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the question is simple:
How to prevent our users from downloading a file that might or could contain a virus?
I could host the files in a restricted folder within our server, but would like to do it automatically. I know how to write a Script in PHP that does this, but how do you set it up for a Canon printer? Or am I just missing the forest for the trees?
Thanks a lot.


A couple of days ago, I had a similar problem. At the beginning, I didn’t think it was a serious problem so I let people download stuff from my server without any restrictions.
This isn’t a proper solution, but I can tell you how I resolved it for the time being. I started blocking downloads from certain IP addresses, I know it can be used to hide IP addresses, I am just trying to block all downloads.
So basically, you can block all downloads by IP, you can set a timeout limit of time you will accept your file, you can also set a certain file size at which you wont accept your file.
Please note that if you do this then you might have to sort some files out and make sure you have not set the timeout to short.
I am not sure about your scenario, but in my case I was only dealing with people from my friends list.
Before you start blocking, you first need to find out which IPs are trying to download your file.
The first step here is to scan your server (using WHM) for files that are being accessed from an IP other than your local server.

Here is a listing for you to look at
$ scanr -i -p 514 -e 30 -f /var/cache/whm/files/tmp/IPs.txt

It might be possible for you to get this script from their website.

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## Remarks
If an application is registered to handle events and the default behavior of the application is to open a file, the `FilterLogEntry` property of the event is set to `FILE_OPEN_ERROR`.

## Methods in VSTO Customization
The following table lists the methods that you can use to control whether errors and warnings appear in the Error List and the Warning List.

|———— | —————–|
|[ShowErrorList()](../../../mfc/reference/|Defines whether errors and warnings appear in the Error List and the Warning List.|

## See also

– [Add-in Components Collection (MFC)](../../mfc/reference/
– [Get-VSTO_addin()](

Enabling Web Audio API with JQuery

I’m trying to get the ‘play’ button working for a set of audio elements. I want this to happen without having to resort to manually touching a play button and using the volume for each audio.
I had a play button working with:
$(‘#play’).click(function() {
$(‘audio’).each(function(k, v) {
//add “.play” to the ID
$(v).prop(‘autoplay’, true);
return false;

But now I’ve tried adding the Web Audio API to play the audio.
I’ve added:

and then added this to the CSS:
.audioplayer {
position: relative;
left: 50%;

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