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[Youtube video link][Youtube video link]
Steam store: [Steam store link]
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Tip: You can find the names of the kickstarters from your content by simply checking the link in the description of the content you already received from the kickstarter.
Video tutorials:
How to download content from the kickstarters:
[Youtube video link][Youtube video link]
How to play the game:
[Youtube video link][Youtube video link]
Комментарий из комментария на видео:
“There are many people who think about the influence of the music on the game.
Makes me want to pick up a guitar and play guitar hero.” – BrotherBrizz from Hyperkin
Комментарий от LecheMuffin:
[Youtube video link]
Комментарий от Cheleq:
“Это музыка в которой игра будто проникла в душу” – Cheleq

Режим видео полностью устарел, на серверах пересоздали все вид


Features Key:

DreamTank, the story

DreamTank is a fantasy game that tells a story. The story of a boy named
Strangy. Strangy gets out of the bathroom, and finds some strands of hair in a
glass of milk beside him. He looks around, and sees that his isle is floating
away from him in the beginning of the game. It floats away from his compound,
and lands in the top of a mountain. He tells everybody that his island is gone.
Nobody believes him, and he goes to sleep that night. It is the next day, and
the island isn’t where it was the day before. Strangy sees the island floating
away one more time, but he does not say anything.


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“The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki” is a fantasy turn-based RPG where you will experience one of the most beautiful and epic stories ever presented in gaming.
In the land of Kam’en, a curse of unknown origin has been plaguing humankind for generations, spreading like an eternal storm across the country. The curse will destroy all life on Earth if not removed through the legend of the “Life-Thief”. Anyone having been afflicted will live a short life of agony, witnessing the near-perpetual suffering of their loved ones, as well as the destruction of their property.
Only one person has been immune to the curse, and that person is Yuma. After saving Yuma’s life in a mountain village by stealing a child-sized golden locket from him, and then spending the first night together, the legendary Life-Thief was entrusted with protecting him and his village. However, Yuma quickly fell in love with him, and he began to keep the locket with him. As the two spent more time together, the power of the locket began to grow…
Featuring an incredible battle system, where the players control one character at a time, and many characters that will join their friends on the journey through multiple hours of gameplay.
Key Features:
– A Fantasy Story of the Highest Quality:
The game begins with Yuma, a loner with an unusually strong longing for friendship. After a fateful encounter with a Child of God, the quest to save humanity begins. From the dawn of time, humanity has been plagued by mysterious disasters and tremors that continue to this day. Many thousands of lives have been taken away, and countless countless tales have been told around bonfires in the dead of night. The mystery of these disasters have yet to be solved, and Yuma will become the next victim to them.
However, Yuma is eventually discovered by the Child of God, and they embark on a quest to save the world. To do this, Yuma must solve the mysteries of the “Life-Thief” Curse, and we travel around the world, with a powerful ally by his side. But what has the Child of God grown to become? Is he able to save humanity, or is it the end for all living things?
– An Experience that Rewrites the Rules:
In “The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki”, players will have freedom to feel, think, and act as they wish.


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1.) Install this Virtual Desktop on your PC or Laptop.
2.) Connect to the Android device or your Steam VR headset.
3.) You will see a small picture of the Steam VR headset in your Virtual Desktop.
4.) Look around your living room to see your PC/Laptop in a virtual 3D environment.
5.) Try to drag your mouse around your virtual desktop to make the mouse appear and move around.
6.) Look at different monitors to cycle through them.
7.) If you stop looking around, you will see the desktop you were looking at disappear.
If you don’t want to see the SteamVR headset, go to Main Menu and select “Display”. You can remove the SteamVR connection and then look around the VR environment.
If you like the Virtual Desktop Dashboard, please give it a review. Thank you.

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