and UEFA Champions League.

New for FIFA Ultimate Team is the new online league system for FIFA Ultimate Team. Experience the unique dimensions of online leagues with one of three modes: fantasy, all-out attacking or balanced. The modes also include the ability to play on a per-match basis or on a per-week basis.

The new online leagues offer the ability to play on a per-match basis, which introduces a new way to play, where you can focus more on just the action, less on waiting for your opponent to attack.

Also new for FIFA Ultimate Team is the ability to play on a per-week basis, which increases the speed and frenetic pace of play. The new way to play, with dynamic matches, makes for a more dynamic and social


What’s new in Fifa 22:

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