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Easter is a small, sweet and easy to play world game. You can stroll around with a walking animation, You’ll experience
beautiful views and learn the rules of movement. When you’ve encountered some obstacles, you’ll try to move around them.
Your fate is determined by the length of your walk, and you have to find the way to your goal. When you’ve reached it, you’ll
be pleasantly surprised by a secret reward, you can look at all the secrets of this game at


Download Easter! now, this is a small world in which you can stroll. An unusual adventure awaits you in this small, wonderful world. In this game you can
Explore the open world
relax and enjoy the gameplay
Feel yourself an explorer
About The Game Easter!:
Easter is a small, sweet and easy to play world game. You can stroll around with a walking animation, You’ll experience
beautiful views and learn the rules of movement. When you’ve encountered some obstacles, you’ll try to move around them.
Your fate is determined by the length of your walk, and you have to find the way to your goal. When you’ve reached it, you’ll
be pleasantly surprised by a secret reward, you can look at all the secrets of this game at

Easter – Introduction to GAMEZONE!


Do you want to know more about Easter?

Simply click on the link below:

Javascript, Semantic Autocomplete

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First of all, you


Features Key:

  • Hero: Get all the unique heroes set, including the common legendary heroes.
  • Map : Get a wealth of new design and gameplay experience.
  • Duel: Take on the duelist across five battlefields, each with new strategies and designs
  • Free to play: Free to play with no players in the scene

    CNHero 3: Far East


    UPDATE FEB 21, 2014:

    NEW SERVER: NRG Test server

    UPDATE FEB 16, 2014:

    ORIGINAL INFO: due to the server issues, the original server of has been replaced by our brand new server, NRG Test Server


    To allow for better communication, CNHero 3 currently features text and voice chat. Players may also play with computer-controlled teammates.



    • Hero: Best squad, best equipment, best hero!
    • Map: Customize your entire battlefield, depending on your style of play and preference of map 
    • Teamfight: Face your opponents in 5v5 1/2/3v3/4v4 conflict
    • Duel: Take your favorite heroes to fight in a duel match, which includes single, double, and multiple-round matches
    • Free to play: Free of charge for all players


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      In a post-apocalyptic near future, a worldwide communications blackout has made the entire world a frozen wasteland. This new reality is a testing ground for new technologies, creating a unique opportunity for a group of desperate criminals to utilize extreme violence and unlicensed weapons to end the world as we know it. Players will play as one of 5 characters. Each one brings unique abilities with them. They will battle it out within the experimental recreation of New York City, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Moscow, and Paris. Each one will be armed with different weapon types and unique fighting styles. Their target, the fictional Scarlet Devil organization, is suspected of orchestrating this massive blackout.
      Superhot VR is built from the ground up for VR and blends a uniquely smooth gameplay experience with high-end VR visuals. This VR shooter is the first title from a new independent studio called SUPERHOT TEAM and was developed by a small team of enthusiastic game developers.
      “This is a virtual theatre piece. It is not a simulator, so don’t expect a replica of the real thing. It is a dance of bullets and objects, bullets smashing through glass and doors, explosions and sudden events that are both unexpected and intense. And yet, due to the precise smoothness of the play, it is also graceful. Superhot VR makes you forget what time it is and what you are doing. Forget everything, because you are taking part in a sudden act that will leave everyone’s mind in a complete state of shock.”
      “This isn’t some elaborate affair where you can appreciate a crafty story. Instead it is an assault on your senses as you watch the magnificent world crumble, inspired by the looks of horror and ecstasy on your friends’ faces as they live through it.”
      “The revolution is happening, and it’s live”
      “Superhot VR is a fantastic new kind of mixed reality game for VR. It seems familiar enough but is easy to get lost in and creates an immersive, intense emotional experience.”
      ✔ Rewire the Laws of Reality
      In SUPERHOT VR, you are the gun and the gun is you. You cannot die, you cannot be injured, and you have no body. Instead, you are a bullet–a super fast, traveling immaterial projectile


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      “The rules of EndlessZombieTower are as follows:

      The objectives of Endless Zombie Tower are to survive as long as you can against all odds, and, in your first victory, to defeat the last surviving member of the cast.

      The gameplay is similar to that of the tower defence genre, but there are two main differences: The first is that there are three phases of gameplay:

      In the first phase, the “core”, you move in to the start of the map and have to fend off zombie attacks. The zombies only move slowly and move in groups, but they can chase you for quite a while. If you take too many hits in one turn, you lose and the zombies win.

      The second phase is the “fighting”. In this phase, the zombies close in on your base. The zombies don’t spawn right at the base, and instead come in waves. There are a few different ways to deal with the zombies: You can either build towers that repel the zombies, or you can just run around and try to hit zombies while they are close enough to hit. The player who manages to defeat the last zombie first wins the game.”

      Good to see with my sleepless nights since beta ready for this.

      You should have more than 50 million games in your data the game world.

      We have quite a few “wreaking balls”…My question is whether these are as important as the “what’s behind the door” or the “where does my ball drop”.

      Where does your money go?

      90% is gone to make the real gameplay, 10% is in building and supporting this game.

      There is a bit of distance between a wbio and the actual players of the game.

      If we could get a player list up and running, I am sure the list would be a very short one.

      So if someone doesn’t know the game, if he tells he playet on the site “i played EndlessZombieTower today” or something.

      I am happy to hear that there is support from your source and the remaining 10% of the money is a good start.

      Only a few rules: The art was done by the players themselves, the rest is developed by our developers. All of the rules are already in the game, I just need to put them up on the front page.

      Never ever give in to fear.



      What’s new:

      King of Bali () is a 2008 Indo-Mongolian film set in present-day Indonesia. Balinese are depicted as cowboys, and their king, Sukarno, is depicted as an autocratic dictator who treats his subjects badly. The movie was a shot-on-video production made by the Sundanese filmmaker Teddy Soebroto and popular in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

      The boys from Serambi, sent by their families to work in Paradjanak Farm, a huge transnational plantation company, are corruptly treated with little pay. By the age of 21, the hotheaded Indian lead Kala is attracted by the charms of Rama, an outcast Balinese girl working in the canebrake, away from her family. The couple attempts to escape with Rama’s younger brother to the West, only to fail when Kala is beaten and jailed by the plantation manager and a septuagenarian king of Bali. The king pardons Kala and takes him in as an adopted son.

      The history of Bali plays into the story, and its mythology provides the backdrop for Kala’s disenchantment with the king. Kala learns the identity of Rama and that she is actually a princess who once spent time with her mortal enemy, Premanik, a god. Kala then sets out to catch the god alive, which was thought impossible. His quest led him to the septuagenarian king, who finally admits he loves his daughter (Kala) and agrees to marry him.

      Teddy Soebroto as Kala
      Agus Abdulmiz as Rama
      Wahyu Setyawan as Sukarno
      Siti Jemimah as Ketut
      Soenap Razak as Gajah
      Kadek Rai as Sugut
      Candra Sugriwa as Guntur
      Sutopo Purwo as Premanik
      Wayan Suryadharma as Vitor
      Mama Sudar as Maria
      Wien Muhammad as Gasman
      Ita Octai as Gadis
      Rasa Azwanie as Rika

      In 2006, Teddy Soebroto, an ethnic Indonesian working in Kuala Lumpur, made a short film, Pusaka Mengejar Langit (Messenger of the Stars), inspired by the film Bali-Lakme (1957). The short film was shown to a friend of Soebroto,


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      In Chimeras: Tune of Revenge, your family faces a tragic loss when your own grandmother is killed in a traffic accident on the way home from a family reunion. The family decides that the best thing to do with grandma’s ashes is to bury them, so that everyone can forget about it. Nevertheless, there is a tradition not only in the family but also in the community that you need to honor your grandmother, so her spirit needs to be released. However, when you fulfill this final obligation, a mysterious organ grinder appears, selling fortune cards and asking for just a penny. When the first victim falls prey to a mysterious beast, you rush to discover who this organ grinder is and what he wants. He claims revenge for the death of an innocent man, but what really happened on that day thirteen years ago? And who is trying to cover it up? A web of lies and deceit awaits you in this darkened city that was once so full of happiness. Uncover the truth and unmask the true villain in Chimeras: Tune of Revenge, a thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.
      Key Features:
      * The Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure genre at its best!
      * The creepy ‘90s setting brings an atmosphere and mood to the genre that is unmatched by most other titles.
      * Original and exciting visual style – the production values of this game will make it a must-buy for fans of the genre.
      * An absolutely fascinating storyline that makes you wonder what happened on that fateful day thirteen years ago.
      * Tons of amazing puzzles that keep the game interesting for a long time.
      * Puzzles that will require you to think from different angles, utilizing each and every tool at your disposal to collect clues and solve the case.
      * Plenty of items to collect in the game, but only a few of them will be useful to you in the end.
      * A replay value to the max! Time to solve all the cases, explore every corner of the city, and uncover all secrets.
      * Hidden Object scenes will be extremely easy and will hardly require you to use your brain. It is recommended, though, not to solve too many of them, as that will slow down the game significantly.
      * Many mini-games that can be solved using just the objects you find in the game.
      * Bonus chapter featuring the organ grinder’s fate

      About us

      It’s fun to dream. And amazingly easy to create those dreams into reality! You just need the right


      How To Crack:

      • First, Download Half Past Fate from:
        • Kickass
      • Then unzip the downloaded file to access the game files.
      • Copy extracted HalfPastFatex64.pkg to your iDevice and install it.
      • Now launch the game from your iDevice and enjoy the game.


      System Requirements:

      Windows PC (Pentium 4 or higher, 2GB RAM)
      Macintosh (Pentium 4 or higher, 2GB RAM)
      Linux (Pentium 4 or higher, 2GB RAM)
      Game card and joystick required for multiplayer, VGA monitor required for single player
      Game installation is simple: simply run the executable you downloaded, and it will launch the installation wizard. Windows users should have no trouble with this.
      The Mac version is a


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