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Features Key:

  • Player character development.
  • Character customization and development.
  • Accomplish heroic feats.
  • Challenges abound.
  • Worldwide battles.
  • Managing the growth of your online group.
  • An epic story with multiple characters.
  • Social link with other players.
  • In-depth architecture containing three-dimensional rooms.
  • Dynamic and numerous equipment.
  • Fantasy, action, and role-playing elements.
  • Enthralling visuals.
  • Rising and falling story threads.
  • Epic dragon & demon battles.
  • A multitude of diverse content.
  • Make sure you get the Dawnguard expansion, too. Dawnguard offers one of the best quality-of-life improvements for the game, including the Starter Pack option, locations to store your pet and armor, and other expansions. Reading the Vanguard expansion details on our site is also recommended, since it offers a great benefit to your entire party.

    We’re pretty impressed with the quality of several reviews we found. Here’s just a partial sampling of what a variety of outlets said: 

    • Goodthink – “After playing a few rounds and seeing all of the customization options, you can see how much they thought about players. Cosmetic items are plentiful. Skills are deep and fun to use. Story and campaign playlists do an excellent job of getting you into the game.”
    • The New York Times – “The result of this effort is a large, dynamic world that is made up of pieces that do not mesh, but instead overlap in various ways.”

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      Elden Ring With Keygen PC/Windows

      1. Character Customization


      Deckard – Strength/Endurance/Dodge; Muscles/War/Heavy Armor; Faster Reflection/Paralysis/Pain Immunity; 2% Luck

      Glyde – Intelligence/Acumen/Poison Resistance; Endurance/Evasion; Skill Mastery; 1% Luck

      2. Customize Your Character

      3. Equip Weapons and Magic

      4. Acquire Skills

      9. Be a Lord

      5. Action!


      Play in an Epic Fantasy World

      Pick a class, and set out to deal justice to evil with your sword or magic, and save the world.

      A Dynamic Battle System that Offers Intense Actions

      When a monster attacks, as you swiftly skillfully block with your shield, unleash a variety of flashy techniques to push back the monster and strike them!

      Online Multiplayer, where you can directly connect to other players and travel together!

      You can play alone or alongside your friends and achieve a memorable experience.

      A Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects You to Others

      In addition to multiplayer, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together, the game supports an asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others.

      The World of the Lands Between is A Land of Playfulness

      A vast world that, following your own whims, will let you enjoy more and more the excitement of your gameplay experience.

      A Mythological Drama

      A layered story, where the various thoughts of the characters intertwine in a way that only a fantasy world can offer.

      What’s more, we wanted to offer an experience that would be fun and exciting even for a player unfamiliar with the game. So in addition to the game story, we are planning on providing a large-scale, non-linear, interactive encyclopedia map with information.


      1. Character Customization

      2. Equip Weapons and Magic

      3. Acquire Skills

      4. Be a Lord

      5. Action!

      Reveal your Card, and feel the excitement of a character that is an artistic aspiration.

      The adventure of the Elden Ring begins with a simple, but charming character that bears a heavy burden— Deckard.

      The former king, Thalia, was unfaithful to her husband, Luke,


      What’s new:

      Classic Meets Next-Gen Quality Graphics
      Amidst the vast world and epic drama, award-winning art studio Grasshopper introduces new visuals to the fantasy RPG.
      First-of-its-kind attributes such as fuzzy text and sparkling particle effects in the world reveal the unmatched quality and scale of the production.

      RPG Mechanics
      The fantasy RPG genre pushes the boundaries of innovation by utilizing a new system that can involve a lot of abstract actions. The game aims to bring the player closer to the emotions of the story via in-depth mechanics, smooth controls, and a variety of options.

      More Than An RPG
      Experience the fantasy RPG as never before. Behold the first visual novel in the series.

      Mythos System
      Myths are a collection of central figures who have a god-like fate and destiny.
      First introduced in the first story of the Myth series, you are now able to take control of mythological characters, draw upon your psychic power, and have a life unlike anything ever seen in an RPG.

      Explore the World of Elden
      Walk freely and take in new sights. The fantasy RPG that takes you to a scale never seen before is just around the corner.



      9/30/2018 4:26:15 AM

      *Please note that your device will not be able to recognize the Voice of Android release if you do not use Google account to download this release. We apologize for the inconvenience it could cause.   We do our best to make the game available to all players.

      Vocal Test


      Free Download Elden Ring Crack +

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    Some Screenshots From The Game:

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    In this situation, there is no one who can stand up and slam down the scales of chaos in this world alone, but in this world, there is also the one who has graced with the power of God the Empire that is raised up from the land between itself and spread through the most holy lands of another country.
    And the powerful god’s belief guiding you to ascend to the peak of the Elden Ring and become an Emperor.


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Supported video cards (for download game):
    - 1024x768
    Supported OS:
    - Win7/8/10/XP
    What's included in the download:
    - Source files and models
    - Skins:
    - BGM
    - Blur
    - Ground
    - Prism
    - Grid
    - Climbing
    - Greenery
    - Rock
    - Forest


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