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Download ★★★★★ DOWNLOAD



The Shoggoths are back – and they’re bigger and stronger than ever! On the trail of a mysterious colleague, the last five architects of the project have been found brutally murdered. All signs point to their supervisor, a Nobel Prize winning professor with a long history of doomsday predictions. But even if this Professor is guilty, there is still one way to prove it: provoke him into giving himself away. Travel to Professor Leshy’s remote cabin in the woods, where he spent most of his professional career. The first thing you’ll notice is that the outside of the cabin doesn’t seem to belong to it. Using your newly acquired deck of woodland creatures cards, move the objects in the room to discover the secrets hidden behind the walls. But there are no secrets. Nothing except a disturbing portrait of the killer.

Welcome to Dune 2: A New Era of Bugmania!Update Info:Unzip the files on the root of your HDD and run the setup_dat.exe to install the game.This is the biggest patch yet. For those of you who bought Dune 2 and received a message saying that the patch was not complete when you loaded the game, you can now download this new patch without having to reinstall the game.Update Info:Bigger and better than ever!You can now choose between two new languages:English and Spanish.UPDATE INFO:C:\Users\\Desktop\Dune 2\Locale\en_US.csvC:\Users\\Desktop\Dune 2\Locale\es_ES.csvUPDATE INFO:Re-worked the keyboard controls.The mouse control still works as before.UPDATE INFO:Added new storyline and UI.Added new player persona.New UI layout.New storyline to the game. New Theme – The Spirit of the Dunes.New Stage. New Main Character.Updated Soundtrack.UPDATE INFO:The soundtrack used for Dune 2 has been removed. The music has been replaced with a new music. The new music has an original and mysterious background.You can download the new soundtrack via this link If you have any problems, please, send me an email at

40,000 years of human history has not been witnessed by man. By the time man reaches 40,000 years of human history, he has witnessed the birth of


Features Key:

  • Playable from the beginning as a Flashback Mode inspired by iOS games
  • Playable again in various game modes, 6 of them in The Lost Heir 3
  • The Lost Heir 2: Forging a Kingdom is available in the Retrogaming channel of all Gamekeys stores and here at GOG as well:

    Key Features:

    • Forging a Kingdom

    • Assemble 12 separate forces in a strategic RPG game, combine with back-up characters and side quests to achieve victory.
    • Switch between the classic view and a new tab-based interface, where each character is linked to a short summary.

    The Lost Heir 2: Forging a Kingdom was inspired by the cell-based game with an east European culture theme and a UI inspired by the iOS games.

    • Battle against the enemy horde

    • Decipher diverse items from different cultures and clans, containing different weapons, magic and units.
    • Use each of 20 different professions to prepare your heroes and create a versatile army.
    • Collect new items in the various side quests and keep an eye on the world map to discover lands, map quests and treasures.

    • Easy to control, but hard to master

    • Fighting


      Pathfinder Adventures – Rise Of The Goblins Deck 2 Crack + With Keygen

      In the near future, we have developed a new bowling game with animated pins that react and move in real time based on the simulated balls that are thrown. As you play, the pins react to your throws and may even take fun things like shots at you. Do you have what it takes to knock the pins over?
      Key Features:
      •Pinheads Bowling is currently compatible with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive
      •Room-scale (standing and sitting) VR modes
      •Play with your friends (up to four people in each VR mode)
      •Night-time “Glow and Glow” mode (in sitting mode)
      •Pins that react to your throws
      •Pin costumes and custom animations for pins who are off-duty
      •Lots of stuff you can do in the “off-hours” when the pins are sleeping, eating, or partying
      What’s New:
      ●Added the ability to watch your pins and catch them when you land a strike
      ●Added Day and Night modes
      ●Your pins now wake up to play each time the ball is thrown
      ●Added Auto-Save feature (fully functional in Rift mode)
      What’s New in v1.03
      ●Fixed a bug with the Add-A-Pin method
      ●Minor bug fixes and improvements
      ●Minor UI adjustments
      It’s hard to believe that I spent six weeks working on this. If you think I have been working on it for a week, you would not be mistaken. When I was younger, I had a real interest in blue light therapy that came from an attraction to phantom limb syndrome. I wanted to try blue light therapy to see if the light would help me to treat this. I was told that light was actually healing the damaged neurons in my amputated right arm. I liked the idea of a healing therapy because it made sense. So I created the animation for the bowling pins. I went through several prototypes and saw which one I liked the best. I modified the animation to a point where I thought it would be ready for everyone to try.
      ●Added pin costume sets and a few new outfits that you can purchase (from in-game store)
      I hope you all enjoy playing this as much as I enjoy making it. If you have any suggestions or improvements, just let me know. All of my feedback is valuable.


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      Slasher 2D game in which the player must chop, cut and disable the enemies, because it is very necessary to kill the other ninjas who have special powers, to remove the obstacles and with the use of equipment that have supernatural powers and in order to get increasingly higher levels.

      How to Play:
      When the game starts, the player sits in an airborne motorcycle with cutting effects, it is his favorite weapon to chop enemies.

      For the first level the player starts on a small pad and must chop the enemies, with the use of five weapons, passing through five worlds.These weapons are:-chopper- chainsaw- magic- sword- laser

      At higher levels the player will find new kinds of ninja warriors, but beware there are traps along the way, and the player must carefully plan his move, and press the A key to perform combos.

      In the game we found friends who liked, we say welcome to the BLUE PILL, and hope that you enjoy it. There are a lot of people who love playing on this site. We invite you to visit our sister site, coming soon:


      – It is a game of action, we looked for a nice challenge for all.

      – We also want to show that killing the enemy is not the only thing the ninjas are good at,

      – We do not want to make a game that makes the player lazy. We’ve tried to make sure there are no games that have too much noise.

      – We want our game to be good for the player to have a positive experience in the game.

      Game Play:

      There are an infinite number of ways to play, you can hack and slash, using his other ninja powers or use weapons to solve problems.

      Kitsune Killer has an epic storyline, and a lot of different enemies, where the main character is a young ninja, who joins a group of killer ninjas. He starts in the first world, where he must chop the enemies in order to kill them, but you must be careful, because there are traps and you need to think about how to avoid them.

      After the first levels, all players will find out that the main character of the game has an apprentice who has been chosen to be his apprentice, the number of levels will increase, and there will be more types of enemy, more weapons and more NPCs.

      All of this elements will make the player to solve more problems, whether


      What’s new in Pathfinder Adventures – Rise Of The Goblins Deck 2:

      is an all-new virtual reality cocktail experience by VRX. We created it to bring the party to the scene with hours of ready-to-play multiplayer drinks and bar-width vision-coma sequences. At the launch of this project we were asked to help promote the launch on April 21st, 2016, at the LA X Games. This is the result of our effort:

      Check out Josh Kramer’s glowing report:

      Check out the exclusive preview below to get the full experience in the Oculus store.

      The gameplay is played in a bar, where the protagonist is invited to a lucky 7’s lucky spigot for a celebratory cocktail. As the gameplay begins, the experience takes the player on a night-time adventure full of surreal imagery, inspired by the LSAVR experience. The first step the player takes is to visit a local Bar. The Bar is an abstractly rendered space, decorated with sparkling lights and volumes of space, where the player can explore.

      Through this space the player can choose to play a group of mini party games, or use the built-in physics to toss bottles at a group of animated characters, or play a game of pool inspired by a classic cocktail.

      While exploring the Bar, the player can also ogle the environments textures or interact with other people passing through the scene. As the night goes on, the player will follow various characters through the rooms, including at some point a chef who will serve them a meal of these kinds of cocktails, leading up to a culminating moment when the player will get to choose a lucky 7’s lucky cocktail from the menu.

      Once the player chooses a cocktail and the game begins, a group of 8 other people will be seated in the bar, and will take their turn at the 7’s spigot. And then, as the experience ends, everything goes black… and you are either somehow in the body of one the lucky 7’s, or in the midst of the experience of others that have just lost.

      While exploring different points of the bars, the player will find some Crayola-esque characters, who will interact with the player in the experience. These characters have a mixture of cognitive abilities and will remind the player of the kind of data and visions machines will be able to provide in the future. Many are also part of a new type of light switches. By “flicking” some of these switches, the player


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      Tomai is an isometric puzzle adventure with a strange, dark atmosphere.
      You play as an agent of the Federation investigating the disappearance of a research scientist. During your investigation you find yourself trying to uncover a conspiracy which threatens to destroy the human race.
      You must delve into the mysterious world of Tomai and discover what dangers lie ahead. This game was made while I was studying at Ubisoft Montpellier with the great developers Tim and Thomas.
      Tomai is an original and unique exploration/puzzle experience set in a fantasy world.
      – Exploration
      – Puzzles
      – Out of the box difficulty
      – Original story & atmosphere
      This game was co-created by two artists and designed by me. You may want to explore the outside world as well.

      I will be updating the Tomai.pdf to feature more of the story and areas you can explore, may not always be coming out day one when I release the final version of the game.
      This is a 60 page PDF. Enjoy!
      As promised, a new project is underway, check back soon.

      © 2009 Ian Mcneil

      This software is a registered trademark of Outerbridge & Eidelman. All rights reserved. Ubisoft is not affiliated with or endorsed by the original creators of this product. Tomai is a registered trademark of Ubisoft.[Multiple myeloma in a patient with AIDS].
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      As a result, the street’s retail and service establishments have paled in comparison to the street’s original bustling character.

      One improvement a group of residents and business owners want to see on Amory Street is to reverse those historic trends


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