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How to echo into a file without overwriting the file?

Is it possible to echo a string into a file without overwriting it (i.e., it shouldn’t be overwritten by the prior text)?


if (( $count_files > 0 ))
# write entire line to stream
# offset starts at 0, so use print stream variable
$fp = fopen($file, ‘w’);
fwrite($fp, $line);
# remove file


just give a close file()
$file = fopen($name,’a’) or die(“Could not open file”);
$data = ‘This is test data’;
fwrite($file, $data);
echo ‘test completed’;


As has been commented, everything else is wrong.
The problem with what you are trying to do is that files are
read-only. This means you cannot just pass a string to them,
because you cannot write a string. There is no way to emit a
string to a file that does not re-write the file.
Your best bet is to do this outside of the file system. You

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Javascript progressBar not updating in Internet Explorer 8

I am using a progress bar in my.aspx page. It’s working fine in FireFox and Chrome, but in Internet Explorer 8 it only shows the progress value and nothing else.
I have tried setting the progress bar control’s visible property to true in script manager as well as setting the style of the progress bar to hidden, and changing it from “none” to “inherit”, but nothing seems to work.
My code for the progress bar is here –

I would appreciate any help. Thanks!


Do you have Javascript errors in IE8?
In my case it was the jQuery that caused it:
Error: $.Callbacks.invoke error: is not a function in


i also had this problem. i solved it by forcing script mngmt to add exeption code to stop script errors, see

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image caption Police said there were “strong indications” the victim was not the intended target

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