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The first version of AutoCAD was developed to draw architectural blueprints for owner-builder homes. By the 1990s, when CAD reached the desktop, it was for large-scale engineering projects, such as turbines, ships, and cars, and small-scale projects such as restorations and repairs. AutoCAD uses complex object-oriented programming, and is one of the world’s most popular desktop CAD software applications, with over 50 million installed users.

The software is intended for non-professional use, and is used by architects, contractors, industrial designers, engineers, construction managers, construction workers, real estate developers, and furniture makers. Over 45 percent of its users are construction contractors or engineering firms, who use it to create construction blueprints. The other major user group is architects and interior designers. AutoCAD is also used for software-aided drafting (SAD).


AutoCAD programs are based on the object-oriented programming paradigm, which uses “smart objects” to represent the design elements that a user manipulates in the drawing. Smart objects, or “geometric entities” as they are called in AutoCAD, contain a vector of coordinates, a name, a description, and other parameters. Smart objects are the backbone of the entire CAD system, because they are the main data structure of the entire software application. As a user modifies the drawing, he or she modifies the properties of the objects in the drawing.

Smart objects are set up as a hierarchical, container-based representation, similar to a project file. The user can modify the properties of objects, and even delete or replace existing objects. If the properties of an object are modified, the whole drawing is recalculated, and as a result, a new version of the drawing is updated in the display area.

AutoCAD is built on the object model called IFC. IFC is a list of objects that represent a generic building. IFC, in turn, is based on four main components: entity, relationship, component, and attribute. An entity is like a standard object in other CAD programs. A relationship defines the geometric relationship between two entities. A component is a component of an entity. Attributes define the values associated with the component. The actual objects that make up the whole of the AutoCAD application are hierarchically-defined in IFC. The AutoCAD file that is opened as a drawing contains an IFC definition of the buildings in the drawing,

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Parts of AutoCAD were implemented in C++ and can therefore be used in C++ applications. For example, the Customize Application dialog is implemented in C++ (called dialog.cpp), and the History Browser window is an MFC dialog. To use AutoCAD functionality in a C++ application, the appropriate class library must be linked with the application.

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Autodesk University Online, Autodesk University offers online training for Autodesk products.
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Start the Autodesk Autocad with the installer.

On the first screen you will see a window to enter the serial number, serial key or the license code and then select ok.

Click ok to start the program.

For the activation of the serial key you need a valid Autodesk membership to be able to download and activate the software from Autodesk’s website.

The steps to install the subscription to Autodesk AutoCAD are the same, just pay a valid subscription and complete the process at the Autodesk Autocad’s website.

Use the serial key that you can get from the download link in the Autodesk Autocad’s website to be able to install the AutoCAD software.

You can find the serial number of the software in the software download link that you can get when you complete the process of the subscription and activate the software that you can find on the Autodesk website.

Use the serial number that you can get from Autodesk website to activate your subscription with the serial number.

Install the Autodesk Autocad with the serial key that you get from Autodesk website and activate the program.

Change the product key
Use the settings window to change the product key.

You can find the product key for the subscription at the Autodesk website.

The serial number is the product key, the license code is the license key.

Enter the new product key and update the software.

Revoke an AutoCAD license
Revoke the license that was used to install the software.

The Autodesk Autocad have an online service for the revoke of the subscription that you used to install the software.

Once you revoke the license it will not be possible to access the product unless you are subscribed again.

Install an Autocad subscription
Use the online service that you can find in the Autodesk Autocad’s website to have a license code.

Autocad has a online service for the renew of the license or the purchasing of the Autodesk Autocad subscription.

Install the Autocad subscription online and activate the software.

Check that the serial number or the license code that you have is valid or not.Q:

Applying one of multiple functions to a set of values

I want to apply one of two different functions depending on the current value of a

What’s New in the?

More help:

More detailed help tips:

AutoCAD Online 2020 is available to download for free from your desktop.

If you’re interested in using these features in your designs, we encourage you to go to our homepage, register your license, and download our free trial.

On the website, we’re excited to announce two new features: AutoCAD Online includes 360°.stl files, a rendering tool that renders your designs into 3D objects. They can be viewed in real-time in the browser and printed out at your preferred scale, unlike any other rendering software, and 3D printing is an inexpensive, environmentally friendly alternative to 3D scanners and other costly 3D modeling solutions.

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

Our mobile app is compatible with iPhone 7 Plus and newer and runs on iPad, iPad Pro, and iPad mini.

If you’ve used our app before, you’ll notice a few changes, such as:

A new version of the app is available for users in the United States and Canada (previously, users outside of the US and Canada were blocked from using the app).

The app now displays detailed information about your drawings in a new preview pane.

The layout and navigation of the drawing views are now optimized to display your drawings and information in a clean, clear and simple manner.

The app automatically logs your usage and notes can now be inserted into drawings and exported via the export and archiving features.

You can now make comments and annotate drawings directly from the app.

In addition, drawing files are now encrypted and secured with a passcode to limit access and protect your data.

In addition to the new app, a few UI updates are available to all users. The UI enhancements include:


A new revision history display will show you how to revert to earlier revisions and the dates of all edits to your drawings.

An “incremental mode” selection has been added to the drawing toolbar.

The “Stop” button in the toolbar has been relocated to provide better context and access to other tools and editing modes.

The “Set Tools” feature now has contextual menu items for “Duplicate” and “Insert Object.”

The “Polygon Marker”

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1/10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz or AMD Athlon X2 2.6GHz
Memory: 2GB RAM (2GB Recommended)
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 (1GB VRAM), AMD Radeon HD 6450 (1GB VRAM)
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

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