Our newest line has taken off.  I started designing this line based on Mandalas from Nepal/India.  It has branched out into many genres.  If you don’t see something now that you can’t live without next month you will.

Celtic Sapphire Jewelry

The Celtic line has been very successful and is being revamped this fall.  I love the weaving and symbology.  The three dimensional nature continues to attract me into future designs.

Modern Sapphire Jewelry

My jewelry form is the three dimensional art form.  Free flowing and intricate.  A play on nature and it’s many forms.


Other details

The new manufacturing operation is coming along smoothly and we are able to keep up with our customers needs. All of my jewelry is produced in Gold and Silver versions, but gold is by order only basis.   I custom cut the larger gemstones and design custom one of a kind creations for fashion and special occasions. Give me a shout if I can help you with any jewelry design.