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By capturing the movements and moments that define the football world, EA SPORTS looks to improve the intensity and speed of the gameplay in FIFA 22 for players around the world. Picking up where FIFA 19 left off, the camera view is now front-on and zooming into the action, further immersing players in the game.

“We’re excited about the way FIFA 22 will take the fun, intuitive control that we know players love and translate them for a new generation of players with enhanced, realistic on-pitch action,” said Dave Rutter, Head of Gameplay Design. “By capturing the movement of footballers, FIFA 22 for the first time enables players to experience the beauty of football and all the movement that makes it so exciting.

“Players will feel the exhilaration of being closer to the ball and you will notice the intensity and greater skill level of those around you, as the gameplay increases its level of simulation and challenge. Improved camera angles, player rotation and reaction allow players to make more advanced passes and dink and flop kicks. Players will be able to get the ball into the back of the net in more realistic ways and be challenged for control of the ball as they close down opponents.”

With EA SPORTS FIFA 22, players can experience the free, fun and intuitive control that they know and love, as well as the depth of innovation that has been a hallmark of the FIFA franchise for over two decades. Players will now be able to experience the game at its absolute highest level and master a variety of AI advances and new skills.

A brand new ‘double step’ mechanic has been added. It puts players in the position to produce technical skills, and tackle opponents. ‘Double Step’ is a semi-instinctive ability that enables the player to use the ball as a springboard and propel themselves in the air, making a higher leap than normal. During a double step, players can also avoid being tackled by taking a double step up and down, and players can push off the ball. This type of skill can result in tackle opportunities as the opponent struggles to deal with the player sprinting away.

To enhance real-world accuracy, players will use their pinky to determine a free kick. They can physically press on the ball and move the imaginary guide on top of the ball to create a free kick. The guide on the ball is in line with the ball’s trajectory and colour – thus guiding


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Real-world motion capture technology imitates the physical movement of a sports player to capture and animate more than 3,000 physical attributes, such as jumping, bending, turning, colliding and sprinting
  • 22 real-world players who dominate the technical and athletic definition of “ideal” football play in the game
  • FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology,” which creates more realistic animations and natural interactions, by gathering real-world motion data from competitions, training, and matches. Thanks to the advanced play mechanics and intelligent artificial intelligence, the actions of the player impact in-game physics, such as player dribbling speed, protection when challenged, and behaviour under high-pressure situations
  • Unparalleled ball physics
  • AI players react quickly to a player on the ball, no matter where they are positioned, whilst keeping their awareness of the space around them
  • A more flexible online multiplayer experience, with the ability to play up to 44 friends on the same device, or 12 friend online
  • Pro Evolution Soccer relationships
  • Third-party conversions

Other features:

  • The ability to share a legend with your friends
  • Ad hoc 4-player 1-on-1 battles
  • Improved passing and shooting graphics, and goalkeepers with more realistic reactions and recoveries
  • Player models can now cheat to foul the opposition
  • A very broad variety of kits, including away kits
  • A variety of stadiums
  • The Pro Clubs mode, in which players can unlock new abilities and unlock the greatest icons within their league
  • Power wins, new gameplay mechanics, like Obafreak, Pascal, and Z-Pass
  • A user-friendly game mode, Fan Park where you can get your hands on all the trappings to create your own goal


Fifa 22 [Updated] 2022

FIFA is the video game that truly lets you experience the emotion and intensity of the beautiful game.

FIFA Ultimate Team brings the authenticity of the sport to your living room.

FIFA Career Mode has you take charge of the development of your players.

With stunning graphics and physics, FIFA is a true sport adventure.

A complete game of soccer, FIFA video game delivers football as it’s never been played before.

Does FUT pack the real-life game?

Listen to the voices of the real experts. They will help you unlock all the secrets to FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA Game Modes


Create the perfect team, dominate your opponents and improve your players in real-time.

Test your skills in single-player and compete against the world’s best in 10 single-player tournament modes or one of a variety of leagues and cup tournaments.

Unlock new stadiums, uniforms, and kits.

Online Competition

Compete with other players online in Pro Clubs in 8-on-8 and 16-on-16 matches.

Play in live 8-on-8 matches to earn rewards and prestige.

Cup Tournaments

Meet players and participate in live 8-on-8 matchups with them. Win your matches and tournament cups to earn rewards and prestige.

Dominate your opponents with tactics and set-ups to your advantage in a variety of online team match-ups.

Play as a FUT Manager

When you play as a manager, you will be able to build and manage squads of soccer stars. With a wide array of brand new, free, and enhanced player acquisition tools.


Play in live 8-on-8 matches to earn rewards and prestige.

Control your club for as many games as you like, and decide your tactics and strategies as you play

Dominate your opponents in Test Matches and win cups to earn rewards and prestige.

FUT Champions

Experience the thrill of the UEFA Champions League™ for the first time in FIFA. Join one of eight top-tier clubs and compete for glory.

Compete against the best players in the world in eight-on-eight tournaments at the highest level of FUT Champions.

In FUT Champions, every match matters.

FIFA Superstar Series



Fifa 22 (Final 2022)

The all-new Ultimate Team mode brings a variety of new ways to construct your team. Create and manage your own collection of over 3,000 playable players, pick your formation, manage your bench, and get goal-hungry with new FUT Draft Packs which come with unique virtual cards and a randomized pre-match squad. Change the course of the game in-match with new FUT Moments and the all-new Ultimate Team Leaderboards.

Matchday –
Whether you are facing off against the other teams from your club’s league or cup matches or other clubs around the world, aim to find the perfect formation and team for each game in The Journey mode. Select your best formation for the upcoming match from the continuously updated squad, then set the difficulty in a tactical camera view and jump straight into the action.

Quick Play –
Jump into a full-fledged competitive match in 1-on-1, 2-on-2, or 3-on-3 contests. Choose to compete in a variety of game types including Best of Friends, Pre-Season Friendly, Exhibition, Challenge, and eXTRA MATCH. Invite your friends and compete against their highscores.

Modes –
Begin your career with a test drive on the inaugural FIFA Ultimate Team –
Career mode, designed from the ground up for the FIFA game.

FIFA League mode features season-long competition for a club or country, including playoffs in the case of a league.

FIFA League mode features League Cup competition and playoffs.

FIFA World League comprises an annual competition with teams from all over the world and an annual championship.

Select clubs and countries are now distributed throughout the leagues for more playable options.

FIFA 20 Mode

– Experience full 3D gameplay and cutting edge visuals
– Customize your game experience with new features and new content
– The tools to create and save your Ultimate Team
– Improve your techniques, play the ball around the goal, and create your own world-class skills
– Select from over 700 player moves
– Upgrade to unlock more stadiums, players, and gear
– Be the best and show the world what you’re made of in special Game Modes
– Engage in more intense matches with the new FUT Draft mode
– Compete in FUT Challenges
– Take on FIFA Ultimate Team with new moments and leaderboards



What’s new in Fifa 22:

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