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When you watch a player move around the pitch or make a cross-field pass, you will see the animation driven by the player’s actual movements captured by the suits.

Full details and a gameplay video are below.

Read our extensive FIFA 22 preview.

Dynamic Tactical AI Progression:

As players progress through the seasons in their careers, they become more skilled and players around them improve – even though they’re in the same position. This system is used to give players more opportunities to play and improve their skills if they provide the core ingredients needed for a successful team.


The player roles on each team determine the specific skills that they use on the pitch and how they can be built up, as well as defensive and offensive abilities. It also changes how they build their formations and with whom they play on the pitch.


The formations in the game are split into 4 key categories: the 6-3-0, the 4-2-3-1, the 4-3-3 and the 4-4-2. Additionally, there is the 4-3-3-1, which allows for multiple passing lanes between the lines and the 4-4-2 diamond, which creates a fluid system of two strikers.

Starting XI:

The starting XI will feature the best players for each team. You will be able to choose from any of the 4 base options in your starting XI depending on your preferred style of play.


The overall user interface in FIFA 22 is very beautiful and functional. As more and more of the game’s new features are released you will see them gradually improve and enhance the experience.


There are increased online options including FB and Squad Battles. Those are both revamped, with Squad Battles allowing for more tactical options in the game, and we will preview the new Squad Battle mode extensively in the upcoming weeks.

Full Feature Video:

Below is a quick look at the new features in the game.

““FIFA is one of the key games that show how we can deliver on the promise of new technology in football.”

— Maxis Digital GM Oli O’Neill

The following features were announced at the briefing at the EA SPORTS™ World Football Festival:

FUT Draft:

Through FUT Draft, in


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Breaking new ground: hyper-realistic, hyper-detailed visuals, a new 3D engine and all-new physics model;
  • FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is free-to-play – you can play free with your friends and earn coins to spend on earning better players, kits and building your very own dream team;
  • Play your way – build your dream team from one of the two talent trees – Attack or Defence;
  • Dominate stadiums around the world – play with realistic in-game lighting and weather effects;
  • Off-screen gameplay – new to FIFA 22, pitch-side gameplay offers a new viewing angle, and more on-pitch interactivity;
  • Zones – find your teammates and advantage in the space as new zones for improved gameplay and tactics;
  • Expanded motion capture – over 320 new animations are captured in the 22 players using the game’s newly developed, more immersive motion capture suits.


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FIFA is the world’s leading videogame franchise and the most successful sports franchise of all time. It has sold over 380 million copies worldwide and is the best-selling sports videogame of all time. Players step onto the pitch as a football (soccer) player and compete in a number of championships and career modes, making choices throughout the game. The FIFA series also includes several non-championship modes, as well as a range of other features, including online and social media, broadcast features, as well as a range of official club kits for the featured leagues.

What’s new in FIFA 22?

The FIFA series continues to innovate in every facet of gameplay to elevate the experience. The greatest innovations of the FIFA franchise from the last generation have been combined with this year’s edition’s major evolution.

FIFA 22 introduces an all-new Frostbite engine for the most realistic graphics to date, including brand new player models, backgrounds and stadiums. More than 25 million players will experience fresh, exciting and authentic matches with this unique combination of speed and depth. The game will also feature the new Ignite Engine for players to manipulate the ball with realistic intelligence, physicality and skill using the very best motion capture system available in the industry.

And with FIFA 22, EA SPORTS also brings innovation to gameplay and non-game modes through the shift to a new, improved Action Management system.

The result is an all-new pre-match experience that takes the action and emotion of the real world to match the action in-game.

New FIFA Ultimate Team creation tools

FIFA Ultimate Team is the main focus in FIFA 22. In FIFA Ultimate Team, players are able to create their own squads by collecting individual players and completing challenges. As players progress in Ultimate Team, they will be rewarded with powerful new attributes and key players, helping them to build the ultimate team.

New goalkeeper models in 3D visuals

The FIFA series will feature new goalkeeper models in 3D visuals, as well as animations and improvements to goalkeeper attributes. These improvements will be introduced to the Real Player Motion Capture system, allowing goalkeepers to move faster in addition to aiming and saving better than ever before.

The goalkeeping mechanics in FIFA now improve decision-making and interactions with the ball, which will increase the overall realism of the in-game action and the pressure on the goalkeeper.

Timing will also be a


Fifa 22

Player progression is now more intuitive and rewarding. The new Dynamic Training and improved Changing Room systems allow you to focus your training sessions on the areas where you want to improve as a player.

Training Sessions – Shift your focus from improvements as a player to your more round-based goals. This includes improving your set pieces and dribbling, gaining success in the opposition box, and using your runs to increase penetration.

Improved Changing Room – Dynamic camera angles provide a more immersive experience and allow you to focus on delivering the perfect goal.

Completing Tasks – Replacing the Fatigue system with Task Completion provides a more satisfying outcome. Completing tasks such as clearing an area, collecting a set piece, and shooting within a set time delivers a much more rewarding experience.

Capturing Moments – Increasing the number of cameras, adding advanced AI controls, and providing unique, limited-time players and kits, Moments will allow you to capture and share your favorite moments from The Journey.

Career Mode
Dynamic Tactics – FIFA’s most authentic and realistic brand of football captures the addictive nature of the game and where the game is heading. In addition to featuring the best players in the world, players will also exhibit more erratic behaviour, making your job as a manager all the more challenging.

Post-Match Analysis – Go behind the scenes with players and teams post-match to learn their exact thoughts after a match-winning performance or a tetchy loss. The new Scoreboard and Activity Feed puts the spotlight on players and team accomplishments, and rewards you with personalised post-match messages and Live Player Data, which tells you how you performed when managing your side.

AI Improvements – Our Game AI will now react to circumstances and challenges in ways you’ve never seen before – running out of time during a game for a new tactic or changing key players will trigger a dramatic reaction.

Customise Your Kit – Create your very own personalised jersey to be worn on the pitch.

New Strikers
Exclusive to FIFA Ultimate Team is a collection of 25 international stars who are each one-of-a-kind, and can only be obtained by completing FUT packs. This includes an improved fighting system that now uses a fatigue level that impacts the player when you overuse them, such as keeping them out of position or limiting them to fouls. Like other FIFA titles, Ultimate Team allows you to play as stars not currently in the game by acquiring FIFA Coins that you


What’s new:

  • Improved Player Traits & Physique System: Using real-world data and goal-hungry squad categories, run-specific Player Traits and Player Physiques have been tuned to create an even bigger impact on gameplay.
  • Bigger Impact Ball Physics & Dribbling: The ball feels more responsive with new physics to improve touch passing and dribbling. Moves more around the midfielders & defenders when hit.
  • Lack of GK Diving: Lowered the risk of instant free kicks.
  • AI Integrity: Keeps winning tackles to retain a clean image.
  • Look Up: Getting aerial clearances has become easier.
  • Increased Offensive Power & Buzzwords: Players with more technical skills have more enhanced gameplay. Players with more technical skills have higher speed, dribble, and better acceleration.
  • Player Running: Runners have an increased ballistic speed, acceleration, and flexibility.
  • 10 new Player Faces & 55 Player Shapes: Train again your favourite player’s style and signature. In addition, the durability of the body model has been improved. This will add more life to your player’s bleeding, bruising and other cuts and grazes.
  • New High-Quality Animated Crowds: Play in front of massive crowds in your stadium. The new artificial intelligence (AI) crowds give an emotional response throughout the match.
  • Thrills with the New “AI Enhanced Gameplay” System: Run up as many opponents trying to score and watch the whole goal unfold before you. Create goals by crossing balls into your opponent’s box, intercepting a cross, or making an attacker score with a direct pass. Defend the goal by blocking shots and try to score with counterattacks.
  • The Anisotropic Filtering Mode has been improved with less aliasing and is more efficient. The visuals have now been improved further with more detail levels.


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World-renowned video game brand FIFA puts the ball in the player’s hands to live out the most immersive sports experience.

Realistic Gameplay

EA SPORTS FIFA 22 features fundamentally-advanced gameplay, including 4K Ultra HD graphics, up to 5K resolution, and the ball physics engine, which delivers the most realistic passing, shooting and dribbling, while transitioning away from the template of pivoting that has been a cornerstone of previous versions of the game.

Global Approach

The experience of World Cup is available in every country, adding even greater authenticity to every mode.

Intelligent Crowd Systems

FIFA 22 adds intelligent crowd systems in the Ultimate Team Team of the World mode and in online tournaments.

Selected Broadcast Surfaces

Coverage of the FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil comes to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with broadcast-quality graphics and high-quality player models that bring the world’s sporting greats to life.

New Story Mode, New Features and Improvements

FIFA World Cup™ Edition is available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

New Story Mode

Get ready for the ultimate soccer experience, with FIFA World Cup Edition’s new story mode, where you’ll take control of a country’s national team and play on the biggest stage, all while experiencing the most authentic FIFA gameplay to date.

In Story Mode, you’ll play on select stadiums in 6 teams – the United States, France, England, Germany, Argentina and Brazil. A new experience, fans will encounter other nationalities while watching matches in Brazil, with many English fans also attending matches. Every match is made up of three stages: warm-up, the match and the aftermatch, all in true FIFA style. You’ll navigate the stadiums by foot and you’ll also be able to play “soccer in real life” by using the new React-Cam feature, where you can capture your favorite movements and actions in the game.

Additional New Features

In Ultimate Team Champions mode, you’ll play with an all-star collection of FIFA Champions, including Pele, George Best and Franz Beckenbauer. The FIFA World Cup Edition also includes all the FIFA Champions that have been announced so far for 2018.

Designed around the World Cup, Ultimate Team Career Mode includes new downloadable content packs released for the FIFA World Cup.

New authentic All-Star Mode

In All-


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