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ProModeler is a useful and performant application designed to help you create professional and sophisticated 3D models and logos.
With its Object Style technology you can set up the entire look of a model. All shape, profile, materials and map settings are stored in an Object Style and that you can apply that style to 50 other models with a single click.
All those who are beginners when it comes to 3D will be able to manipulate ProModeler with great ease.
If you are experienced in 3D, modeling will suddenly become the fastest part of the process instead of the slowest.







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– Professional and powerful 3D modeling application
– Add, edit, delete, modify and map geometry and texture
– Advanced pose mode to control the model with your own hands
– 3D room correction
– Edit geometry and recalculate all views
– OptiX Solve
– Fluid multiview animation
– Perspective and orthogonal mode
– Mapping for materials
– Automatically create material maps
– Deformation for mesh and point
– 3D printing
– Interactive MDI
ProModeler lite Features:
– Displays only the geometry of the selected model
– Supports the latest OpenGL version for better performance
– Set up an Object Style to store the model settings in 1 click
– MiniVMTM Viewport Multi Transforms (3D Cursor)
– OrthoMode for synchronized viewport scaling when using rotations
– FlipFront/FlipBack to flip the model to the front/back
– Impose to add and modify the whole model by hand
– Reverse face direction for posed views
– FlipYto flip the model to the y axis
– Set/clear your viewport without effecting other views
– Pinch-to-zoom
– AutoPoseX click and drag the model to set its pose
– Snap function to anchor the model when you move the mouse
– Last used object panel to quickly switch between objects
– Autoclose object panel if not in use
– Move, rotate and copy rotation axes with Shift+Alt keys
– Freeze rotate, constrain, scale and offset
– Copy and paste rotation axes from source model to target model
– Tolerance to set pose deviations
– Hint modes to help you with Pose Mode
– Mirroring to move a model in place
– Resize, fit and crop
– FlipYto flip the model on axis Z
– Crop to selected object
– FlipHto flip the model in panorama
– GrabZto set the model to grab Z axis from the selected object
– GrabYto set the model to grab Y axis from the selected object
– Hint mode to help you when using GrabZ/GrabY
– Snap function to attach the model to the selected object
– FlipFront/FlipBack to adjust the viewport scale
– Snap function to attach the model to the selected object
– Freeze rotate, constrain, scale and offset
– Last used object panel to quickly switch between

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– 3D model data exchange (Unity, Blender, Maya,3dsMax, Sketchup, C4D, POVRay, Daz Studio)
– 3D model scene graph
– Mesh, Texture and Stream mapping
– Spline based mesh tools
– Curve tools
– Interactive control of the tools, mesh and shape
– Simple model editing tools
– Automatic 3D model filling and UV mapping
– Object style tools
– Shape functionality
– Flip function
– Edit/copy function
– Error function
– Rotate function
– Move function
– Perspective tool
– Scale function
– Show/hide bounds/alpha mask function
– Shift/Mirror and Translate function
– Edit/Copy/Paste function
– Import/Export function
– Save function
– Synchronized function between model and lua scripts
– Lua Scripting
– Object style management
– Shader editing
– Paths creation
– UV editing
– Simple shape and shape creation
– Surface editing
– Mesh re-meshing
– Group/Subgroup operations
– Fast duplications
– Speed up your workflow
– Import/Export and copy/paste function between models
– OpenGL editing
– Animation tools
– Object styling
– Group operations
– Copy/Paste/Rename function
– Log function
– Resource file tool
– Isometric projection
– Orthographic projection
– Perspective projection
– Curves management
– Transparent/Curved surface
– Materials editing
– Object managers
– Shading and lighting tools
– Triangle/Pair/Polygon based mesh editing
– Cross section editing
– Vectorized edit
– Water in version
– Particles effects in version
– Live render in version
– Screenshot tools
– Cache effects in version
– Light/Sun/HDRI/BSDF simulation tools
– Help file
– Support file
– Version upgrade

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Easily import CAD and other formats
Object Style technology allows you to store the whole look of a model and later apply it to 50 other models in one click
Export as FBX, OBJ, C4D, C4L, PDF, JPEG and PNG
Export animation as animated GIF, AVI, MOV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and WMV
Export 3D geometry as STL, PLY, X3D
Extract individual parts of objects and geometry
Share and collaborate with others in your team
Optional 3D Tools:
Autodesk AviSynth
Autodesk VRay Pro
Autodesk Smoke 2.0
Autodesk Fusion 360
4 Decal Placement Tools
Create an editable reference plane
Create a brush with the most popular brushes for the most popular design programs
Create brushes from 2D images
Create a variety of brushes for various purposes
More than 50 preconfigured brushes for Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Inkscape and Photoshop
Move, scale and rotate brushes
Copy, reset and set up multiple brushes
More than 30 predefined object styles
Create custom object styles
Calculate and store the radius and center of particles
Create sample textures in a variety of formats
More than 30 palette presets
Export a palette in PLY or XML files
Create a palette from a file in PLY or XML format
Export an unlimited number of palettes in PLY or XML
Export a palette to OBJ, PLY, XML, XML2, PLY4, PLY5, PLY7, PLY8, PLY10 and XML files
Export a palette to C4D and 3DS files
Create and save your own palettes from RGB images
Create a palette from a file in C4D and 3DS formats
Invert color to black and white
Create a palette from a file in C4L format
Create a palette from a file in OBJ, PLY and XML format
Transfer texture properties from one object to another
Create a palette from a file in X3D format
Create a palette from a file in WebGL format
Create a palette from a file in OBJ format
Create a palette from a file in PLY format
Create a palette from a file in XML format


ProModeler is a useful and performant application designed to help you create professional and sophisticated 3D models and logos.

What’s New In ProModeler?

[4] View the history of every change you make to the model. There is no such thing as an unsaved model in ProModeler because you can simply undo every change that you have made. If you want to create a new model instead, simply load one of your objects and save it as a new project.
[4] Once loaded you can switch to Edit mode. Here you will edit each shape individually, giving you complete control over how the shape is rendered as well as how that shape will be replaced when you delete it.
[4] ProModeler keeps all the relevant information about your project in the history so that you can easily return to a previous version of your model if necessary. You can save your project, which is always a new model.
[4] You can also open the properties dialog box of any object. You can now see a table which lists all the settings of this object.
[4] You can easily edit the properties of all the shapes and fonts that make up the model. Some properties don’t appear to be editable, but by right-clicking the object in the project, you can unlock it and allow you to edit its properties.
[4] ProModeler also gives you the option to change the color of the objects in your model by selecting a different color for each one.
[4] All the dimensions of objects in the model are listed in the properties window and you can easily edit and update them.
[4] You can insert and delete shapes in the model via the objects menu.
[4] In most professional applications, the same object is always edited in a similar way. ProModeler stands out from the crowd by supporting many different methods for editing objects.
[4] With ProModeler you can rotate any selected shape or triangle on the model using the Rotate tool.
[4] You can easily scale shapes using the Scaling tool.
[4] You can easily trim shapes using the Trim tool.
[4] You can use the Move tool to move the selected shape wherever you want on the model.
[4] You can also align and resize objects with the Align tool.
[4] You can apply a Subdivide tool to any selected shape or triangle on the model.
[4] You can also shade a shape with the Shading tool.
[4] You can rotate any shape on the model using the Rotate tool.
[4] You

System Requirements:

Windows 7 64bit or later
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or higher
RAM: 2 GB (4 GB for high-speed)
HDD: 50 GB (70 GB for high-speed)
Display: 1280 x 800 screen
5.0 GB Internet Connection
Pre-Install of game data required
Screen Resolution: 1280 x 800
Built-in Graphic Card:
NVIDIA® Geforce 9500 GT or better recommended
AMD® Radeon HD 5750 or better

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