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Ezaron Defense is a permadeath, tower defense/strategy game in which you play a creature called the Ezaron.
You fight through hordes of enemies on the field, protecting the castles and earning the technologies you need to build upgrades for your Ezaron. There is only one goal in the game: To protect the Ezaron from all harm.
Something went wrong, something happened, I don’t know what it was, but it’s over now.
Time is running, and there are no more towers to construct, no more defenders, so there is no more hope. The world is ending. I need to save my friends, I need to save my family, I need to save my world, there’s only one person who can save me now.
– 2 game modes. The story mode and the free play mode, each of them consisting of 5 levels. In every level, you have to protect the Ezaron from the enemies who come every time you spawn. In the free play mode, you can build as many towers as you want.
– 5 characters, each with a unique set of upgradable abilities and a different weapon.
– 26 weapons, each with its own counter and distinct playstyle.
– 5 characters in the campaign mode. The story starts at the end of the free play mode.
– 3 levels in the singleplayer campaign.
– Deep gameplay: Each level has multiple endings and you can unlock more of them depending on how you play.
– Up to 4 players can play simultaneously.
– Upgrades: Spend additional crystals on your weapon or on your character’s abilities to upgrade them, with each upgrade having a different cost.
– Replayability: Every level ends with you respawning from a crystal cell, which you can spend to unlock the following level and save your Ezaron’s life.
– Huge world: The world is huge and has lots of secrets to be discovered.
– Deep, deep storyline: The storyline is a combination of epic fan fiction and very high-concept science-fiction.
– Voice acting: each character has voiced lines, with the story being told with a narrator style.
– Audio track: Every level has a specific audio track and a specific counter that counts how many times you hear it.
– HD graphics: The zeros can be seen.
– Steamworks achievements and Steam trading cards.

About Galactic Star Empire


Wish Project Features Key:

  • Stunning cinematic and realistic 3D graphics engine with advanced lighting and effects, with a wide variety of settings
  • Up to 60FPS gameplay – no Lag!
  • Unlocks later game content via an intuitive level system
  • Dynamic driving physics
  • First person view with an interactive third person view
  • Free deathmatch and team based modes
  • In addition to multiplayer, Squadron 42 can be played online on Steam

Watch the Launch Trailer:

Key Features:

  • Single player Campaign & Dynamic modding
  • Epic environment and fine-tuned gameplay
  • Immersive Audio
  • Multiple weapon types
  • Vector graphics and highly reactive advanced Physics Engine
  • Unique Space Monsters
  • Brash and fast performance with no noticeable Lag


Wish Project Activation Code [Mac/Win] [Latest] 2022

Nuclear Dawn is an action RPG that combines RPG and FPS elements in a unique VR experience.

[How To Play]
The goal is to evolve the base, from mining the iron asteroids to building the new terminator ships.

You will use your custom designed rifle to fight the enemies and complete the missions.

You will have the ability to upgrade your base and you can even play with friends in co-op mode, building defences together.

The game features a unique blend of FPS, RPG and VR elements.

Nuclear Dawn has been specifically designed for the HTC Vive headset and the experience can be enjoyed on both desktop and mobile platforms.

[Game Features]
• Quick and intuitive gameplay that does not require much of the players time.
• Command the new terminator armor and fight in tactical first person mode.
• Can destroy the enemy immediately with the help of the special attachments or activate the explosive barrels to destroy the base from inside, from outside.
• Earn money and use it to upgrade weapons and base defences.
• Protect your base and build defences against hostile attacks.
• Complete the missions in co-op mode and earn more money and credits from completing them.
• A wide variety of weapons, perks and upgrades to choose from.

[About This Game]

Deathbird is a seamless free to play game that has a high emphasis on teamwork.

You are a member of a team of freelance superheroes. An incident has occurred on a remote planet. That planet now belongs to the people, and we need your help! The biggest threat to our planet is the Deathbird, and without your special powers, the mankind has no chance to survive. You have been assigned to one of the solar systems of your team. Every individual has only a limited amount of powers. With the help of your teammates you need to defeat the Deathbird!

• Mouse and Keyboard (PS4, Xbox, Switch)

[About Deathbird Team]

• Pixelple
Our core development team is the Pixelple. They are not only the creators of the game but also the developers of our website, software and publications. Our team is formed from a close network of video game industry veterans, passionate gamers and companies.

• Our Partners
We are thankful to the business partners who will help us to achieve our dream.

About the Game

A senior sergeant instructor and his young recruit have been


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REZBOX Gameplay Introduction Video:
Thats not all… in the jungle you will encounter many Zombies and the undead or Zombies pirates. In the cities there will be shops and places to buy weapons and armor. The crafting system will allow you to craft various items in order to build a powerful character. The main aim of this game is to have Fun and Survive the Zombie Apocalypse. The settings can be created and customized with the real time construction system. As you play the game you can collect resources, fight the enemy and use the buildings to craft new weapons and tools.
Cut Marks in the Game, Will remove them.
Pocket Dimension Games is a small team of enthusiastic developers. First game will be ” CaptMeow “. Already released screenshots are below and more to come. The project “CaptMeow” was originally an indie game that had 400+ downloads and a multiplayer server that is now defunct and has no further release in sight.
Project CaptMeow will be set in a Pirate theme, more information about the game will be posted as this goes along.

Join us on Saturday for very special Halloween Indie Sale. We have a lot of horror games discounted to scary low prices. Support the indie developer community and pick up one of these games to experience a spooky Halloween. Check out the link to buy the games below.

Steampunk Island is a first-person, top-down, adventure game set in a Lovecraftian Steampunk universe. You play as Henry, an ordinary soldier of the Empire, who is wandering around in the desert. Upon entering a cave, Henry meets Luria, a mysterious girl, who turns him into a powerful warrior, that he might help her fight against the nightmares that have been pursuing her.

In it, you take the role of a warrior who’s tasked with finding a weapon known as the “Lamia’s key” that will allow you to slay a mysterious monster known as the Lamia. Along with being a martial arts warrior, this game offers a large variety of weapons, armor, and even spells to use while fighting. As you fight your way through various levels, you’ll need to master your combat skills to avoid getting caught in the crossfire of enemies.

The game’s main feature is that you can only use your weapons and armor when you’re in mid-air, which allows you to plan your moves and even has


What’s new:

. They knew Mimir.

We attempted to bargain for their freedom, though it was
difficult to bargain for the freedom of our own kind.

But they had none of the amenities of life that we are
accustomed to. Therefore they were cajoled, bought, blackmailed
by agents of the Destructive Brotherhood and finally brought to
this place in the Small Woods. I am glad of it, for it means
that there will be some sun, some earth, some air soon.

But I might have asked you here for many things besides
that. I have been sick. I have fought with dark-filled dreams,
and with memories. I have fought with places and men who remain
shadowy, but who might have been fought with here, for the whole
world seemed to be drifting along behind a tumbling sea
of senseless violence to which I could not respond.

But now I can think of you. And with you here, I think that
I could hope.

I have watched you every day, wondering. Watching your
fingers play the tremolo as though the strings were live and
yourself a player.

And the fever of the playing was spreading from
fingertips to shoulders to the vast muscles of the arm. It was
not enough. You moved as though battling song. But the soul of
the battle was elsewhere.

I cannot express the battle in words, but I could tell
you that it was less physical than spiritual. Perhaps it
involved the whole body; perhaps it was a fiercely fought
issue of identity, of allegiance.

I know that it involved a whole world. And I
have never been the same.

It began with the library of lights. They came out in the
morning and all went out at sundown. And then one day I was
watching the sun move across the sky, and the light was no
longer bright and cheerful as it usually was, but subdued and
waiting. It crossed the black half of the sky and a mist came
and crept along the earth, swallowing me up until my body cried
out in terror for release from the light. This is what I have
called the Light

The things we must have had to live through. The things
we did not
have to have happen. All this light is not needed, not
now. We can forget the battle.


Free Download Wish Project [Latest]

YFZ450 ATV Racing is a superb all-around vehicle that comes with many exciting features. With four-wheel drive, a wide body, slick tyres and large wheels, the YFZ450 ATV is designed to be as stable and responsive off-road as it is on tarmac. But as you will find out, driving off-road is not as easy as it seems. The terrain is rough and rocky, the weather is unpredictable, and the footing is often hard to predict and change. Therefore, you need to anticipate and react to everything in order to avoid the obstacles and take advantage of opportunities. If you are looking for an off-road game with thrills, YFZ450 ATV Racing has what you are looking for!
– Two game modes: Crash Course and Campaign
– Choose your own path through the challenges to achieve victory in Crash Course
– Four different tracks on which to enjoy the off-road action
– Up to 10 exciting challenges including drift events, racing and vehicle damage
– Free roaming on-road and off-road stages
– HD graphics
– 7 different paint schemes
– Drivable different vehicles
– 22 weapons at your disposal
– Unlock bonuses, which give you added strength and speed
Also compatible with PS Vita TV Remote Play, for some exciting gameplay with PlayStation TV!
What’s New:
YFZ450 ATV Racing Official App Update
– One of the most requested features is now here.
– Updating is free.
– Improved visual quality, in 3D.
– General stability enhancements.
– Bug fixes.
YFZ450 ATV Racing by nifflas.net.
You can now play on PS Vita TV and PS Vita TV Remote Play from PS4.

YFZ450 ATV Racing Website:




How To Crack:

  • Unpack the rar or zip to install
  • Once you extracted the rar or zip then copied the contents to the softxrine/softxrine/cracked directory, to install, go to “Install” tab
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  • Select way to install (use for Windows)
  • Wait for the installation and go to the EXE directory to launch
  • Knights Hunt

    Knights Hunt Key Generator:

    • Go to Playstore and search for “Knights Hunt App”
    • Once found click on “download”
    • Wait for the download and after extraction launch to open
    • Select main menu & hit “Options”
    • Next select “Graphics”
    • Select “Input” then select “keyboard”
    • Next to select “Run As Administrator”
    • Next to select “On Screen Keyboard”
    • Select “Remember this choice” then hit OK
    • Select “Run”
    • Enter the following: “knightshunt” and hit OK
    • After the passkey appears, hit “enter”
    • Congratulations! You have your Knights Hunt Passkey!

    Knights Hunt

    How To Crack Knights Hunt:

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