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Play Enactor is a great fun tool for professionals and amateur video bloggers.
– One Project
– Multilingual
– Audio and Video Post Processing
– All Supported Mac OS X, Windows, Linux,…
– Audio and Video Recording
– Audio and Video Mixing
– Audio and Video Upload
– Change Voice
– Change looks, race, age, etc.
– Create your favorite custom animations
– Endless possibilities
We will add improvements as they become available and we will keep improving Play Enactor at our best to make it an even better tool. Improvements might be new features or better performance, or tweaks to existing features.
What’s New in Version 4.1:
– Added Script for using Google Sign-In to save the user’s Google account
– Added Script for taking screen shots for uploaded videos
– Added Script for sending emails to friendsOn-field role of injury-prevention programmes.
The most effective preventive measures to prevent injury to non-athletes have been applied to athletes, yet failure to prevent concussion has happened in many organisations. This review of prevention programmes in the sports medicine literature suggests that a return to using the same tried and tested injury-prevention programmes in football and other sports may have benefits and avoid the failure to prevent concussion. The extent to which they can be transferred to other sports is questionable. The aim of this article is to review injury-prevention programmes in football, to define them and to recommend their adoption by national football authorities or by other sports organisations. A careful review of the literature revealed a number of programmes and tools including several specific to non-sport populations, sports and population groups. There are examples of transferable measures and programme evaluation in sub-groups of sporting populations and situations. In the absence of reliable data, assessment and selection of intervention programmes for individuals can only be an educated guess. The challenge is to consider injury-prevention programmes in greater detail and to validate the effectiveness of injury-prevention programmes. As primary prevention of sport injuries in the general population has failed, the challenge is to design and assess injury-prevention programmes in specific populations or at the level of the individual. Large datasets need to be gathered from multiple sporting organisations. The injury-prevention programmes that we know about in different sporting populations should be considered and validated and then further developed and implemented in the relevant sporting populations and sports. These programmes will also need to be carefully considered and considered in the context of the specific sports situation and


Features Key:

  • High-end,next-gen game engine
  • PC with virtually any chassis type
  • The latest PC components, including the flagship new AMD Ryzen
  • Detailed, configurable features for a wide variety of custom builds
  • Cinematic & immersive visuals
  • Challenging game modes & challenges
  • Competitive communities, Discord, and official
  • Working simulation environments
  • Functional modding and huge community support

Key Game Features:

  • Enormous PC building spaces – let your imagination run wild!
  • Your PC can be built in five media types: 3D printed, plastic, metal, wood, lava…
  • 20+ unique base types – from the mundane to the exotic
  • In-game physics allow for precise motion and collision of individual parts
  • Simulate all electrical functions: power supplies, I/O, Drives, fans, Z280 to Rastar…
  • Explore five continents
  • Five game modes for core building challenges
  • Custom components
  • Unique visual effects
  • Customize your helmets
  • Many unique features


Teal Free [Win/Mac]

>In a world where the Lords rule from their castles and religion is
>bought with gold, the high elves prepare to fight a war that will
>determine the fate of the world. But some believe that strength is
>not enough. Some believe that victory cannot be won by mere force.
>The elven population is split. Some follow the might of their
>sires. Others follow the path of the Devine. The new leader of the
>elven people, the Warlord of Tolnia, Ladoria Sealwinde, will unite
>this nation and forge a new land for her people.
>As a leader of great strength and charisma, Ladoria will use her
>special gift to influence the people and sway their opinions to
>promote her vision.
>The war will be fought on the land of Tolnia, the western half of
>a continent called Altera. The elves and their human allies
>prepare to fight for their freedom, for the survival of their
>races and for the right to live in a world where they are free to
>enjoy the beauty of nature and art.
>At the beginning of the conflict, players will be controlled by
>the main character of their race; the human player will control a
>human elf and vice versa. Several characters will be able to
>control two different playable race characters and vice versa
>(when possible).
>Choose to play as any of the three playable races: the humans,
>the elves and the dwarves. Each race will have distinct strengths
>and weaknesses, as well as different customization and control
>Wrestle with destiny and decide on who will lead your people into
>the unknown. Each of the three playable races has their own
>personal goals in the war against the Devil Lords.
>Wield powerful magic as you lead your people to victory against
>the forces of darkness. The character you choose to lead the
>battle will depend on your play style and skill set. You’ll need
>to overcome obstacles and use both physical and magical abilities
>in order to protect your people and


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-Over 30 different costumes
-3 “cinematic” stages where you have to defeat monsters, collect items and find a way to attack them
-It is possible to use these three “cinematic” stages only once, and not be able to use them again
-Party character changes during these “cinematic” stages
-Over 3 dozen fight scenes in which you can change your party at any time
-Some of the fights have “squares” that you can use to attack (see the BGM and “animation” section to find out more)
-Monster “Arrow” enemies that you have to avoid.
-Over 7 in-game missions with over 5 boss battles
-Over 35 Unique and Cutscenes
-Over 6,500 Main Characters
-Over 180 Unique Enemies, including the Unique bosses
-Over 140 shops and items
-Over 80 Emotions
-Over 250 Unique Items and Weapons
-Over 60 Goddesses
-Over 35 Universe Places
-Over 200 Unique Backgrounds
-Over 12,000,000 Main Characters
-Over 25,000 Unique Enemy Characters (do the math)
-Over 7,200,000 Enemies
-Over 2,000,000 Hand Drawn Backgrounds
-Over 150,000 Flashbacks


Set Content





About This Content

The Animal Ears and Tails Set is exactly what you need to spice up your favorite Neptunia characters!The Animal Ears and Tails Set includes (for all characters): Ears: Cat, Dog, Mouse, Bunny, Fox Tails: Cat, Dog, Mouse, Bunny, Fox*Note: These costumes are purely cosmetic, but will be visible during battle and cutscenes. Mix-n-match with the Swimsuit Set or Sentai Set for fun!

Game “Super Neptunia RPG Animal Ears and Tails Set” Gameplay:



-Over 30 different costumes

-3 “cinematic” stages where you have to defeat monsters, collect items and find a way to attack them

-It is possible to use these three “cinematic” stages only once, and not be able to use them again

-Party character changes during these “cinematic�


What’s new:

Subway Midnight (February 25, 1965 – July 7, 1972) was an American Thoroughbred racehorse. Bred and raced in New York by American businessman Robert W. McCord, he was a son of Lure, a U.S. Racing Hall of Fame inductee.

In what at the time was an extraordinary string of second-place finishes, from his three-year-old campaign (1967–1968) alone, he was voted American Champion Two-Year-Old Male Horse. Along with accomplishing this, he set world records for a mile and a sixteenth, a mile and an eighth and a mile and a quarter. Subutco’s second-place finish in the 1968 Kentucky Derby was his best effort of those early years, but third-place finishes in the Preakness Stakes, Suburban Handicap, and Woodward Stakes followed, and in the latter event “he was outrun by Falsify”. At age five, Subutco’s career was cut short when he sustained a broken left front foot in the American Derby, ending his American career after three starts.

Subway Midnight never quite regained the form that made him one of the leading two-year-olds of 1967. He did race as a four-year-old, finishing second to the great Northern Dancer in the July 2, 1969, Roseben Handicap at Monmouth Park Racetrack.

Race history
He was named in honor of the 1866 book “Subway Railroads”.

He was bred to Rip Van Winkle by Eaton Chase II, the son of Eaton Chase III. He was raised near New York City by the late James C. Wofford, and was the seasonal “bronze” son of Pollinraphe, also of Wofford’s Chris the Wonder Horse. His sire was of a heavily freckled gray Friesian, high bred, and owned by the great German operatic tenor, Wilhelm Gerigk.

He ran at the Meadowlands Racetrack for the 1967 and 1968 breeding seasons. He was sold in the spring of 1968, to shareholders of the New York Metropolitan Sports Club, and raced on dirt thereafter. During 1969 and 1970 he raced at Aqueduct Race Track in Manhattan, and in the spring of 1970, at Rahway Fair Grounds in Rahway, New Jersey.

Raced as 3-5f and as a 5-


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Manifest 99 is a short and sweet story-driven VR experience set in a wonderful train station.
Manifest 99 transports you to a beautiful train station. You are part of a crew of five people who want to give this place a new and fresh look.
This game is exactly what you might expect of a VR experience made for the HTC Vive as it has a short length and plenty of interactivity. The full-body suit that is your HTC Vive suit perfectly fits both your hands and your feet. The motion controllers are also tracked by this suit, making it easier to get to the controls. When you walk around the station, you use the motion controllers to move your arms and legs, and manipulate objects in the station.
A feature that separates this experience from others is the interactivity. You can interact with many objects in the station, which include pipes, doors, windows, and small stars for you to grab and manipulate.
In this experience, you will meet many people who have their own problems, desires, and stories to tell.
Give the Steam community a chance to know you and become one of the five people in the crew.
System Requirements:
HTC Vive – HMD
Windows 7 and higher
1G – 2G RAM
20G – 25G hard disk space
Desktop VR
G-SYNC compatible display
DirectX 11
VR Headset Requirements:
HTC Vive – HMD
Windows 7 and higher
1G – 2G RAM
20G – 25G hard disk space
Desktop VR
VR Headset
Visiting this game and experiencing it for yourself, will open up new possibilities in your mind. Immerse yourself in this beautiful experience.

Conan the Barbarian VR

Developer: Virtuality

Platform: Steam

Genre: Adventure, Strategy, Action-adventure

Release: Unknown

Rating: 14+ (all ages)

Availability: NA, UK

Price: £12.79

While the world is being ravaged by vampires, a tribe of primitive men, brought to Earth after a cosmic disaster, have built a new civilization in Southern Africa. Unknown to them, the most ruthless vampire hunter in the world is on their trail…

Look, I’m not sure if this is meant to be a real version of Conan or if it’s a game I’ve just heard nothing about for months on end. Just in case the answer is yes, here’s the


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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows XP 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz or AMD Phenom X2 2.8GHz
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia 8800 GTS 640MB or ATI HD2900 256MB or equivalent
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 1GB free hard drive space
Additional Notes: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card recommended, only available in



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