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Hot Brass’ main goal is to create the best online RPG you’ve
ever played. We understand that not everyone has a huge pool of
idle time to play games online and we believe that Hot Brass
with be not only fun for all ages, but also for any type of
gamer that’s looking for a more immersive experience. We
imagine that you have played other online RPG’s and have an
expectation of what they offer, but at Hot Brass we want to
implement gameplay elements that are never found in any other
game, and combine them to create a unique online game experience.

So not only are we taking a dive into the world of anime,
but we’re integrating it with Black Ops 4’s most notorious
flashback, Trench Warfare. In order to understand the concept,
we’re going to need some background on what Trench Warfare is
and how it works in the Black Ops universe.

As the name suggests, Trench Warfare is a fan-favorite
mode of Black Ops 4. Brought back from the dead in the game’s
popular Zombies Mode, Trench Warfare basically opens up a
completely new dimension of gameplay. The mode’s a bit
different to the other types of zombie games we’re used to
seeing. Instead of a story mode, Trench Warfare is a much more
arcane affair, as players mostly stand in combat with one
another and their newfound weapons. Weapons from different
events or maps can be used within the mode, which makes it
pretty much like a replayable version of the Black Ops 4

The Mode was initially established in Black Ops 2, but the
first ever Trench Warfare game ended up being Resistance 2,
which is a tie-in to the game’s plot. In fact, it’s the tie-in
of all of Resistance’s story missions that makes this whole
game mode possible.

The mode would then receive a few alternate endings,
some of which were tied to the game’s plot. So it’s the
story-centric nature of Resistance 2 that defines Trench
Waves, not just the mode itself.

Around Black Ops 4 was a big fandom boom for Trench
Wars, with story-heavy fans having a lot of requests for
a Trench Warfare mode that suits a more obscure type of
storyline. So the


Features Key:

  • Race with the choice of basic skill-line-up
  • Chaos Lancer is THE ultimate Good-for-Evil Leader and all-round baddie
  • Fist-a-fucking-load of upgradable skills
  • Favourite and most badass ultimate Skill
  • Prep-a-RARELY at large – and most of those times, you’ll be wearing it lol
  • Perfect Foolhardiness for when you’re completely outnumbered or alone – if you want to get killed have fun
  • Ability to sass your opponents (eg. if you want to launch yourself at the enemy skill-blocking squirrel, you’ll get a permission to try the skill)
  • Continual Conversation Tree
  • STORY:

    Chaos Lancer was banished from her home-planet as a witch – but it seems her powers were too useful… as Evil at-large – she now works to corrupt the whole Universe – with the aid of her Ex-Wife of course! She has Corruption, Self-Protection, Self-Sufficiency, Warp-Disposition, Mind-Reading, Skill-Blocking, Satisfication, Continual Conversation, Hypnotism, and Mind-Control

    She has learned how to use her main weapon, the free-floating Chaos-Crystal (when equipped or equipped as a wrist-armour, her three Chaos-Crystals are connected to her ex-wife’s body instead of her own) and powers that can bypass the barriers of space and time – she can teleport and teleport herself, teleport the Chaos-Crystals to herself (can’t teleport own body though…) as well as teleport herself, just not her body. Through the use of the teleporter, she has perfected the skills of jumping through space and time (called warp–travel) and she teleport-captures everything she can (not her own body tho)

    Regularly, she uses the special-skills to teleport herself to a non-corrupt field or place where she can relax (also called Mind-control), teleport her Chaos-Crystals, teleport-capture her enemies and Warp-Travel (except for her own body, it’s


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    Star Crusade is a fast-paced CCG based on a modular board system, designed from the beginning to be a gateway for new players to enter the hobby. Players can draft cards from a library of over 3000 cards with a simple interface that can be played in any order. Each booster pack comes with 15 booster cards and 1 morph card to expand your deck, and your boosters are replenished after each game, so no need to worry about losing a round!
    Capturing the essence of the classic CCG format, Star Crusade features challenging and skill-based gameplay that rewards players for playing their decks and calling their opponents’ bluff. From lighthearted beginners’ games to online and Twitch-streaming tournaments, Star Crusade is the go-to game for any play-at-home hobbyist.
    Yahoo Group:


    Command the armies of the galaxy against your friends in a fast-paced, CCG-style game. Assemble the forces of freebooters, bounty hunters, and smugglers into your own unique battle deck, then go toe-to-toe with your opponents in a variety of single-player and multiplayer modes.
    Command a futuristic army
    Build a deck of more than 1,000 cards (or use prebuilt decks) by arranging your forces in your own unique battle deck. Collect billions of credits from bounties, recruit new followers, and pilfer from unsuspecting random opponents!
    Fight across the galaxy
    Command fleets of ships to travel across hundreds of galactic maps, each offering a unique challenge and special rewards for your daring crew. Complete objectives and deliver rewards to earn more credits and upgrades to your ships and decks.
    Dozens of multiplayer modes
    From couch co-op to online head-to-head matches, there are plenty of multiplayer modes to keep you coming back for more. Hire the best crew for the job, trade with merchants, and get lost in the excitement of racing, bombing, and zen-killing your opponents.
    Play with your friends
    Command an entire galaxy and a variety of other player-owned territories to ensure none of them can escape your grasp! A robust multiplayer system allows you to play with your friends or online opponents in a variety of game types.
    Command an


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    Intro Gameplay:
    Main Gameplay :
    A new Raid on pirate island, it has been an outbreak of pirate activity in the sky, military battleships, fighter bomber and fighter jet have taken flight from the isle to fight the pirate brigands.In this game, how do you use game skills, tactical abilities, precision dodging, ulti, and other nifty tricks?
    The new adventure awaits you.
    · Much more content than the first game and better graphics.
    · A much greater variety of enemies.
    · Several new gameplay mechanics, especially the naval combat.
    The gameplay is centered on deck strategies to face hordes of enemies.
    In addition, you can use a variety of weapons to defeat the invaders, from the basic handgun, assault rifle, machinegun and sniper rifle.
    Diving into the firefight from the deck of a gigantic warship
    · A new variable, dodging element
    · The use of a battle deck to shoot down opponents
    · A variety of weapons
    · The new feature, “precision dodging”
    · A 3D environment
    · Widescreen
    · Improved graphics
    · Tweaked gameplay
    Thank you for your continued support.
    = Act 1 =
    and more guns/*************************************************************
    * MathJax/jax/output/HTML-CSS/fonts/TeX/Main/Italic/Latin1Supplement.js
    * Copyright (c) 2009-2018 The MathJax Consortium
    * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the “License”);
    * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
    * You may obtain a copy of the License at
    * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
    * distributed under the License is distributed on an “AS IS” BASIS,
    * WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
    * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
    * limitations under the License.



    What’s new:

      Reviews, Freebies, and Free Giveaways

      The kids had a lot of fun with these pizza “cookies.” They love the different colors. The big, round cookies get smaller and harder after drying!

      Find more tips at:

      September 28 Pizza Reviews

      Meal Idea: Large Eggplant Pizza

      On pg. 2 of the “Pizza Ranch Cookbook” (Hashemach: a.k.a.: “Mommies Cookie Colada“)by the author Julia Fehnel (professional chef and mother of five daughters) she talks about pizza sticks, using gummy candies as dough-tie-ins for New York Style Pizza Sticks. If you haven’t had a taste of this pizza yet, you are missing out! It is the most delicious version of pizza I’ve made yet!!!

      For the remainder of the month, I will be making pizza from this book.

      September 28 Freebies and Discounts

      Giant Moving Boxes $49.99 @ MovingBoxMafia

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      The Little Lace Bicycle Lounger $11.98 @ Amazon

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      Free Pumpkin Holiday Lights $2.99

      This brand-name holiday gift set consisting of two pumpkin lights, a backdrop, three strands of twinkling LED lights ($11.90) and a battery-operated timer with music ($5) is one of the popular holiday gift ideas (Amazon Canada). Parents like this light set, because it is of good quality, it looks pretty and the kids enjoy puting the holiday lights up and


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      In Lakeview Cabin Collection, players can go through horror movies in levels designed with props according to a particular genre.
      Each level consists of multiple roles and, for the sake of survival, players need to try to decrypt the clues laid out on the map and make sure to escape from the hands of murderers before it is too late.
      You will have to undergo various well-known horror films in this game with the roles of characters such as a witch, a murderer, an inspector, and so on.
      In order to survive, you need to pass through checkpoints based on various classic horror films.
      In addition to scenarios you will encounter the suspense of numerous movies that can not be escaped from.
      You will receive various items and hats from the game in order to progress.
      *The game currently has two complete roles, and other roles are still under development.
      Game length:
      Approx. 7-8 hours
      *The information is subject to change.
      Game play:
      1. The object of the game is to survive in horror movies with the characters of the roles, decrypt the clues, and escape from the hands of murderers.
      2. Players will receive a newspaper with each role according to the scenario of the game.
      3. Each role requires different skills, such as obstacle solving, puzzle solving, etc.
      4. The game contains the movies of horror films, such as Saw, Hellraiser, etc.
      5. The game takes on the characteristics of an adventure game.
      6. With props you can solve puzzles in a very easy way.
      The game is designed to encourage the player to escape from the hands of murderers and to enjoy adventures in horror movies, so please don’t forget to choose a character in accordance with your skills.
      7. The game currently has two complete roles, and other roles are still under development.
      *The information is subject to change.
      * The game is a heavy game with many roles, so please observe your own capacity before deciding to play.
      *Those suffering from epilepsy and other diseases should consult a doctor or health practitioner before playing.
      *In order to play the game, a television with a screen resolution of 16:9 is required.
      Play in-game and select the location of the game in the options to start the game.
      – The second main stage is complete.
      – The partner login function will be available.
      – Have more titles, higher quality, etc.


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