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The bloody first release of the new 3D Archon engine in the critically-acamed Close Combat series.
About Close Combat:
Close Combat: The Bloody First is the definitive history of Operation Market Garden – the epic parachute drop by the Allies into Holland and the desperate battle to take the bridge at the Arnhem railroad station.
Create Your Own Story:
The campaign makers are at your fingertips. Choose from one of nine playable nations or design your own to fight for!
Fully Immersive Experience:
Full squad-based combat including cover, command, assault, team tactics, H.A.R.M. and more, fully integrated into the campaign.
History Comes Alive:
To succeed in close combat, you must be physical and skilled or you will fail. The physical demands of the game require players to engage in team tactics with squads of highly trained soldiers.
Balance, Strategy & Tactics:
Game play is focused on balance, tactics, training and actions of individual soldiers. Successful players will use their ability to quickly shift from team strategy to team tactics.
Flagship Of Close Combat:
Close Combat: The Bloody First is a Flagship title of the Close Combat series.
New Advance Warfare Experience:
Close Combat: The Bloody First features the most advanced military technology including advanced close combat experience for all Close Combat fanatics.
60 battlefield scenarios:
Battle against the German Wehrmacht and Allied forces and fight from the heights of Arnhem, through the streets of and under Arnhem, into the Rhine river valley or through the heart of the German defenses.
New Additional Scenarios:
New additional scenarios will be released on the web page.
Close Combat: The Bloody First – Arnhem is the story of Operation Market Garden – a daring Allied plan to drop as many as 27,000 troops and heavy equipment into Dutch-held territory. In a last-ditch effort to break through the German lines and capture the vital bridge at the city of Arnhem, the Allies launched Operation Market Garden on the night of September 17-18, 1944.
On the first day of the bold attempt to link up the American 1st and British 1st Armies, the Allies suffered a decisive setback. Unable to storm the heavily defended German defenses or take the vital bridge at the Dutch city of Arnhem, General Model chose to withdraw his force from the battlefield. The battle, among the largest to take place on the Western Front, had seen the Allies


Features Key:

  • 230 game levels spread across 9 environments
  • Episode 56, Story mode closes
  • Beta version notes

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Lunar Mission Fury Game Key features:

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